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Back on the BS Raven

So I am  back on  the  BS  Raven  as  her communications officer and   back   really home  with the  Spartans viper  squadron and  I  am  very happy. I   miss  the  gunstar and  her   command  and  crew  but I  started off  here on  the  Raven  with the Spartans  so  its  good  to  be  back  home.  now  to do  the job I  was  promoted to  do and  get  things  rolling  on   everything  that is  need.  I  have  missed  you   Raven command  and  crew. It is  good  to  be  home.

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Recon for  East  gate  comic  con was  small one  day  con in  GSO  (  Greensboro) NC sponsored by  East  Gate  Comic shop.  I  was  the sole  Colonial Officer /Pilot   there.   Wasnt  that  bad   patron  wise  or  vendor wise  but  was  very  heavy  Anime  Char. wise  when  came to Cosplay. Few Star wars  people  there  from  the 501st  Garrison and  the  Starship  USS Serenity  from  Star trek ( SFI.Org) International.  Next  Recon mission  is  Set  for  Stellar  con  at  UNCG ( University of  NC  @Greensboro) on 6-7 April 2024. Report to  follow on  4/8/24 and  pictures.

Ens.  Erika "Jacobite"  Persianni

Gunstar  Trireme


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I  will  be  attending  East  gate Comic  Con on  17  March  2024  spring   show in   my  colonial  duty  blue    uniform so  if  anyone  is  near   by  come  say hello.  I  am  sure I   will  be  the only  BSG  colonial  there and  therefor   easy  to  spot. If I  am  not  walking around  you  can  find me a t  the  United  federation  of Plants   star ship USS  serenity  fan  table  again I  will  be  the only one in  Colonial   duty  blues  uniform. Pictures and  video  will be   forth coming  here  and   on  face book  groups.


Ens.  E  Persianni

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Happy New Year 2024



Happy New Year, fellow Galactica enthusiasts! As we bid farewell to another incredible year, we can't help but reflect on the amazing adventures we've shared in the Battlestar Galactica Fanclub and with our flagship chapter, Battlestar Raven-BFC 002.

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for each and every one of you who has made this community an absolute joy to be a part of. Your passion, creativity, and unwavering love for all things Galactica continue to inspire us beyond measure!

In this new year, we encourage you to embrace the spirit of adventure and boldly go where no fan has gone before. Dive deeper into the captivating universe of Battlestar Galactica, connect with fellow fans, and let your imagination soar to new heights!

Speaking of new heights, this community would not be where it is now in the BSG community if it were not for each and every one of its members, the hard-working staff, and you, THE FANS.

Remember, it's the connections we forged that make this journey truly special. Let's celebrate the friendships we've formed and create even more meaningful bonds as we venture into this new year together. As the staff and leadership of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club, we're committed to bringing you exciting content, engaging discussions, and endless opportunities to celebrate our beloved series. Stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and thrilling updates that will keep the Galactica fire burning bright!

So, raise your glasses to a year filled with laughter, epic battles, and memorable moments that will forever be etched in our hearts. May this New Year be your most extraordinary one yet, filled with incredible experiences and dreams that surpass the stars themselves!

We can't wait to embark on this next chapter with you, dear Galactica fans. Let's make 2024 our most stellar year yet! Together, we'll continue to celebrate the timeless brilliance of Battlestar Galactica and forge a future that's as unforgettable as the series itself!

Keeping the Faith Alive: So Say We All!!

In Service,


BFC President


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Super busy month

I  know I  havent  been  active  alot  as  of late  had super  busy month  here in October  with  a few  family  events  ie;  birthdays and  my  own  wedding  anniversary. I  am  hoping  to  have  my  BSG  blue  uniform by  nov  12  for EastGate  comic con  in  greensboro  NC along w ith  my  tags   and   all that I  need. Fingers  crossed  that happens. Debating on  weather or  not to  get Lee's  tags  or Captain  Agathon's. will  see  what  happens  there.

I  will  get  pictures  from  EastGate  if I  go.  Depends on what I  have  going on here at that time and  if I  can  get  the  time  off  from  that   for the  day. its only  a  One  day  con  so  we will see.More information  forth coming  as date  gets closer.

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           Because of the failure of the Valkyrie Mk. 1 as A Special Operations Platform, The Fleet Admiralty came to the Conclusion that A more specialized and efficient Ship Design was needed for that particular mission.

