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So  we moved  3  of our  dogs to  the  big house in   June.  Sadly  Lady  Sansa  crossed  the  rainbow  bridge on  6/2 due to  a  stroke/  Blood clot.  My  husband  and I  are   heart  broken  but  we  are  dealing  because  we  have  Captain  Jack, Rebel and Captain  Adama that  still need us and  Sansa wouldnt  want  us  to  be  sad  for  too long.

So I  went  to  East gate  comic  con back in  May. There  was NO  Battlestar:  Galatica Presence  at all. I  am hopping to  have  my BSG  uniform  by  the next one in November  on the  12th. I  plan on  wearing that  over  the  Star fleet one.  Dont  care if it  pisses  people  off.  BSG  is  my  go to  fandom and  club not Star trek.  gives  exposure to  BSG I  am  all  for it. Hopefully t here  are others  near NC  that  can  come  to it and  help  me  out there.  We  dont  need a  table  just   bodies in  uniforms. Go  from  there this time  then  next year see  what  we  can  do  for a  table.

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