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In The Beginning Part 1

A lot of people have asked me just how I got started in on Battlestar Galactica...well, I thought finally I would tell the rather long tale (and I'm thinking that this particular story is going to have to be in parts!) but at least I can offer Part 1 today.

Like anything...I will caution you...there have been ups & downs...good & bad...mostly ups and mostly good...but life isn't perfect, ESPECIALLY when dealing with the Battlestar Galactica (now) franchise.

At any rate, I'm gonna go out of my way to downplay anything negative (because it's all really been a plus for the most part) and nope, not gonna name name's when it comes to anything contrary to the good spin on things.

As they say...(they?)..."Such is life!"...but here we go...


First of all let me say that I'm a fan of science fiction, not a "fanatic"...but a fan.

Just to make sure that you understand, I'm also a fan of fried chicken, but I don' t think I'd ever create a fan club dedicated to it either!

Now back in "the day" I started off pretty basically in my science fiction(y) viewing...there wasn't as much available to choose from (a lot of people complain that there isn't enough science fiction out there today...there WAS a point when there was almost nothing...BUT I'm gonna have to give props to a couple of shows that really made me happy as a kid, albiet watching them in re-runs...I suppose the granddaddy of 'em all was Star Trek:

and of course who could forget...Lost in Space?

There were a couple more of course...and again I will stress a "couple" more....Sci-Fi shows were cyclic in those days....basically if Gene Rodenberry or Irwin Allen didn't produce them....they weren't going to be there...anyway, so I was making myself happy with the re-runs of these two classics especially.

But finally...finally...and being the eager young lad that I was, I of course plopped myself down in front of the tv screen to watch this NEW show that was coming on the, no, was NOT Battlestar Galactica...this was a bit before that but I'm sure that some of you all will recall Space: 1999?

I will tell you that I was one bitter kid when that went off the seemed to me (at the time) that ANY time they put something on the air that I actually liked, they would jerk the rug out from under me after a season or two.

(That's before I knew anything about advertising or studio politics for that matter!).

So, getting back to the Battlestar Galactica theme of the story...back in the day...I'm with my Mom heading down the freeway...and I don't know what particular errand we were Corpus Christi we are pulling off the aforementioned freeway (probably heading for K-Mart or something) she casually mentioned that there was a NEW science fiction show coming on called Battlestar something or other...I was like "What's a Battlestar?"...I think she finally rememembered..."Battlestar Galactica" which didn't help too much either.

Just a note on this...Star Wars was still fresh in memory, having been released a year before this...and Empire Strikes Back was two years or so away.

Side note: If I coudn't get Space: 1999 I at least could go see Star Wars a billion times!

Anyway, so I'm finding out all I can about this new a very 70s limited way especially for a kid...remember, no internet...

So the magic moment happens, I finally, finally am able to sit back down in front of the tv to watch a NEW epsiodic sci-fi television series: Battlestar Galactica!

Ok, so I got a MOVIE!

It was great, I loved it...great story, effects, heroes...the whole works...and then...then as Captain Apollo and Lt. Starbuck are making their way across this bridge to escape the Ovions...A SPECIAL REPORT comes on the air!


Yes...the historic peace treaty between Egypt & now instead of a Battlestar I'm looking at Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter & Menachem Begin making nice to each other at Camp David!

In retrospect of course, I realize that this was an important thing...more important than a television show I thought then (and incidentally think now)...they COULD have waited!

So, I'm waiting and the newscasters droned on & on about this or that particular...the speeches, naseum.


And then they picked it up right back where we had left joy...I was able to finish watching the pilot movie of Battlestar Galactica aka Saga of a Star World.

And now I had a reason to plop down in front of my television set every week...same Battlestar Galactica channel...same Battlestar Galactica time....

Well there is more...lot's more...but for now, I will leave this....