They finally settled upon the Banshee Class Design, A more streamlined and stealthy design perfect for Counterinsurgency and Counterintelligence, Two things that might make the difference in Any Future  Conflict with the Cylons, or Any Foe that would Threaten the Security of the Colonies.


With certain Design Features, The Stealth Battlestar, or 'Stealthstar', Can penetrate Enemy Space undetected and conduct Special Operations and Intelligence Gathering Missions either independently, or in advance of A Major Fleet Operation.

The Stealthstar Banshee (SSR-001) was the Test Bed; It proved the Efficiency and Efficacy of the Design Mission; However, It also shown that Improvements in Compatible Systems and Equipment were needed; Fortunately, Such Improved Technology was just coming on line.

The Second Ship, The Lelantus (SSR-002), Was built with the Advanced Improvements and designated Banshee Mk. 2; The Banshee was refitted to Lelantus Specifications.


One of the Integral Features of the Mk.2 was an Advanced Copy of The Standard Cylon IFF(Identification Friend or Foe)Device, Which will allow the Stealthstar to Approach Cylon Fleet Formations and Anchorages without being detected.

Another is the Low Visibility Armor and Composite Paint which is said to absorb DRADIS Waves instead of reflecting them back; All External Ports can be sealed up to also prevent DRADIS Waves from bouncing back.

All of the Internal Systems (FTL, DRADIS, Sublight, Computer ) designed for this Class are Classified; However, It's Weapons Compliment is as follows:

KEW Turret: 16

Point Defense Guns: 75

Ship to Ship Missile Batteries: 25

Nuclear Weapons: (Classified)


The Air Wing of the Banshee Class Consists of Two Squadrons of Stealth Fighters; The Older, Yet still useful, S-Star Mk. 1 is retained, Receiving Upgrades to it's Engines and Computer Systems.


Another Squadron is the More Advanced 'Blackbird', Borrowing some Design Features from the Viper Mk. 2 and 3, However, being wrapped in Composite Material; This was initially intended to replace the older S-Star when sufficient numbers were built; The Blackbird was intended to be the Standard Stealth Fighter in the Fleet, and some already built were distributed  to certain Fleet Units already; There is an Unconfirmed Rumor that Chief Galen Tyrol of the Battlestar Galactica somehow obtained the Plans for the Blackbird and has actually built one aboard the Galactica.12578105878?profile=original

Also, A Squadron of Raptors, Specially Coated in Composite Paint, Are assigned for Insertion/Extraction Missions.

In Addition, The Stealthstars would also be assigned A Company of Colonial Marines specially trained in Unconventional Warfare.

The Banhsee Class was being constructed at A Undisclosed Location somewhere within the Colonies; It is not known whether such Facility survived the Second Cylon Invasion.



Because of the Clandestine Operational Intent of this Class, Not much is known at this point about which ones have been completed and which have survived; The Data We have is mostly based on Survivors' Accounts:


Banshee (SSR-001) Refitted to Mk. 2 Specifications

MK.2 (Lelantus Subclass)

Banshee (SSR-001) Assigned First Fleet; Was in Orbit with the rest of the Battlegroup at Picon when the Cylons Invaded; Despite not having Networked Computers to be Exploited via Dr. Gaius Baltar's CNP Program, The Cylons were ably to Visually sight , target, and destroy the Banshee.  Status: Destroyed

Lelantus (SSR-002)  Conducted several Clandestine Missions beyond the Red Line into Cylon Space; No Enemy Detection reported; The Lelantus  brought back Valuable Intel, Including Recon Photos, Of the Evolution of the Cylon Fleet ;It's last known Position was Several Days out of Ragnar Anchorage.  Status: Unknown

Thespia (SSR-100) Assigned WSG-05, Fifth Fleet. Status: Presumed Active.

Solomon (SSR-101) Assigned Seventh Fleet. Status: Unknown

Bubo (SSR-102) Was Reportedly only 65% Complete at the Time of the Cylon Attack. Status: Incomplete/Destroyed

Shu (SSR-103) Reportedly only 30% Complete. Status: Incomplete/Destroyed



This is Another Creation from the Facebook Group Colonial Fleet Shipyards; I actually Campaigned for This Kit because it was A Unique Design I wanted to add to My Fifth Fleet.

