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This my record as Colonial Defense Forces member:

Major Landry, callsign Harfang
Officer of the deck
Viper and Raptor pilot 11041CA - Battlestar Responder - BSR-51
5th Fleet (11th Fleet Liaison)

  • 09-08, 2012: promoted again directly to Major
  • 08-29, 2012:  promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 05-16, 2012:  assigned as Officer of the Deck aboard the Responder
  • 03-29, 2012 :CDF Operations achieved
  • 02-01, 2012:  Viper training  and Raptor training achieved
  • December 2011 to now :  assigned to BSR-51 Battlestar Responder,
  • 08-10, 2010  to December 2011 :assigned to BSR-05 Battlestar Excaliber11Th Fleet, Ensign, Fleet Officer serving at the CIC
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Join The Battlestar Atlantia!

The Battlestar Atlantia Wants YOU! Be all you can be! Join the few, the proud, the crew of the Battlestar Atlantia!  Key positions remain open on the Battlestar Atlantia, Blue Squadron, the Coloniam Marines, etc.  Please feel free to visit us in dry dock, and join up before we disembark to defend the Colonies, and crush the Cylon menace! You are welcome aboard the Battlestar Atlantia, and your participation is vital the protection of the 12 Colonies and mankind.  So say we all!



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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to serve onboard a battlestar, I, on behalf of our Commanding Officer, would like to invite you to join the Battlestar Raven. We are the flagship of the Battlestar Fanclub (BFC) Fleet and endeavor to provide an environment and experience that maintain the highest of standards. Please visit our group at
The Battlestar Raven Group Page

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.
Major Al Bartraw, XO

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Some Battlestar Galactica Music Videos and Parodies:



Disturbed- A Cylon- I Live A Lie


I Am A Cylon- David Crabb


All Along The Watch Tower:

(Tribute To Lt. Starbuck)



Cylon Sings “I Can’t Smile Without You”



Cylon Parody:


David Letterman’s Top 10 List For Battlestar Galactica:


LOST Battlestar Galactica Parody:

FUNNY…So Say We All!


Am I A Cylon?


Battlestar Galactica: First Officer:




Cruel To Be Kind:


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    SPARTAN SQUADRON, The Tip Of The Sword Of The BFC Flagship, Is Looking For A Few Good Men And Women To Fly And Fight! We Are The Cutting Edge; The Alpha And Omega, Exactly What You Are looking For! Our Job Is To Send Cylons Running Back Home To Their Momma( Or Whatever Gave Them Birth). If You Are Itching For A Fight,LOOK NO FURTHER! Sign Up Today And Show Us What You Are Made Of! Slots Available! Only Ones Who Want To Be The Best Need Apply! What Is Your Proffession?

                                                    Leonidas,Raven CAG

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I just thought I would share this video info I blundered into...It shows most all of the main Science Fiction ships compared at scale from most all angles.  There are several Battlestars included as well as Cylon ships from the original and re-imagined series versions of Battlestar Galactica:

So...Does Size Matter?

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Charlton Heston Revisited

 Just Recently Watched The Episode 'Sometimes A Great Notion' On BBC America; The Opening Scene Where Admiral Adama Is Picking Up Soil From  Cylon Earth While Everybody Else Looks Around At The Nuked-Out Wasteland. Imagine If He Suddenly Said:

              "......They Finally,Really Did It!...... YOU MANIACS! ...YOU BLEW IT UP!.... DAMN YOU!...G**S DAMN

                           YOU ALL TO HELL!!! "

     Later On In The Same Episode, He And Tigh Are Having A 'Heart To Heart' When Tigh Puts A Gun to Adama's Head:

           " Come On, Do It! Keel Me, I'm Here!...COME ON, KEEL ME! COME ON,DO IT NOUWW! "

        (Ahnuld In Predator)

              Possible Web Comedy? You Be The Judge. Our Lines Are Open.....

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to serve onboard a battlestar, I, on behalf of our Commanding Officer, would like to invite you  to join the Battlestar Raven. We are the flagship of the Battlestar Fanclub (BFC) Fleet and endeavor to provide an environment and experience that maintain the highest of standards. Please visit our group at

The Battlestar Raven Group Page

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Major Al Bartraw,  XO

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The Battlestar Atlantia Wants YOU!

