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Toy fair show report and photos BSG UK.

Great little show today at Movie Buffs in Hull, UK.  We were able to field five marines, a shiny cylon centurion a cadet deckhand and Cylon Six Armistice Stationsuit copy plus a viper pilot throughout the day with a couple of costume changes here and there.  It was the first outing for our Centurion, he did remarkably well with very limited vision, even managed the escalators! This is Paul 'iceworm' Oakley's fault that we have all these BSG marines in the UK - shouldn't have looked so cool at Galacticon.



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Viper Idea

Anyone know where I can get a really good set of Mark II Viper blueprints? Many nice pics and drawings out there but, I need something with measurements and cross sections. Been kicking around the idea of building a Mk II Viper (yes full size) but, I need to know will it fit out my garage. Realize the wings would have to be removeable so, the big questions is how wide is the tail end at the engines. Length wise I don`t think it would be a problem, building a new garage next year anyway so I can build the garage to fit. I also have an extra long enclosed car trailer here if need to house or move the Viper. 

Thanks for all your help.  Rob

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United States military

I had served over 20 years in the United States Army 101st. airborne Special Forces and I would like to thank all military personnel men and women who have served and are currently serving thanks to them we are able to celebrate the holidays. So I would like to give a special thanks to our miltary men and women
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My Thanksgiving Wish to My Raven Family and Friends

Members of the Ravens and Friends Circle,

I just wanted to take my time and come to all of you just being me, DragonLady!  Not as Raven Actual nor as the Vice President of Battlestar Galactica Fan Club. I am just coming to all of you just as myself. The real me talking as a person!


I wanted to wish each and everyone of you and your love ones, HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! As the year comes to an end soon, looking back at the journey each and everyone of us took as members of the Tiger Claw at first, then later on Raven, I have to say, we have a lot to thank for especially me. I would like to thank my family and friends, for all the support they have given me each and everyday. My career is right where I wanted it at. Then of course, my Raven Family and Friends.

The Raven is truly unique and has a lot of great people. I would like to thank whole heartedly my current Command Staff, Squadron Leaders and of course, our members on the Raven. You guys make my job as Commander so easy. When someone is down, we never leave anyone behind and we are all there for that person. When someone is sick or lost a love one, we make them feel they are not forgotten or alone in their grief. We are truly a family, a family of friends that is!  Both body and spirit!   We also know how to have fun on the Raven and living up to our reputation of being a fun, loving, wacky and the best crew in the fleet!  And YES, I am saying it with pride, conviction and with an exclamation point,  that we are the BEST, DAMN FRAKKING CREW IN THE FLEET !!!!  ;-)  :-)

So during Thanksgiving Day tomorrow whether you celebrate it or not, whether it be aboard or stateside, please take a moment and be thankful for all the things each and everyone of you have that others might not have. Whatever it may be! Also, please remember our men and women in uniform, whether it be stateside or overseas, that cannot be with their love ones for this occasion. May they be kept safe so they are able to return to their families when the time comes.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and everyone of you! Don’t eat too much now! Enjoy your time with your love ones and value those moments!  Take care everyone!  And be safe!

DragonLady and Family

P.S.  Reamer, I hope your recovery is going well....

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These are some cute Thanksgiving E-Cards to share with any you wish. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!
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Wizard World:  Austin Texas was a blast!  But before I start, I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU, to all those that were able to come and help out at the Raven table:

-Honorary Raven Member:  Robert Ybarra

-Honorary Member:  Ruth Anne

-Raven Colonial Marine NEW NCOIC- Corporal Paul "Iceworm" Oakley

- Jr and Little Eddie (Little Ravens)