The Ship Itself is in Six Resin Parts; Included are Options to have the Gun Turrets Stowed or Deployed12578106094?profile=original

And, Here's the Big Plus: It actually comes with TINY Vipers and Raptors! I mean, I didn't think it was possible to make them THAT Small(We're talking 1/4015 Scale, the same as the Moebius Galactica and Pegasus)! And Painting Them? It would be like Trying to Paint Fleas! Well, They would like nice with other Ships of the Fleet, If anybody wants the Challenge.

 I Decided to go with A Total ' Buttoned Up' Look and Installed Retractable Flight Deck Doors using Evergreen Corrugated Sheet.

For the Low Visibility Scheme, I sprayed Russian Green as A Primer, Then Airbrushed Uniform Grey for the Cloud Pattern; I made the Colonial Seal Decal from an Image; The Custom Ship Names are Courtesy of Downen Scale Replicas.12578104898?profile=original

And there You have it, A Nice little Project which adds to My Fleet.

You can get one of Your own by Contacting Jack Burgin jr. in the FB Group Colonial Fleet Shipyards.

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Celebrating 45 Years of Galactica Magic



Today marks a momentous occasion as we commemorate the 45th anniversary of the original Battlestar Galactica series that first captured our hearts back in 1978. It’s a time to reflect on the immense impact this iconic show has had on science fiction and the countless memories it has given us.
From the jaw-dropping battles against the Cylons to the heartwarming friendships forged aboard the Galactica, this series took us on an unforgettable journey through space and time. We laughed with Starbuck's charm, admired Apollo's bravery, and marveled at the wisdom of Commander Adama. The original Battlestar Galactica taught us about resilience, loyalty, and the bonds of family.
But the story doesn't end there. The legacy of Battlestar Galactica continues to inspire new generations with its timeless themes and captivating storytelling. It has spawned new iterations, reboots, and spin-offs, reminding us that the spirit of the Galactica lives on.
On this special anniversary, let's raise our glasses to the talented cast, crew, and all the fans who have kept the Galactica flame burning bright for four and a half decades. Your passion and dedication have made this universe truly special, creating a community that spans galaxies.
Share your favorite memories, quotes, and moments from the original series using #Galactica45 and let's celebrate together! Here's to 45 years of adventures, friendship, and the enduring legacy of Battlestar Galactica.
So Say We All!!!
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So  we moved  3  of our  dogs to  the  big house in   June.  Sadly  Lady  Sansa  crossed  the  rainbow  bridge on  6/2 due to  a  stroke/  Blood clot.  My  husband  and I  are   heart  broken  but  we  are  dealing  because  we  have  Captain  Jack, Rebel and Captain  Adama that  still need us and  Sansa wouldnt  want  us  to  be  sad  for  too long.

So I  went  to  East gate  comic  con back in  May. There  was NO  Battlestar:  Galatica Presence  at all. I  am hopping to  have  my BSG  uniform  by  the next one in November  on the  12th. I  plan on  wearing that  over  the  Star fleet one.  Dont  care if it  pisses  people  off.  BSG  is  my  go to  fandom and  club not Star trek.  gives  exposure to  BSG I  am  all  for it. Hopefully t here  are others  near NC  that  can  come  to it and  help  me  out there.  We  dont  need a  table  just   bodies in  uniforms. Go  from  there this time  then  next year see  what  we  can  do  for a  table.

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Changing of Quarters

So come this  time  next  month I  should  be  in  new  quarters with an  band  new office  set up I  hope. Will  have more  BSG  things o n the  walls. I  refuse to  add the  few (SF) Starfleet   things I  have as  BSG is  my go to  over  Star Trek.  It  always  has  been.

This  change in  quarters  brings  me,  my husband  and  our  4  dogs ( Captain Jack (Sparrow) ,  Sansa,  Rebel and  Captain Adama Lee (  Yes she  is  named after who  you  all  think) more space and  we  can  not wait  for it.  Its been  a long  8  years in  coming but  it i s finally  going to  happen and  we  are  super  excited. It  gives  us  the  bigger  more open  floor  plan  with the  bigger  kitchen and  the  bigger master  bathroom.  It is also  the house my husband  grew  up in.

SO  I  plan on  being  more active  here  once  we  are set up  at t he  big  house so  my  fellow colonials bear  with  me a  bit  longer.  I  am here and I  read  what I  can.

