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My character sheet from another RolePlay site.

Biographical Record of Rear Admiral Yogi "From another roleplaying site"
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Battlestar Atlantia BSG-53
LAST POSITION: Commanding Officer
POSITION: Rear Admiral
SERIAL NUMBER: RA 213-75-7793

NAME: Yogi Tenor Devya
SPECIES: Human with Cybernetic Hand
Spouse: Rebecca Murphy (AKA) Breena
Daughters: Brilyna, Love-Deceased
Son: Dolton


EYES: Greenish/Amber
HAIR: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: 7/1/7324
Age: 30
Colony of Birth: Carpathia, Virgon


Accepted into flight school, I was proven a gifted and natural pilot, hampered only by my tendency to over-intellectualize things - a result of my upbringing with my mother, who encouraged me to read widely, and think freely (encouragement that led myself to read banned texts by the renegade Tom Zarek while at college. Despite my father's estrangement from the family, I nevertheless inherited my passion for flying—a passion that enrolled me in the Colonial military reserves after graduating from college. Following my basic training, I graduated from the military academy third in my class and immediately applied for flight school.

While I was successful in this - gaining promotion to Captain through my own abilities, the decision nevertheless placed a heavy strain on friends with my application for marine duty aboard Galactica. A year in my Marine Commander went a-wall so I stepped up and took on this role. Discovered I was a Cylon sleeper blew up the ship and nearly killed the Commander. Reborn among the Cylons where I work my way up to chain. Many yahrens later I reach my goal in becoming the new Cylon Imperial. I soon reconnected with my old life before it went array, through my Cylon connects who turned sides. I fled to Colonial's joined as a Marine Commander of the Cerberus. A yahren later Cerberus was Destroyed in a great battle and I was on a Secret mission, I lost my right hand on help those against my kind, I ran across a little girl who I took in. Love was he name and she loved tech that she built me a hand, I then left her with a Conley. During that time I met my goal and become reborn as human. Few years ago I choose to start a new life and I was too work back up from to bottom. I then set off to find my fleet they gave me a prototype Nanite suit. I was lost and low on air but my suit kept me alive until the Retribution found me, I had reunited with my Friend’s Kona and Christopher Whaley and a bunch others. The Fleet had found a new home and new ship's

(Need filled in)

Took over Commanding Officer of the Atlantia after Commander Playtime Fell Ill.


Fight School
Bomb Defusal
Bomb Disposal
Hand to Hand Combat
Ground Force Tactics and Strategies
Space combat tactics and strategies


Unpredictable, Unstable been known to be crazy

Medals and Commendations

Fleet Service Ribbon
Marine Service Ribbon
Officer Development Ribbon
Green Poster Level Ribbon w/4 diamonds
Red Poster Level Ribbon w/1 diamonds
Army branch ribbon to honer the army.
Colonial Command Ribbon


Perfect Health
Broken ankle
Stomach wound
head wound
back wound
broken hand
Split lip
knife wound to the right cheek
Died 25 times


Military Intelligence Branch
Junior Pilot Qualification Wings 
Seiner Pilot Qualification Wings
Imperial leader Pilot Qualification Wings
Commander Pilot Qualification Wings
Cylon Intelligence Branch
Graduated Basic Training - 7342
Graduated Military Academy 2th in class - 7343
Graduated Flight School 1th in class - 7344
Qualified in a Viper - 7344
Given rank of Private - 7345
Promoted to Private First Class - 7345
Promoted to Lance Corporal - 7346
Qualified in a Raptor - 7346
Promoted to Corporal - 7346
Promoted to Sergeant - 7347
Assigned to the Battlestar Birmingham - 7347
Decommission of the Birmingham - 7348
Promoted to Lieutenant - 7348
Transferred to the Battlestar Galactica Marine CO - 7349
Defected from the Colonial Fleet - 7349
Assigned to the Scorpion - 7350
Promoted to Sub Commander - 7350
Defected from the Cylon Legion to join the Fleet - 7352
Promoted to Captain - 7352
Transferred to the Battlestar Cerberus Marine CO - 7353
Promoted to Major - 7353
Destruction of the Cerberus - 7354 
Secret Mission and Lost in space - 7354
Promoted to Colonel - 7354
Assigned to Battlestar Retribution as Marine XO – 7354
Promoted to Battlestar Retribution Executive Officer - 7354
Assigned to Cargo Ship Nebula as Commander - 7355
Reassigned to Battlestar Atlantia Executive Officer - 7355
Promoted to Battlestar Atlantia Commanding Officer - 7360
Sworn in as Secretary of Defense - 7364
Decommission of the Secretary of Defense - 7366
Sworn in as Rear Admiral - 7367