I could not have done it without their help.  Wizard World was so busy with lines of people trying to get in.  I ran into several familiar faces especially two people I did not expect to see there from the Paintball Community I belong too.  When I saw both of them at the table and Robert Ybarra was talking to the both of them, this gentleman looked over towards me and said "DragonLady???? What are you doing here?"  I looked at him and said "Oh no!!!  Oh geez!"  And we just gave each other a hug!  I said to him "Fallout, what are you doing here?  I never figured you to be a science fiction type person!"  Well apparently he is!  We got him to join BFC!  But before we parted, I told him on the side, "You did not see me here and I won't tell your secret either!"  And we both laughed!  In the paintball community, I am someone that is known and had developed a reputation for being a player that plays hard and someone you don't want to mess with but a fair player.  In this sport, the way you command yourself, is what determines how people see you as a player.  And I have worked hard maintaining my good and well respected reputation.  So it was really good to see people from my paintball community and loves science fiction like I do at Wizard World in Austin this weekend!  This was a total surprise.  We gave this individual his callsign "Fallout" because during one of his first game at our old homefield (122 acres in size) he suffered a heat stroke in front his son.  His son was shouting loud asking someone to help his father out!  Robert and I happened to be right there close by them so we came to his rescue and helped him out.  He was with our group of people defending the location we were at.   We helped him out until the field doctor arrived and got him to his clinic.  He had to be helped off the field.  We checked on him after we all came off the field for a break.  From then on, the rest was history........ :-)

I also would like to thank our Raven Member and Model builder:  Phillip Cocking, for representing the Raven and BSG as a whole, at a memorabilia exhibition in Birmingham, United Kingdom, this past weekend as well.  Just check these beautiful photos of the Raven in the TOS version that he send me with her own rag-tag fleet:



12578043668?profile=originalThank you Phillip for representing us and BSG as a whole.  It goes to show you everyone, that no matter where you are at, you can represent the group you belong too and show your love for BSG as a whole in your own little way and we will be behind you and support you.

Lastly, I wanted to say a special thank you to our very own Raven Colonial Marine Member and NEW Raven Marine NCOIC:  Corporal Paul "Iceworm" Oakley!  He was there with me the whole entire duration that I was there at the convention.  He helped me carry things that I brought with me  for the Raven and set up the table.  We tag teamed talking to fans that came by the table and promote not only the Raven, but BFC and Galacticon 4.  We accomplished a lot of things that day and at the same time, enjoy doing it. I have to honestly say, he went above and beyond the mission the Raven Marine OIC gave him.  And for that, I thank him!  Now, I have to make some more flyers, sign up sheets, business cards , ready for whenever the next convention appearance the Raven will be showing up to.



~Raven Actual

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NEW Raven Marine NCOIC


There is a change of personnel within the Marine Ranks!  After pondering for some time now and watching from the distance, I made the decision to select this individual to be my second right hand person and in charge of the Raven Marines when I am not around.  This individual has done a lot of great things for the Raven since joining the Raven this past May.  He has a great attitude and knows how to deal and speak to people from my observation.  They say a great leader will surround oneself with good people that they can trust and rely and will communicate with them.  And I feel I can trust and rely on this person to help me build the Raven Marine rank!  After speaking with the Raven Command (Raven Commander and current Interim-XO), to see whether they have any objections of my selection of him, I have decided to make his selection official today.

So without further ado, I would like to announce the selection of Corporal Paul "Iceworm" Oakley, as the new Raven Marine NCOIC.  So please join me in CONGRATULATING Corporal Oakley in his new position.

Also, thank you for a job well done during the Wizard World Convention in Austin, Texas.  You have done well providing security for our Commander and let her accomplished the mission she was set out to do!  TEAM WORK is the key to a successful mission!