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Tyler Tweed Memorial Scholarship Fund



Over the holidays, the XO of Battlestar Raven-BFC 002, suffered a tremendous lost in his life when his son Tyler passed away. We kept it of the public’s eyes to give the family some privacy and time to deal with their lost. But as a parent, you can never really fully deal with the loss of a child. Even as time passes by, the hurt will still be there. Just not as fresh. All you can do is keep the memory of that child close to you.

Steve Tweed is my XO on Battlestar Raven and a friend. I do not call people a friend just like that. Many of my staff on Battlestar Raven, has been with me through thick and hard times since the group’s inception. That is how close and tight knit we are of a group. You do not have to be blood related to be a family. You just choose to do it because you feel it and act on it.

The reason for this post is that I would like for this community to come together for one of our very own and open their hearts into donating whatever you could spare, towards the memorial fund established in Tyler Tweed’s memory. Tyler was a diesel mechanic, and his scholarship will be for people who are interested in mechanics at Madison College. Tyler was a graduate of that program and loved working in the mechanical field. Tyler passed away on December 14th, 2022, at the age of 24 from complications from diabetes. All funds donated will be used to fund this scholarship.

He is a wonderful young man taken too soon from his parents and friend’s lives. Tyler maybe gone, but he will never be forgotten. Not by his immediate family and second family.

So Say We All!



Battlestar Galactica Fanclub President

CO- Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

Tyler Tweed's Memorial Scholarship Fund:
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The Stranded Warrior a 1978 Galactica Fan Film

Short Summary The Stranded Warrior

Are you tired of waiting for the TV and Movie producers to finally make a Classic Battlestar Galactica TV show or Movie?  I know we were, so we decided to do something about it.  We are Chris and Pete (aka The Tipsy Toaster and NY Pete) from the live Vodcast IFB Interfleet Broadcasting.  Together as lifelong Battlestar Galactica fans (Galactica nuts really) we are going to make an outstanding fan film with your help. 

Yeah, I know around every bulkhead is someone asking for cubits, or some used viper salesman haggling you.  So what makes us so special?  Well, glad you asked.  Over the years (yahrens) of our live broadcasting, we have interviewed tons of fans like you, some going the extra mile, some just doing what they can to fuel the fandom.  We have met so many talented and passionate people who want to help lend their expertise to this fan film.  We have built a rag tag fleet of fans and recruited talent for this project. We are confident with the right number of cubits (open palm smacks viper fuselage) you can bring some relief to those old school Battlestar Galactica yearnings.  And who knows, perhaps we can start a movement and show that the original 1978 Glen Larson Battlestar Galactica is still a viable product and has fans willing to watch. So, what do ya say?  This thing only has 45 years (yahrens) on it, so let’s take it for a spin!


How much will it cost? Well it depends.  We are looking for $7500 cubits to do a 20-minute bare-minimum production that will make any BSG fan proud.

We can do the bare minimum at this cost because we have a lot of volunteers for one. [Actually, we’re lucky that everyone is a volunteer.] These are talented people who work for a meal and the exposure, which is fantastic.  And we already threw in a couple of thousands of our own dollars to get the ball rolling.  We also scaled our production to fit the budget. The more cubits we get, the higher the quality production.  As you can see we are determined to do this but want to make the best product we can.  We sure hope you can help us.



But all said and done, we do have stretch goals That will increase the quality of the production. 

Goal 01 $7500
Seven thousand five hundred Cubits is the bare minimum and gets us a two-day shoot on location at a large building in New York with real actors and 1080 cameras.  Better than a Cellphone production in front of a sheet somewhere on the lower decks of the Galactica here! This also includes some costumes and props.

Goal 02 $9500
At nine thousand five hundred Cubits We can get a 20', and two 10' Green Screens backdrops to simulate inside of a Battlestar. (Renting a Battlestar or a building and constructing a set was way over our budget!)  

Goal 03 $11,000
At eleven thousand we will be able to rent three professional cameras and lenses for a two day on location shoot.  This will give us the ability shoot 6k and edit to 4k.  We will also be able to rent audio equipment like lavalier mics, shotgun mics, recorders and boom pole.

Goal 04 $13,000
At Thirteen thousand five hundred cubits, we will fly the main character in to film on location and drive the necessary equipment and green screen down to record scenes at a warehouse with a Real 1 to 1 scale viper not a cardboard cutout! 

Goal 05 $16,000
Sixteen Thousand cubits will give us the use of professional lights for the scenes and the green screen. Instead of using home made clamp lights and bulbs from the Cylon's garage.