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Hi Everyone,

I think many of you may have purchased Moebius pre-finished model kits at G3. I have no idea what the cost was, but Hobby Linc, an online hobby shop I have dealt with in the past has them at their everyday price of 29% off manufacturer’s list price.

Hobby Linc's shipping prices are very reasonable. They offer many types of shipping, the choice is yours depending on how fast you receive your items.

I know what you're thinking and no I don't work at Hobby linc or have any stock in their company. I'm just like most people these days trying to find the most bang for my buck and I like to let friends and family know when I have found a great deal. Since we're all family at the BFC why not let all of you in on this. Before I bought my Pegasus and Galactica, I searched online and the lowest price at the time was Hobby Linc. Enough talk you search and be the judge!!!!!!!

Here are the pre-finished kits they have in stock as of today:

Galactica- $56.49 (List $79.98)

Viper Mk-II and Mk-VII- $38.89 (List $54.99)

Cylon Raider- $31.79 (List $44.99)

If you like to build your own models like I do, the prices of all of Moebius BSG kits are all at the everyday price of 29% off manufacturer’s list price as well. The following prices are what you pay (29% off) for the build it yourself kits.


Galactica- $31.79

Viper Mk-II and Mk-VII- $21.19

Cylon Raider- $21.19

1/6 Cylon Centurion- $28.29

Viper Mk-I- $21.19 (Not in Stock Yet)

This is a link to the pre-finished kits. To see the build it yourself kits do a search at their web site.

Have fun and Good Hunting!!!!!!

SO SAY WE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lt Reamer

Flying Tiger's Squadron Leader

Battlestar Raven BFC-002

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Apologies on the lateness of the Hero award (it was intended for Friday) but I had to push it back a few days.

But here we are!

First of all, thank you everyone for your response to Sophie...she is very appreciative of the loving words and help.

She apologizes for not getting back to people via email due to the fact that she recently had a stroke & with attendant treatment complications produced anaphylactic shock.

Literally she cannot move her arms at all...but still she feels guilty about not being able to get up to go to the computer and answer everyone.

She sends love and once again apologies to all of you for not being able to get back to you right away.

Please keep her in your hearts and minds.

Something to take notice of on the website, you will notice on the splash page at the top a heading for Battlestore...if you click on that it will link you to our Galacticon 3 ebay store where you may purchase programs, t-shirts and posters from the recent event, so go check it out!

Of course for our Hero of the week...appearing in the original Battlestar Galactica...and a man who has a long history in television and film...AND a very noted ecologist to boot, I'm very pleased to give this one out to Lt. Greenbean...aka...Mr. Ed Begley Jr.!

(The certificate is not available now due to a technical difficulty but I will present it later in the week).


So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club


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Note from an old friend....

Hello Coloinals!

I'm posting a note here to all of you from a dear friend...and I'm sure quite a few of you remember her if you were active or connected with Battlestar Galactica going's on when Richard came out with his Second Coming a matter of fact this person Co-Produced the trailer!

Without further ado, here is a word(s) from Sophie LaPorte:



Hello all,

Sorry about the length of this post, but I wanted to be as clear and honest as possible, which means going into details that will cost me precious time I don't have. My guilt issues, as usual... Richard has been telling me for a while now that many questions have come his way about whatever happened to me. Please be gentle... I've sat in Hollywood Studios boardrooms to negotiate the impossible, I've walked on wires 40 feet up (guess who's idea that was? Richard of course!), I've said "I love you" on family members' answering machines who never take my calls. Yet, writing this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do... Emotional courage: a valuable lesson I learned from Richard, the most loving Human Being I've ever known. :) Thank you, Richard! You are my best friend, here, now, and in the afterlife. If it was just me and my life at stake, I would rather crawl into a mouse hole forever than posting this. But there are innocent creatures involved too and for them, I am willing to put my heart out there...