To Be Continued



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missed the boat

well i am sorry to say i really missed the boat on this one. to tell you the truth i didnt even know what it was until recently, i found it on my x-mas 2012 vacation, and holy frak! in the two weeks that followed i can honestly say were the best i have ever spent watching anything. i watched all four seasons and loved everyone of them. i have to say i am a tradesman and not to good with computers, but i needed to find out more so i started to search online, which is how i got here. much to my disdain was how much criticism it got for its final season, i thought it was great and fitting. as i read through them i started to realize all these posts were for the most part two years old. now i dont even have an audience to listen to me soap box on how wrong they are and how right i felt the show was. well thanks again for the welcome and letting me vent a little. oh and i have never belonged to any group or club on the computer so if i break any rules or laws in here i am sorry in advance!

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First of all I'd like to inform everyone here that I have been elected as the next Chairman to the Quorum of the 12 and that I just took the CDF Viper Mark II Viper Qualification test here and handed it into the CAG officer of the Battlestar Raven, Hopefully I did well enough to earn those bright and shinny viper pilot wings you Viper jocks wear proudly upon your chest.

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Viper and Raptor Manuals

Raven Crew Personnel and Friends,

For all pilots and pilots wannabes on the Raven, here is the link on the Raven website where you can download the Viper and Raptor Manual so you can study and take the test to earn your wings:

This will be done by all Raven AirWing personnel.  Once you have taken the test, kindly send your answers to Admiral Miguel Rivera at:

so he can grade the test.  He will then let you know whether you pass the test or not.  You will receive a certificate from him if you pass the qualitifications test.


Raven Actual


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Remember Diversity!

  With This Monday being In Celebration of Dr.Martin Luther King,jr., Let us Be reminded That What he Championed was DIVERSITY. Diversity Among Genders,Diversity among Races, Diversity Among Religions, And Diversity among Choices.

  Diversity Is the one thing That Makes Our(Real) World Great; If Everything was Just a Carbon-Copy Of One particular Thing, There would Be No Room For Evolution, Which Also Makes Our world Great.

  Dr. King , No doubt, Would Applaud The Words That Edward James Olmos Spoke At The UN:

                       "There Is only ONE Race,The HUMAN Race"

                                            SO   SAY   WE   ALL   ! !

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Good Morning, BFC!!

Sorry I've not been around much... Been putting in a lot of overtime @ work lately... plus adding a fence to my property (damn strays messing w/my dog again)...  Add to that the fact that I still have some residuals from the flu sticking with me, and I'm physically exhausted. Outside of all that felgercarb, I'm fine. This is really the first chance I've had to get online in weeks. Looks like I've missed a lot... Got some SERIOUS catching up to do...

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Good news! BSR-05 Excalibur has been officially recommissioned within the CDF Colonial Fleet!


From: ADM Rivera, Fleet Operations, CDF

To: Commanding Officer, Battlestar Excalibur BSR-05


1. EFFECTIVE IMMEDITALY you are to get underway from Rampart Station to 11th Fleet space. Classified navigational points have been transferred to your ship computers. Once underway your first way point will take you to Ragnor Anchorage. Authentications codes have been sent via encrypted communiqué to you. Once you arrive dock with the station. Commence weapons on load to include Nuclear WMD. 96 Hours after your weapons on load report to weapons training range. There you will conduct drills and live fire exercises in order to familiarize your crew with the ship.

2. Plot a course to the 11th Fleet. As you arrive at the outer marker you will be greeted by Combat Air Patrol from the Battlestar Aries. They will provide escort until your ship is safely in its area of operations. Once you have arrived report to ADM Miguel Rivera Fleet Operations Officer. He will provide you with instructions and patrol assignment.

3. Your crew has been hand picked and are the very best in the Colonial Fleet. Your ship hull classification is Valkyrie Class. Your ship registry is BSR-05. Mission parameters include and are not limited engage Cylon enemy forces through sustained combat operations, protecting the Colonies and it best interest.