Be all you can be! Be one of the few, and the proud! The Battlestar Atlantia is now accepting recruits. The Battlestar Atlantia and Blue Squadron are specially dedicated to defending the Counsel of 12. Join us and defend the fleet and the 12 colonies. You can make a difference, and key positions remain available.

Visit the Battlestar Atlantia here:

Visit Blue Squadron here:

Visit our Engineering Department and bone up on all things technical and tactical here:

You can make a real difference in the defense of humanity. The Battlestar Atlantia offers you the opportunity to truly be all that you can be among the few and the proud, the elite defenders of the fleet, the colonies, and the Counsel of 12. You are welcome among the crew of the Battlestar Atlantia.

So say we all!

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Message from Richard Hatch

Just a little something that might interest you all that Richard asked me to post up here for you all....





Richard Hatch, known to millions of sci-fi fans as Captain Apollo and Tom Zarek, has recorded a two disc audio book of his memoirs of both the original and re-imagined versions of the show.


Hatch begins his story as a struggling actor before being cast as the idealistic Captain Apollo in the Classic 1978 version of the show. His experiences on Battlestar Galactica are vividly recalled as he shares many indelible memories of the iconic actors he appeared along side, and the challenges and barriers one of the most expensive shows in TV history faced at a time when networks were highly skeptical of Sci-fi in general. 


The original Battlestar Galactica series took over 18 months to film, but lasted only one season, however, Hatch goes on to talk about his own revival efforts with 'The Second Coming' trailer.   Recollecting the filming of this highly regarded presentation with the help of a team of industry professionals and fans from around the country, he shares his amazing story to demonstrate to the studios what an updated Battlestar continuation series could look like.  Trailer in hand and attending every Sci-fi convention in the country Richard campaigned even on the relatively early internet to inspire a revival, but in the end the Networks and Studios turned down any attempt to continue the original BG series. 


After co-producing the 25th BG anniversary convention and having a chance to meet Producer/Writer Ron Moore, Hatch finally agreed to accept a new role as convicted terrorist Tom Zarek in Moore 's re-imagined vision of Battlestar Galactica. 


The Zarek character had been imprisoned for 25 years, and a one shot episode turned into a continuing journey from convict to Vice-President and then President, during the show’s many twists and turns of elections and coups.  Hatch's acceptance of the role eventually led to him overcoming his own prejudices about the new show and gaining a new respect for Ron Moore’s vision and the artistry of the actors, writers and production team.  Hatch goes on to describe his own healing process of portraying a character which mirrored many aspects of his own life. 


The conclusion of the second disc gives Hatch the opportunity to reflect on the two very different Battlestar series and the life changing journey he has taken over 35 years 'From Apollo to Tom Zarek'.


The audio book has been released by Explore Multimedia is exclusively available on double CD from and selected digital retailers.   



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If SYFY decides to cancel bood an chome then i will boycot syfy! I am hopeing others will join me. Right now the shows that are currently airing on syfy is very sad. We have went from sci-fi to realty shows. SYFY once again has forgotton that BSG was once the top rated series. BSG has majority of their actors in other roles on tv or in movies. I hope that syfy use's their head and air's the blood and chrome pilot because that will show them there is a huge fan base and that the fans will make syfy a popular channel once again. The fans can make or break SYFY.

SO SAY WE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was just wondering…Does anybody have ANY idea about what the “Roll Bar” was for on the modified version of the Valkyrie class Battlestar?  This class is admittedly the smallest known Battlestar class, but it is also the coolest looking. With all of the sharp profiles of this Battlestar, it totally looks “cooler” than all of the rest, but surely this roll bar thing has a purpose other than to add to its coolness.  Off of the top of my head, I’m thinking that it could be some sort of mounting system for various modular systems…Maybe a serious rail gun, maybe a sensor array, like with present day AWACS planes, maybe a use it and lose it missile pod, maybe it’s for placing remote sensors, landing bays, or what ever in remote locations, maybe some sort of docking mechanism for ships that are too small to fit in its landing bays, maybe some sort of docking mechanism for holding lots of’em at a star base, etc.  It HAS to be more than some sort of cheesy armor thing, since it doesn’t cover much, and would be easily bypassed.  Please…WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS!?!?!?!? That sucker HAS to serve SOME sort of purpose!!!!  Your input much appreciated!