There's been rumors and stories and I had begun writing a couple of pages which start with my time as a freelance writer pitching for the Star Trek series back in 1995. But I am running out of time and had to stop to write this, or rather to dictate this to someone here typing it for me. I've been asked to write a "tell all" book of my experiences with Star Trek, BSG, Conventions, and BSG & GWOM Trailers for a few years now. I turned it down repeatedly, out of loyalty. Not because I have "dirt" on actors that would create mini-scandals, but because I didn't want to make anyone feel violated, even though most of it is actually positive and funny. If I had accepted, I wouldn't find myself in the situation I am in now, but I feel that I did the right thing and so I have no regrets. If I somehow survive this, I will post what I have written so far on the internet for you all to enjoy.

I hope this isn't my last communication. There are so many nice people I met going to conventions with Richard and once Richard decided to book his own, I suddenly lost touch with most of the friends I had made there. I had put my career in the corporate world on hold to book conventions and Richard was nice enough to separate love and business and paid me 10% of his convention earnings from 1996 to 2001. It turned out to be not enough to pay my bills, while at the same time, too time consuming to earn other monies on the side. Between calling promoters, negotiating, writing contracts, booking flights, booking TV, Radio & newspaper interviews to advertise his appearances and get more last minute people through the doors, doing the bookkeeping, and then the outrageous amount of time we all work our little butts off filming both trailers, I was swamped. But I also learned a lot and have Richard to thank for that. What I didn't expect, was that once it ended, it was impossible for me to get a job in the industry - and i was willing to answer phones even though I have college degrees! - or to even get back to the corporate world that seemed so appreciative of me before!

That, is where I was standing in the mid 2000s when I found out I had a breast tumor... And no insurance. I was able to get into a research program and therefore lower costs considerably, but it still wasn't enough to pay for the treatments I needed. Richard gave me some work to do and even paid for many of my treatments, even though he was low on $ at that time of year (less conventions) and had important expenses. Still, he basically saved my life. Treatment wasn't easy; after about the 3rd week, I was too sick to ride the bus back home and had to wait at UCLA for hours before I could ride the bus back. I even slept in a car for a while so that any income could go to my treatment. I'm not ashamed of it. It is something many Americans have had to do these days including an accountant I knew at the time! God chose this for me for a good reason which I will know someday when He chooses to reveal it to me.

I couldn't tell my family in France at the time: my sister was going through breast AND lung cancer at the exact same time! She had an even harsher time than me painwise as she had to undergo Chemo twice and even Radiation Therapy! The only thing she had easier than me, was that she paid for none of it, they sent a car to pick her up, and her bills and cost of living were taken care of 100% as it always is there when someone has cancer. I considered going there myself, but having been gone for so long, I no longer qualified for free healthcare...

God chose to spare my life, for whatever reason only He knows. I was put on Tamoxifen and other medications, one of which I discovered very quickly had side-effects both fortunate and detrimental: my hormonal breast cancer was now in remission and not likely to return if I took my meds regularly, and unexpectedly, the rare seizure I'd started having in 2003 (which my mother also gets and which have freaked Richard out more than once) were no longer happening. My blood pressure, which even a cocktail of the usual blood pressure meds out there had failed to bring down to safe levels, was also now in check. I did, however, gained about 30 pounds the first 6 months and plateau-ed there. Healthy, or fat? I'll take fat any time!

I was stabilized for a while, and when an opportunity to take care of an 80yo+ Alzheimer's patient in Las Vegas for room, board and $80/week presented itself in Feb. 2009, I took it. After all, I had helped taken care of my grandfather through the same ailment while studying for college years ago. This is where I am right now, sharing the 24/7 care of my "charge" with his son. Thankfully, he is also helping with the care of my beloved pet cats as well as the fosters I often rescue, spay/neuter/immunize at my own cost, rehabilitate until they are loving lapcats, and place with loving and responsible individuals or families.