4. Congratulations to you Colonel Landry and your valiant crew. Welcome to the Colonial Fleet and Good Hunting to you and Crew! The Re-Commissioning and Launching ceremony has concluded. I will brief you one on one Sir ~Salutes~


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Story: Ride of the Valkyrie

As I was working on my 'Battlestar Victorious' story the idea came to me that it might be interesting to write a prequel to help flesh out some of my characters and explore life in Pre-Fall Colonial society. While it had perhaps an uneven start it was perhaps one of the more fun stories I had written as it had a different feel from 'Victorious'. 

Another little fun fact. I had asked Tony Wilkins, aka The Wilky Bar Kid, about borrowing his main character of Artimus Bowman from his 'Battlestar Hermes' story and the result led to our two stories becoming intertwined as well. 

Here is the link for 'Ride of the Valkyrie':

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Just wanted to share this very cool poster here at Battlestar Galactica Fan Club that the USS Navras (Starfleet Chapter), made and it included Battlestar Raven on it.  This poster is helping promote the Fan Club Organizations that will be in attendance mentioned on the poster.  That was very nice of them.  The poster is very cool!  Check it out:


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Attention Colonials!

First of all a very warm welcome to our newest members....we are so glad you joined us.

Fellow Warriors, some news for all coming up shortly...I want to invite you all to a special gathering in Colorado Springs next month.

Check out GalaxyFest for more information on the Con....

I will be there representing and joining me from Battlestar Galactica will be Noah Hathaway (Boxey) & Felix Silla (Lucifer).

And YES we are going to be doing a Battlestar Galactica panel there!

Other media guests will be Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) & Tony Todd (Candyman, Star Trek) and also Kathy Coleman (Land of the Lost) among others.

I have some special offers for all of you here on the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club...which I will share shortly with our friend on the Galacticon 3 Facebook page as well as the BFC Facebook page.

You can get a great discount on the Con with these codes:


CD22  for 25% off a Child & Adult ticket or:

DX75  for 15% off any ticket including VIP


The Con kicks off on Thursday Feb 7th with Zombie Day (To all you Walking Dead fans out there) & runs thru Sunday the 10th.

We want you guys in Colorado & Beyond to come share the love!

Also if ANY of you want to come to the show and help out at the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club table...I have free passes to offer (there is a limit kids...I'm talking two passes here), but here is a chance  to be part of the action!

So put it on your calender....and you know where to find me...just go the the Fan Club site & drop me a message.

Ok now down the main event of the evening....the Hero of Battlestar Galactica award...first of all I will tell you I've known this guy for just a couple of years...and when YOU meet him in person you will walk away knowing you met an extremely delightful person...and funny too.

This man has worn a few hats....from the Streets of San Francisco to Harry O..& Hawaii 5-0...and getting to be Susan Dey's boyfriend on the Partridge Family...yes, this one is for you Jack...Lt. Bojay himself...Jack Stauffer!!!

So Say We All!


Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club





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Caprica 6

So I'm not quite the details nerd, so I'll pose a question.  Was Caprica 6 (the one that often had Baltar talking to mid air, not the phyiscal form)  an image transferred through a chip in Baltar's head, an image or obession in his subconscious, or something else? (and did the show ever specify)

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Earlist Memory of Battlestar Galactica



      As an older member my earliest memories of BSG is of the original series.  Back in the days when kids had to use their imaginations to entertain themselves, I remember nearly all the kids played BSG.  I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and during recess the kids would meet up, split into the cyclon group and the colonials, each side had a "base".  Baltar (usually an older kid) would sit on a rock on the outskirts of the play ground, while the colonials would operate out of BSG-75, or what we would also call the wood/tire fort.  The tire fort worked well as it had 3 large concrete sewer tunnels (launch tubes) that were large enough for small kids to launch out of.  The cyclons would report to Baltar, Adama would say,"launch all vipers" and we were off having "epic scale" dog fighting viper versus raider (kids running all over making sound effects and blowing each other up).  3 battles a day, 5 days a week.  Anyone else have some fond memories of BSG that were seperate from the enjoyment of viewing the series?


Chad "Tank" Cirillo


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