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Frak Stars 27: "Resurrection Ship" has jumped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:


In this episode of Frak Stars, Colin, Steve and Drogyn discuss the episodes Resurrection Ship parts 1 and 2 (season 2, epsiodes 11 and 12).

In this episode of Battlestar Galactica we have the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus nearly come to blows, but instead call a truce after Starbuck returns in the Blackbird and then they engage in a huge battle to destroy the massive Cylon Resurrection Ship.

So turn on your Colonial Wireless and find out what our very own nuggets think of these episodes.


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12578069674?profile=original12578070459?profile=original12578070081?profile=original12578070669?profile=originalThis was the first time we had a chance to put on a really good display of screen used costumes, props built and in progress and part of the fleet model collection.

We had screen used BDUs (3 sets including Chief Tiu from Blood and Chrome and a Kara Thrace Jacket), a New Caprica Police Uniform and some Prison coveralls.  We accompanied those costumes with a replica six dress and jewelry ensemble PLUS A chrome Cylon, Cylon Six, Marines and BDUs mobile in costume on the day.

Mike brought along his part finished 'New Style' cylon along with resin blasters and rifles he has been working on and a couple of old school Cylon helmets.  Phil brought along three of his ships.

Organisers kept us well watered and the venue was fantastic with excellent changing facilities! Had loads of public interest, will post some more pics later.


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12578036087?profile=originalFellow Colonials from all around the world!  It is my privilege to announce, after the great event that have been Galacticon 3, that the Canadian fandom of BSG will have an opportunity to celebrate the 10Th anniversary of Reimagined BSG, as Montreal Comiccon already announced as guests 5 main actors of BSG.  Just have a look on the pics above, that is indeed amazing!

Then, I send you a warm invitation to come to Montreal and attend our nice Comiccon, where English and French Canadian cultures celebrate together  their TV shows and Comics fandom :  September, 13-15, 2013.

So say we all!

Col.  Fred Landry, Commanding Officer of the CDF BSR-05 Excalibur


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The Cylon God is on Facebook! (concept art)

Announcing the birth of the Cylon God's Facebook page. Here, you'll find some of my BSG art, as well as other paintings I've done over the years!

Folow me, and you will be privvy to my nefarious plans for the human race!

By my command!

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New Videos from Battlestar Galactica Dragon*Con 2011 Panels


Via - Edward James Olmos on Twitter


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The Wedding Cake is Not a Lie!

Funny thing I always talk about is what action figures would stand in for me and my unknown future husband. One ex identified as a Jedi and the last identified with John Crichton from Farscape. I have a have a feeling my Starbuck action figure would have thought the Jedi was a wuss and would have punched out Crichton and told him to "Get the frak off my cake!" Yeah an "Sam Anders" on my cake would be nice but I have no problem with a Chief Tyrol or a Captain Kelly on my cake. Just some fangirl musings.
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