I underestimated what would happen if I skipped my meds for days, or even took less than commended by my oncologist in L.A. And in December of 2012, an unexpected complication fell on my lap: I was the victim of a crime and my wallet was now gone. Even with my previous ID & Green Card and a police report detailing what happened, I was no longer able to get my medications! My pleas fell on deaf ears and within hours of X-mas, my blood pressure kept on rising, eventually reached 240/153, and I had a stroke. To make a long story short, my charge's son saved my life: he found for me 1 and only 1 pharmacist willing to honor whatever identification I still had, along with a letter from the French Consulate explaining the time consuming course of action that was now to take place in order for me to proove my being a legal resident before obtaining a replacement state ID - the very last step and the one document I couldn't get my meds without!

I've lived in fear of not having my meds ever since and about a month ago, the worst case scenario came true again: only this time, the stroke came while I was at the top of a staircase! There is irony in there somewhere... My left side was very slow for 3 weeks, my right side was injured in the fall including my knee which will need an operation to be "normal" again (I have to wait until France to do that), my right ring finger was broken but doesn't seem to be getting better, less swollen or even less painful, and I broke a front tooth! (That'll have to wait for France too & no smiling until then!) I didn't die, I'm not in a wheelchair for life, and my beloved IQ, my one and only source of self-esteem left, is still intact, thank you God! Which means I can still read Science news, and write Sci-Fi. :)

Hospitalization helps nothing each time save for receiving high bills in the mail later, and failed to even stabilize me even once! The last time, they even refused to admit me once I arrived there by ambulance and I'd have a lawsuit on my hand if I had time for such details... But I don't:

Where I stand now, my "charge" just spent a few days at Mountain View Hospital, where, when he was released, it was discovered that these idiots not only allowed an Alzheimer's patient to hold on to his own wallet (instead of storing it in a safe place), but also allowed it to be stolen right from his nightstand!!! What this means, is that he cannot access his bank account for at least a few days. I can't collect the little money I get per week to pay for my meds, cat food, cat litter, and cat care! It also means that the rent for the weekly place his family moved us into 2 years ago is VERY LATE! We were given a 5 days notice 4 days ago and now have until tomorrow Saturday the 22st, NOON, to pay the $190 + $15/day late fees! (And Management is not very open-minded.) What I care most about, is that with nowhere to go, the foster cats - and very young kittens I rescued with their mommy who deserve a fair chance at life! - will end up at the pound, where, in spite of what they claim, they are KILLED WITHIN 3 DAYS if not adopted! I have built a site for them as well but haven't been able to finish it. I cannot let them die! Rescues here are filled up, and I stand a better chance at getting them good homes as I was going to enlist some of the BSG actors to help advertise them: I named the site "GalactiCats" and gave them all names after the show's characters!

My "charge"'s daugher, an irresponsible gambler, isn't going to honor her responsibility. His son, a Broadcast Engineer who has been looking for work - any work! - for 5 years now, would love to help but cannot. And the so-called friends I thought I'd made here and have helped countless times are now conveniently unavailable!

Same with the other countless people I helped out in Los Angeles: I helped land newcomers in L.A. good paying jobs in the film industry who now are too busy to return my calls. I helped wannabee writers book pitch sessions at Star Trek who actually remember getting that for themselves instead! (Richard remembers it MY way though...). I had a great big single apartment in the middle of everything in West-Hollywood for 7 years and during that time, 11 different individuals stayed with me for free and were fed and had gas put in their cars and were "built up" before job interviews - some for months at a time, without complaint, and without thinking for a second about the loss of privacy that it meant for me, as what mattered most was their getting their lives back on track.