So say we all!

John David Feagiin

PS...PLEASE...INPUT...NEED INPUT...What do YOU think it might have been for?!!?

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This is an interesting article about the REAL singularity that is starting to take place, making real Cylons of every type immaginable:
(Link is at the bottom)

Top Transhumanism CEO Says AI Singularity Will Go ‘Very Badly For Humans’

Anthony Gucciardi

Promises of ‘immortality’ and a disease-free life have led many individuals to long for the hope of artificial intelligence and what is known as Singularity. It is essentially a merging of man and machine, the development of a ‘new species’ — a ‘borg’ of sorts. The subject recently made headlines when a major Russian scientist promised Singularity to the wealthy elite and ruling class by 2045 through the 2045 program, with artificial bodies available as early as 2015.

On the surface it may sound enticing to those who are willing to trust their new artificial brains and bodies hooked up to a massive super computer that has control over their every action (through the utilization of RFID-like chips).
Even the CEO of one of the largest and most well-known organizations known as the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence admits, however, that the boom in artificial intelligence leading up to Singularity will not go very well for humans. The high-powered CEO admits that not only is the research on artificial intelligence outpacing the safety research that is intended to keep it in check, but that Singularity would actually make humans the ‘prey’ of sorts to the ‘super-human’ AI.

While doing an open Q&A on the community website Reddit, CEO Luke Muehlhauser explains that the superhuman AI would end up ‘optimizing’ the entire globe and starving resources from humans. In other words, the AI would suppress humans similar to the premise of iRobot or other similar works. This is particularly interesting when considering that artificial bodies and brains have been promised first to the wealthy elite by the 2045 program creator, allowing world rulers and the financial elite to achieve ‘immortality’ and subsequently a never-ending rule over the humans of the world.

Muehlhauser explains how humans would become a ‘prey’ to the ruthless ‘super-human’ AI with the completion of Singularity:

“Unfortunately, the singularity may not be what you’re hoping for. By default the singularity (intelligence explosion) will go very badly for humans… so by default superhuman AIs will end up optimizing the world around us for something other than what we want, and using up all our resources to do so.“

The concerns echo those put forth by researchers and analysts who have been following the concept of Singularity for decades. With the ultimate goal of linking all hyper-intelligent androids into a ‘cognitive network’ of sorts and eventually even forfeiting physical bodies, it’s clear that the Singularity movement even has its top supporters openly speaking out against it in many regards. What’s even more clear, however, is the fact that AI Singularity has no place for humankind — not even in a form of co-existence.


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Shawn O’Donnell just started The Pyramid Project. It deals with all aspects of religion, mythology, etc. in Battlestar Galactica.  Please check it out and add your comments, observations, pictures, videos, poetry, and anything appropriately related.  

****This is a video interview with Ron Moore where he discusses the religious aspects of Battlestar Galactica:

Ron Moore On Religion In Battlestar Galactica:

Part 1

(He starts talking about religious aspects around 3:40)

Part 2    


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Battlestar Raven is NOW RECRUITING for THE FEW, THE PROUD, COLONIAL MARINES!!! I expect nothing less than te best of the best in our recruits. If you think you have what it takes to be THE FEW, THE PROUD, then by all means, please contact the new Raven Commander.

Just an FYI please, you cannot be part of another Battlestar from what I was told. Other than that, join us and help the Raven represent Battlestar Galactica Fan Club to the best she can as the Flagship Chapter.  

My personal saying on all this: OOH-RAH!


(FYI:  I am still learning my way around the site and the ways with someone here on the site.  I am very new to all this)



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Join The Battlestar Atlantia

The Battlestar Atlantia Wants YOU!


The Battlestar Atlantia is now accepting recruits from any members of the Battlestar Fan Club who are not already crew members of other Battlestars.  Please drop by and visit the Atlantia and sign up so we can officially get under way and commence military operations against the Cylons. Let’s toast up some toasters! Semper Fry! Good hunting! So say we all!

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