Goal 06 $23,000+
Reaching this goal will give us a basic start for another 20+ minute part two of the Stranded Warrior.  Further funding will make on location shooting possible.  We will need to travel and find a western set or utilize the green screen we have from the first episode. This includes the backstory of Lacerta, Red eye and what happens to Martin!

Every cubit donated goes into the production, the more cubits donated the better the production.  Being a fan film, NO ONE MAKES MONEY from this project! It’s a showcase of Classic Battlestar Galactica talent, just about every other franchise has a strong Fan Film representation, now it’s our turn to fuel the fleet!

What’s in it for you?

We promise you this: if we meet the goals outlined above, we will provide the best fan film possible, using really talented people and quality equipment.  We included some perks so be sure to check those out.  From the custom screen worn helmets to custom hoodies to uniform items and screen credits.  Everyone who donates gets something.   

Can’t Donate?

We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate but if you can’t, help out by spreading the word.  Use those share tools provided here on Indiegogo and check out our progress on social media.




Battlestar Galactica Fanclub President

CO- Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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Shore Leave Con 2023


On behalf of Shore Leave Con, we make the following post:

     This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries that kicked off the new BSG series that aired in 2004. 


SHORE LEAVE is delighted to announce the addition of both Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-O) and Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica, Motherland Fort Salem) to our roster of guest stars making personal appearances at this year’s convention. Both actors will be taking part in Q&A sessions during the weekend, as well as making themselves available for autographs and photo opportunities as well.


Among our other special guest stars this year will be Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1), Claudia Black (Farscape, Stargate SG-1),  Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe, Supernatural), Robert Picardo (Star Trek Voyager, Stargate), Robert Duncan McNeill (Star Trek Voyager), Penny Johnson Jerald (Star Trek DS9, The Orville), Peter Macon (The Orville, Family Guy) and Bonnie Gordon (Star Trek Prodigy).


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Holocron Toy Store Event Announcement

Holocron Fort Worth is proud to present their Galactic Alliance event, benefiting Jack Stauffer (actor, Battlestar Galactica), with help from theie friends at The Peter Mayhew Foundation and special guest Anne Lockhart! Jack has had some serious medical issues come about, so Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica fans alike are here to help! Their event will be Sunday, February 12th from 1-6PM. Special guests Anne Lockhart (Battlestar Galactica), GW Childs (Darth Nihilus), and Angie Mayhew (The Peter Mayhew Foundation) will be there signing autographs and taking photos. They will also have their friends in the costuming groups with the 501st and Rebel Legion there to take photos. They hope to see all of you there!

Holocron Fort Worth also would like to give a special thank you to Martin House Brewery for their donation toward the event!



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Jack Stauffer


Folks, let us as a community come together and help one of our own, Jack Stauffer. As you all know, he got his right leg amputated above his knee. He is good spirits despite what he went through.
This GoFundMe page was set up by Laurette Spang McCook for Jack and his family so they will be able to have medical caregivers at home following the surgery. He will need 3-6 months to heal before they discuss prosthetics. Insurance as we all know cannot possibly cover all the care he will require in the coming months. Give a helping hand so whatever you  all can donate, will be greatly appreciated by his family. And REMEMBER, #FLEETISFAMILY. And we take care of our own!!! Spread and share the link to this GoFundMe link:
BFC President
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Merry Christmas to Everyone


On helaf of my whole entire family, BFC and Battlestar Raven  Staff and Crew, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. 2022 is almost over. Let us welcome 2023 with open arms and may the new year bring us all good times. Stay safe and see all of you at a nearby convention soon.

Fleet is Family!!!




BFC President 

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The Passing of Terry Carter

ALL HANDS, all ships lights are to be dimmed 75 percent, in honor of Terry’s memory!
It's with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of the beloved Terry Carter. A gentle soul and a heart full of warmth, Terry's kindness touched everyone he met. I had the honor of working with him at Galacticon 3/4, where even a simple task like getting him his favorite vegetable soup became a cherished memory, thanks to his gracious smile and stories from his legendary role in the original Battlestar Galactica.
I'm so grateful for the moments we shared and the laughter he brought into our lives. Terry's journey was long and full of accomplishments, and his spirit was loved by all who knew him. Rest in peace, dear friend, your legacy will forever inspire us. 💔✨
You can leave messages to Terry’s family through this link. A lot of his family may not be a part of these various BSG social media pages:
BFC President
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