I am not going to hate, be resentful, revengeful or even negative. It IS very disappointing, but I didn't give to receive then. The way I see it, the circle of life takes over and giving is what matters, God is watching, and who gives back later is acting through God just as I had. God, Karma, it is all 1 and the same. I also can't sit here and wait to have the next stroke, which my doctor gave me a 20% chance of surviving... - as I believe that we aren't "Children of God", but "Adults of God", taking responsibility for our lives. So, as embarrassing as this is for me, as I am normally comfortable giving but not receiving, I am reaching out here because I am very quickly running out of time...

I do NOT want CHARITY! So I thought about what I could give in return and here are some things I can offer:


I taught myself to make jewelry - mostly "costume jewelry" which means that the most expensive beads and pendants used are semi-precious gemstones. I have made a few pieces over the last year, and built a website on Weebly with preset templates. It took a while but it is done, save for measurements and prices for each piece, which Mike here is going to attempt to help me do tonight. I also can make any design you either find in a magazine, or come up with yourself, so I can take orders. A link to it (I called it Nuku Hiva Designs after the French Polynesian island I dream to visit one day...) will be posted here as soon as it is available. I had set up a PayPal account I have yet to use but links to it will be added too.


Mike ran around town last week-end and NO ONE in Las Vegas buys or pawns furs. He only found 1 place willing to take it on consignment, which we don't have the time to do... He listed it on Craigslist and all the responses were Nigerian or other internet scams. It was his mother's, her name is engraved on a tag on the inside lining and he has her old passports to prove his relation to her. It is a long - 90cm = 1 yard - BLACK MINK and is very very beautiful! His father bought it for her in Pittsburgh in the late 70s and it was worn 5-10 times. It has been stored properly all along, and never "sat on", which damages furs. It is an emotional item worth letting go to save a Human and many feline lives, as he sees it. He has photos if you'd like, and a PayPal account.


No need to say more. We'll give you a contract to set it in stone and can take PayPal.


Richard accepted for me to do a Sci-Fi Blog on the BSG website a while back but because it is so difficult for him to find people to work on the site, I recently told him that I was going to do it on my own and simply link it to the BSG site. My health complications have delayed the launch but if I can salvage things here, I intend to start the blog next week. I can only offer this to 1 person. You must love and be knowledgeable in Sci-Fi films, series, novels, graphic novels, etc..., or some of these and be willing to learn the rest. It should take about 5-10h per week of your time, more if you'd like. I will give this and a contract to make it binding to the 1st person who requests it, for $200 as I feel it isn't fair to ask for more.


Again, PayPal OK. If you chose to do that, please include your phone # so I can thank you when/if I am better.


The PayPal account I recently set up is not attached to a bank account, but we will find a way to transfer it to someone and collect it...




The email account will remain open all night and tomorrow and I made Mike promise to check it very often as I am not able to be up and out of bed.


(I have many saved from my years writing them and can alter one to fit fairly quickly.)

I am so frustrated because if my health hadn't interfered, these projects and others (such as an independent film I wrote which some very talented actors have agreed to star in), would have been started months ago and would now actually help the situation... If somehow, the situation is resolved and my health stabilized, I no longer intend to wait for other people to get their act together and will be launching the blog, the GalactiCats site, and another couple of projects (including a "black projects & UFO" Forum, and a blog with advice and resources about writing short stories, novels, articles, and screenplays). Some of these, I've been wating to do for months - some for years, even - and I'd love to be able to launch in the next few days. If/when something happens to me, I would like to have people I've met at conventions and know, or people I take the time to know now, take ownership and take over for me, so write me if you are interested in any of these projects, except the Sci-Fi Blog (see why above).

I am now running out of time, I am posting what I am hoping will not be my last communication. I have attempted to contact my family, to no avail. They never really forgave me for chosing the U.S. as my home country and are still resentful. It hurts that they don't seem to care much about what happens to me, which is why forging friendships is more important to me than the meaning of blood.