-Major Eduardo "Enforcer"

Raven Marine OIC

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It is now time for another BSG Hero Award this week.  But before that, just a reminder to everyone, please do not forget that we have two cons happening this weekend at the same time where we will have  BFC represented.  One is the Long Beach Comic Con headed by our very own BFC President Shawn O’Donnell.    He will be sharing a space with Herb Jefferson Jr.  and also President O'Donnell buddy Noel  Gugliemi  from the Walking Dead.  He has been talking to him a lot about this convention so he is very thrilled to be meeting the fans there.  They will be talking about Battlestar Galactica, Galacticon 4, the Walking Dead or it could be anything if our BFC President has his way :-)

That same weekend down South, Battlestar Raven will be representing Battlestar Galactica Fan Club at Wizard World in Austin, Texas  headed personally by yours truly.  We will be there to meet and greet the fans and talk about the club and the Raven and also to help promote Galacticon 4.   So whether you are down South or over at the West Coast, don’t hesitate stop by at anyone of the tables we will have there.

Also, if anybody is not familiar with the Rockethut, it is a crowdfunding site that allows events, shows or even movies to be financed.  This is one of the ways that we want to help finance Galacticon IV aside from ticket sales.  It allows each and everyone of you to not only be a vital part of the campaign but you can get awesome cool stuff in the process.  So please do not hesitate to come and check out the site at:

You can participate on it for as little as $10.00 dollars and be a part of the action.

Now, for the BSG Hero Award of the Week!

The recipient of the BSG Hero Award this week is no stranger to the BSG Community but also in the fandom community as a whole.  He has been a long time science fiction fan since he was a young child.  His love for science fiction can only be match by his golden heart and tireless effort  in not only promoting BSG but helping others in the fandom community as a whole. He always makes time for anyone that needs help.

My love for cosplay really took off because of this person when I became his Chief Engineering Officer aboard Battlestar Aries in the Colonial Defense Forces.  The things he does for the fans fascinated me and started learning from him.  And he was always there to guide me.  Little did we know that my love for science fiction/cosplay will take off the way it did because of him.  We would at times spend hours chatting and just talking about anything when it comes to science fiction.  I guess you can all call it that we were having “geek moments”.  ;-)  :-)   We both have also been through the good and bad times together where our friendship was tested and at one point, we thought it was going to break apart because of some science fiction BS.  But it survived and in time, it healed and even became stronger with a better understanding, that we both should not let some science fiction BS, affect our friendship and that whatever we do from then on, is truly only for our fans and members enjoyment.  For without the fans and members, we will not all be here today.  I am also proud to call this person my brother-at-arms in the arm forces because he also serves and help protect the very freedom which this great country of ours was founded on just like myself.

So without further ado, I would like to present this BSG Hero Award to none other than someone I consider not only as a mentor in the science fiction community but also a very good friend.  And he is one of the few that has earned my true friendship which I rarely give out.  The BSG Hero Award for this week goes to none other than Battlestar Galactica Fan Club’s very own  Fleet Admiral,  Miguel “Krash” Rivera.

And I thank President Shawn O’Donnell  for giving me the honor of presenting this award to Miguel Rivera tonight!  And I hope President O'Donnell is feeling much better today.  He has been sick for the last two or three days.  But according to him, he is ready for the Long Beach Comic Con.  So don't hesitate to stop by his table tomorrow.  And if you are down South, you know where to find me  and the Battlestar Raven table :-)


Cherry "DragonLady"

Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Vice President


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JOIN US at Wizard World Austin Comic Con on November 22-24, 2013 where we will be representing our mother club Battlestar Galactica Fan Club. Just take a look at the phenomenal guest list they have here:

And on the West Coast that same weekend, don't forget to join our mother club, Battlestar Galactica Fanclub at the Long Beach Comic Con that same weekend: November 23-24, 2013. So one South and one West Coast Convention, all at the same weekend.

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Moving Forward!

Greetings all!

We welcome as always, our new members to the Fan Club...we hope you enjoy.

Several things to talk about today...for all of you who may not know & especially if you are in the SoCal (as we call it in Southern California) and especially if you are in the Los Angeles area, I want to turn you on to Richard Hatch's "Craft of Acting" classes which kick of December 3rd & then every Tuesday thereafter from 2pm-6pm.