Again, I am sorry for having to ask for help. And for doing it in such a lengthy manner. Giving the pertinent details, I feel, is the least I can do for not just explaining the situation, but also to answer to the people who have asked Richard about me at conventions, as well as to be honest with all of you. I am honored to be in your thoughts after all these years. I met some of the best people there, and so has Richard: people with whom we have more in common than we do with our own families who are not into Sci-Fi or Sciences and just don't "get it". He and I are both self-professed nerds and proud of it! Even if you cannot help, please let the kitties be in your prayers. And write me a note, whether you met me before or not. I am so very sorry to make my return to the Sci-Fi world in this way and hope to have your forgiveness. Thank you for your valuable time spent reading this. I miss the conventions so very much and this letter, although very emotional for me to write - or rather, dictate - has been a kind of rekindling. Thank you for the fun times I had from 1996-2001. It is you all that made them the fondest memories I have in my life.

Love to you all and hopefully not goodbye...

Sophie LaPorte.

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Fellow Colonials,

             Allow me to take a moment as we salute and recognize on of members who has reached a great milestone in her military career celebrating the 20th Anniversary!!  Her career has span the years in quest to no only training the next generation of US Airman, but help citizen here the our great nations.  During Galacticon 3 which took place May 24th she was not able to properly celebrate her great achievement.  With that being said i was asked and commission to render a unique art piece to honor her accomplishment in the US Armed Forces.

             This art work is present to none other then Cherry Oclima currently serving in the United States Air Force.  The art denotes her love for Science Fiction with a military twist as well as acknowledging her love for family.  The work dimly shows her loving children's names along with loving husband grace the reaches of space.  Bridging the gap which all our families gives us support in our hobbies as well as our love for Science Fiction.  The newly designed graphics are a merger of the US Air Force logo meets Colonial Phoenix in a beautifully designed frame specifically designed by me for this unique piece as well as matching head seal.  This was a labor love and had to put a couple of things on hold in order to meet her deadline for her birthday which is today the 21st of June.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well so this unique also covers that area. 

             In closing i would like to add two things first thank you for her husband who secretly contacted me and asked if i would do the honor for rendering the piece.  He had insight and provided me with the information i needed.  Secondly i ask that my art piece be left alone and not tampered with by editing any portion of it to be used on some other certificate or website. So i ask everyone to please respect my request without exception.  Please do not ask me permission to use my emblems b/c the answer will be no i reserve all my creations. THANK YOU ALL!!   I truly appreciate your support.  Without any further delay Ladies and Gentlemen here is the art piece below and link so you can also see it better.  Be safe, ADM Rivera, Fleet Commander, BFC.



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The Flying Tiger's Squadron would just like to wish Raven Actual Cherry "Dragon Lady," A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


After you have finished your cake and ice cream, please join us in the ships lounge for a bottle of the finest Ambrosia in the whole fleet! ! ! ! ! !


SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! ! ! !


Lt Reamer

Flying Tiger's Squadron Leader

Battlestar Raven BFC-002

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New Raven Security Logo


Colonials and Ravens,

I have been meaning to present this new Raven Security Logo to my Tactical/Security Officer, Lt. Juan "Blindsword" Lopez.  But real life events had prevented me from doing so.  This logo is based on his specifications and description.

Logo Description:  Dark blue field with gold cross pistols under a Raven in flight and a banner that reads in Latin:  "Protect the Best"  I tried to put everything to life based on this.  So, without further ado, may I present the Raven Security Logo.  I kept the logo simple but yet gets the meaning across.  I hope you like it and if needs changing around, kindly let me know.


Raven Actual

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12578036087?profile=originalFellow Colonials from all around the world!  It is my privilege to announce, after the great event that have been Galacticon 3, that the Canadian fandom of BSG will have an opportunity to celebrate the 10Th anniversary of Reimagined BSG, as Montreal Comiccon already announced as guests 5 main actors of BSG.  Just have a look on the pics above, that is indeed amazing!

Then, I send you a warm invitation to come to Montreal and attend our nice Comiccon, where English and French Canadian cultures celebrate together  their TV shows and Comics fandom :  September, 13-15, 2013.

So say we all!