The classes will be at Two Roads Theater, 4438 Tujunda Ave Studio City CA can visit the theatre's website  here

The classes are $40 per session & can be paid monthly, the 3rd & 10th classes are at no charge, so don't miss that special!

Please contact: with any questions you might have.

This is perfect for the aspiring actor & even someone who wants to be able to speak more effectively in front of groups...or just for the fun of it!


I also wanted to remind everyone that this coming weekend I will be appearing at The Long Beach ComicCon

along with Team L.A. so if you are in the area, come on down...the Con will feature Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Battlestar Galactica), Noel Guglielmi (The Walking Dead), Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Dean Haglund (The X-Files) & Lance Henrikson (Aliens).

The VERY same weekend, Cherry Oclima is going to be headlining with the Battlestar Raven at Austin Wizardworld

featuring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), William Shatner (Star Trek), Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness), Jewel Staite (Firefly) & Robert Rodriguez (Director/Machete) among others.

We are going to be out there with you spreading the word!

The word of course...or words I should say consist of Battlestar and Galactica...the fans of this show are the most important thing bar none for us...this is what we do!

We want to create a place & a space for fans to congregate, talk story and become friends in a wider pantheon of people...we also strive to bring the fans together with the writers, producers, directors & actors of the various incarnations of would be astonished at what we can all do together!

An overarching theme at work here is also the fact that no matter what & no matter where people are...we can demonstrate, everyone of us just how easy it is for people to come together and cooperate with each really this is about building COMMUNITY.

We are also going to be on the road talking about Galacticon IV: Resurrection

We plan on an EVENT...not just a Convention...something that you will experience & walk away from that you will talk about for years.

As always the thrust of this will be Battlestar Galactica, but we also plan to bring in elements from other popular shows like Firefly.

All of the individual talent in attendance will bring a unique perspective to the fans while at the same time creating an equally unique & memorable feel for the particular show (or shows) that they have appeared in.

At the same time all of this will be tied into our event theme...not only of the unique connections that these folks have with each other in the acting profession...but the very tapestry of this gathering...which is the renewing (or if you prefer, The Resurrection) of what inspires all the fans...whether it be Battlestar Galactica, Firefly or Star Trek...

Our destination is Seattle Washington July 31st-August 2nd 2015 & we want to see you THERE!

I also need to mention that right now we have a way for you to participate early at Galacticon IV

If anybody is not familiar with Rockethub it is a crowdfunding site that allows events, shows or even movies to be financed.

This is one of the ways that we want to help finance Galacticon IV aside from simply ticket sales & it allows you not only to be a vital part of the campaign but you can get some really cool stuff in the process...go check out the site yourself  & can start with as little as 10 bucks & be a real part of the action!

We of course want to honor our Hero of Battlestar Galactica this week...

This native of Edmonton, Alberta Canada has appeared in shows as diverse as Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural to Fringe.

You will probably know him from those shows & you will most surely know him for his role as Lt. Coker Fasjovik in SyFy's Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome...

The Hero goes out to Ben Cotton!


So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galctica Fan Club

Visit Battlestar Fanclub at:

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Leave of Abscense

Squad Members, It is with much regret that I must take a Leave Of Abscense. I have just returned from UNC Chapel Hill Medical Center after consulting with the Liver Transplant Team there. With not knowing my schedule in the coming weeks or months, much of my time will be spent traveling back and forth from home to UNC. Seeing different Dr.s and spending time with family and friends. Although a transplant may be months or years away, depending on futher testing and prognosis, I will not have a lot of free time for a while. Please keep my family and I in your thoughts and prayers until we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep you updated as much as possible. Thank you again my "EXTENDED FAMILY" for always making me feel welcome in the short time I have been here. Sometimes life puts obstacles in front of us that we must do whatever it takes to overcome them. I hope to return ASAP back to sharing again in this SCI-FY world we all know and love. 

                                                            Thank You,

                                       Ens. Bryan "GreyWolf' McMinn 


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