Col.  Fred Landry, Commanding Officer of the CDF BSR-05 Excalibur


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I just wanted to quickly wish all the Dads out there, a VERY HAPPY FATHERS DAY, especially to all the Dads aboard Battlestar Raven.  Although I do not have a father to wish on this special day for my own father passed away in 1992, I always try to keep him close to my heart on this day.  May all of you Dads out there enjoy this moment with your children because they do grow up very quick.  You do not want to miss moments like this with them for those are precious times.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!


Cherry "DragonLady"

Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Vice President

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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Battlestar Raven would just like to wish Raven Member:  Amanda Marron , A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  From all of your fellow crewmates here on Battlestar Raven.  Also, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on passing your Viper Qualifications Test.  OUTSTANDING JOB Ensign Marron.  


Cherry "DragonLady"

Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Vice President

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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All good things...

....never end! They just keep getting better!

Good evening, Colonials!

Welcome to our new always another group from all over the planet have landed on our again welcome.

First of all with this...personally speaking I'm so honored that you are all a part of our family & I'm also very thrilled and pleased with our management team & associates.

Since the BFC was founded in 2000 a lot has gone on and we have a unique history...up until the time of the emergence of the re-imagined series there was pretty much ZERO support from the studios for the property...the fans kept the fires lit along with Richard Hatch and other alumni from the original show.

This IS where the Fan Club has & had it's roots...when I first encountered Richard the question of a viable Fan Club came up & with his inspiration and the combined efforts of Chris Feehan & myself...the BFC was born.

So literally this was a project put forward by fans of the show plus alumni of the show...and that has been how it's been...Richard has always been an innovator in that respect...his Second Coming project was based on the same principal & other people with passion for the product have found that the fan/actor alliance is the champ (because they ARE all fans btw) Walter Koenig, George Takei,Tim Russ & Garret Wang from Star Trek...all good examples.

They get it!

To be sure being a fan of something does not mean you need to form a Fan Club...I'm a fan of fried chicken, but I would never make a Fan Club to admire it...!

However this is a totally different is neither a studio creature telling fans what to like nor is it a bunch of folks with absolutely no connection to what is going on either...we are an interactive group that combines fans of Battlestar Galactica with the actors, writers, musicians, directors & producers of BSG & other productions to create a truly complete whole.

Before I forget to mention...I want to send a BIG thank you out to Bear McCreary for calling and broadcasting Stu Phillips to the fans gathered at our Galacticon 3 opening ceremony & though he wasn't there with us, for making him a part of the celebration.

Stu Phillips, I know you are reading this...we all love you & thank you for bringing light and magic into our universe!

In that continuing frame of you know...have a weekly Hero of Battlestar Galactica announcement...and this goes out to an individual who has enhanced, moved forward and expanded the animal we call Battlestar Galactica in some way shape or form.

This could be an actor, a writer, a director or a fan...anybody who has made a positive contribution...this week it falls to someone who was instrumental in making Galacticon 3 move forward and kept peace and order in the house and who continues to bring that to the Fan Club as well...not only is he a great and hard working fan of BFC (and has been honored by Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer in their road trip adventures) he is an equally hard working member of the police force in Texas....and an example of a cop everyone should have in their town!...I do not honor him because he is a friend of mine, i honor him because he is a good man and a shining example of what a hero is...Colonials, our Hero of Battlestar Galactica....head of security at G3 & I want his butt back for G4...heading our security on the BFC and looking out in the same capacity on Chief of Staff here as well...Ladies & Gentleman...Paul Nix!

So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club



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Attention to orders, we set Condition 1 to engage in this fight.  There is a facebook combat, BSG Reimagined   vs Star Trek TNG, organized by Montreal Comiccon.  We must win this combat. Those treekies are just frakkin skinjobs, so It's time to kick their butt. Launch all vipers Ens. Sloan. Start marines deployement as planned LT Ferland.

We need your vote!!!

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Good morning, Colonials!

I want to thank you all again for welcoming me and giving me the chance to be your Deputy VP. I'm looking forward to the opportunities this role will bring to me and what I can bring to all of you.

A little about myself...

BSG didn't enter my life when I was a kid. Sci-fi was not introduced to me until I was about 8 years old when my uncle showed me Terminator II. I was all about it. Post apocalyptic plots, robots, big machine guns, motorcycles (vipers :-p), etc. How could a little kid NOT like those things, right?

From there my interest in sci-fi grew into what it is today - a passion. Strangely enough, I didn't watch BSG (reimagined) when it was airing in 2004. I had just graduated high school in 2003 and was off to college 3 months after. So when BSG aired, I was in college with no TV and a terrible Internet connection. I moved back home in 2005 to pursue a different degree. While working at Sam's club to make some money, I'd come home to see my parents watching Star Trek on a regular basis. Voyager, DS9, Enterprise, Next Generation. They would watch them over and over. They'd wait for me every night to start the episode after I got back from work. That's when it started to click for me. But still, no BSG yet. 

I moved to Austin in 2007 for a new job and to be closer to my sister. At this new job, my coworker and I began connecting through things like movies and TV. At that time my impression of BSG was the 1978 version. I wasn't interested at all. 

One day he came into the office and asked me if I had seen Battlestar Galactica. I said, "No, isn't that show like really outdated?" And he responded, "No no, the new version." I replied, "What? There is a new version?" He said, "Yes dude. And you need to watch it." I replied, "Nah, I can't see myself enjoying that." He replied, "Do you like Star Trek and Star Wars?" I said, "Of course." He replied, "Then you need to jump on this." 

At the time, I didn't have Netflix or Hulu or any streaming device to make it easy to watch the show. So that night I went to Blockbusters and found Season 1 available for rental. I went home and turned it on. For a few minutes I kept thinking, "Psh, this can't be THAT good. I don't see any major action or space opera." But boy was I wrong. Once Caprica Six revealed that she was a Cylon, I was really intrigued. Then Baltar's panic set in. After that I was glued to the TV. I watched the entire series in just 3 weeks. I beat my coworker to the finale. 

I became obsessed. I think I've watched the series all the way through at least 10 times (Now on Netflix). I'd have it on in the background while cleaning or cooking.

BSG plunged me into a new love for sci-fi. Even out of the sci-fi genre. It was more like it made me realize what it means to have a passion for a franchise.

I'm so glad to have seen the light and to have given the show a chance. It led me to G3; it led me to new friends and now it has led me to all of you.

It's my pleasure to be a part of this great team and I look forward to what's in store for the future.

So say we all!

Deputy VP

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA | American Cinematheque


Just a little info we just want to pass along that we just got to each and everyone of you.

The American Cinematheque will be showing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE MOVIE on the big screen in Sensurround (as it was originally shown theatrically) at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood this Friday night, preceded by a discussion with original series creator Glen A. Larson, plus writer Terry McDonnell and visual effects artist Pat McClung. 

You can find more info about it on their  website here:

They also have a Facebook event you can share on your social media:

Tickets are still available at $11 General Admission.


So we encourage all of you especially those that lives locally to come and check this out.  And please, spread the word.  

Keeping the faith!  So Say We All!

In Service,

Cherry "DragonLady"

Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Vice President

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Crew of the Excalibur and Colonial patriots! An intelligency report has come to our attention. On June 15Th, the Montreal Comiccon team is organizing within a big Genre TV Tournament a battle between BSG Reimagined and Star Trek TNG. We need your vote

to allow BSG  to win.

Colonel Fred "Harfang" Landry
BSR-05 Excalibur Commanding Officer
11Th Fleet
Viper and Raptor pilot 11041QC
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Well I have looked around at a few places online for the flight suits and dress blues.  I "like" the stuff at Anovos, but I don't know what they are smoking to think I am paying $1250.00 for an officers uniform dress blues.  Guess I will have to try one of the other suggested links.  I really want the flight suit though.  Tahmoh and Leah were telling me at the Con about the terrific weight loss program you get with the ownership of one of those flight suits.

I used to make full suits of leather armor for folks at the Renaissance Faire in Texas, and for $1250, you got one hell of a suit of armor for that price.  A blue chefs coat and some trousers with a couple patches doesn't come close in my book to "getting my money's worth".

So the search continues...

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