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Hello everyone,

I hope you all appreciate the humor in the title of this blog and hopefully I don't get any bricks thrown at me!

Well, we were hoping in place of THIS particular article to be bringing you some great video with "The Bear" McCreary.

Didn't quite turn out the way we had planned, so I guess I have a bit of a tale to tell you:


"This morning, I got up bright & early at my home here in lovely Long Beach, California. After my wakeup cup of 1 or 4 cups of coffee, I was ready to make my way to equally lovely (in a different way of course) Burbank, California.

As everyone knows, everything is lovely in California, except of course the former Governor's reputation.

I said to myself...'Self, be good to yourself & the environment & take the TRAIN into town'...I agreed with myself on that & took my own advise.

For all those who know the L.A. area at all, we have of course the blue line, the red line, the green line..well, you get the picture...subways.

Well, my journey took me to the North Hollywood Red Line station...which is in of course lovely North Hollywood...which is a completely different kind of lovelieness than either Long Beach or Burbank.

A bright & Sunny day...not too hot, not too cold...I thought I might just hoof it over to Dark Delicacies...which is a brisk 20-25 minute walk...what the hell, I needed the exercise.

So up Lenkershim I went and making a drastic turn to the left found myself on Magnolia which I proceeded my hoofing on.

But lo & behold, what did I see?


Now you know that I already have a special affinity for that name...not to mention the I made another suggestion to myself about the necessity of getting just a wee bit more caffeine into my already over caffenated self.

I argued a little bit, but ended up losing the quarrel with myself & gave in.

Slurping coffee as I trotted along I found myself making great progress towards my destination...and also found myself getting increasingly hot!

I was beginning to question this whole train & walking exercise (especially the walking part!) when I spied a that sold COLD drinks...ok the store in question was a Rite-Aid...but that's besides the point!

Walking out of the store & making my way to what was now W. Magnolia (the street of my desire) I noticed someone standing next to me on the corner...I looked once, then looked again as the gentleman walked past me.


At that he turned (mind you, we were in the crosswalk!)...and said "Yes?"

Up until that moment we had been oblivious to each other...and after getting out of possible harms way in said crosswalk...shook hands & started moving towards our respective destination...Dark Delicacies, making conversation as we walked.

Arriving there, Bear broke off to chat up some of his fellow composers who showed up for the signing while at the same time I started chatting up Cliff Gardner...who accompanied Herb Brunner & myself to the Anaheim ComicCon....(okay, so we ARE the three horseman of the Bearaclypse), but I digress.

Literally, we had gotten there 2 minutes to 2:00 pm so I figured, we'll wait...we'll hang out & let all the folks get in, buy the CD's of their choice & get them signed...STAY out of the way in other words & let business be done....and pick up on the interview when all was said & done at the scheduled end of the signing...4pm.

Herb had a few things to finish up & wasn't going to be there till about 3 or so anyway (and he's our film guy) so Cliff & I decided to chill & just hang out till the appointed moment.

(Bear in mind...ok that was a pun...that Bear is a busy guy. The plan was to shoot a couple of minutes with him AFTER the signings, which he was down for and was happy to do, but did mention that he had a busy day otherwise) Ok, now you have THAT scenario.

So now it's approaching 3 o'clock...Cliff & I being in the store & I needing to make a phone I mention to him that I will be stepping out for this brief message & would be right back in.

Fine & good....I make my phone call & I notice that it is NOW 3pm...and of course like all of you, I've been looking at the news over the last couple of days concerning the May 21st "prediction" of well...the rapture.

Supposedly to happen at 6pm (Eastern Time) I figure with the time difference 3pm (West Coast) time...hey this thing has gotta be consistent...I notice people not vanishing around me, so I figure it's all good.

Walking back into the store though...I can't FIND Cliff!

I mean I had just walked out for cryin' out loud!

Look, Dark Delicacies is NOT a big store and it would be very, very difficult for a full grown man to hide in it.

So now I'm thinking...."hmmm".

Going back outside I call him...just wondering...the conversation went something like this:


"Cliff, WHERE are you?

"In the comic book store down the street, why?"

"Uh, never mind"

At this point, satisfied that Cliff had not vanished and gone where no man has gone reverie was broken by two things...firstly the call I received from Herb that he had arrived with the camera & was making his way to the store and the fact that I just saw Bear pop out the door & head down the street in the direction of the local coffee house.

Not STARBUCKS by the way.

OK, so I'm thinking 'Bear went for a round of java' I'm down with that idea, I do the same thing...UNTIL I notice that the other composer's are taking boxes of stuff to their cars!

About the same time, Herb arrives with camera in hand and we march into the store & notice that the signing tables are CLEARED of everything.

Kindly we ask...'wassup?'

'Oh, the traffic was light...we SAY two hours, but really only commit everyone to ONE if there is no traffic,'(which was a little light, I will admit).

'So you's done?!' I asked in consternation.

'Oh, yes', was the reply. that's interesting!

Now it's kind of clear what was quiet, they cut everyone loose...Bear was pre-occupied with whatever he had to do, forgetting about the video thing...oh, ok, now it made sense!

If we had known (hindsight being 20/20 of course) we could have just said "hey, hold on for a few!"...but who woulda thunk?

Not a huge tragedy to be sure

We can always reschedule with the Bear, that's the beauty of living in the L.A. area."


The moral of all this is, don't count your Cylon's before they Hatch (another pun).

I'm perfectly willing to take the hit on this was I WHO SAID we would get this video to you....which I do intend to do...but unlike a politician, I'm more than willing to tell you the scoop.

This is one of those Hollywood moments that just didn't come together right...and trust me, there are as many NOT moments as there are one's that do jell.

It's just that the ones that do are ever so much more bright and shiny!

So rather than drone on like an "Inside Hollywood" segment, I will say there was no fault on this one, just bad timing.

It happens...otherwise, just know that there will be more bright and shiny moments in the future and tomorrow is another day.

So say we all!











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Your Delegate For Gemenon

Good day Colonials,

My Name is Chris Allen, I am the Gemenon Delegate and I am here to serve you and would very much like to hear from you.

 I have created a place on the web where I plan to post radio chats for you to listen to. I plan to post these chats at least once every other month to start out with.


 I have a calendar and a guest book on the site as well so please sign the guest book, I really want to hear from you all. The calendar will have events posted there.


So please stop by the web address below and look around:


Thank you all for stopping by.

Chris Allen

Gemenon Delegate

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Fellow Colonial Warriors,

I am honored and privilege to address you all in the Battlestar Fan Club and Colonial Defense Forces. It is an amazing time for both communities as we enter into a mutual unification. A true confirmation and affirmation of both uniquely defined Battlestar Galactica Fandom Communities. We have all accomplished a great deal of achievements; made great strives not just as individuals, but as extraordinary communities.

We as a whole have come very far over the years. I am excited and very please to be in the presence of fellow BSG fans who love, honor and respect the visions of the new and original series. Together we are plotting a course into something new, an adventure with unity into uncharted space. It truly is an amazing time for everyone in the BFC and CDF here in the States as well as overseas.

It’s fantastic to see members from all over sharing love and passion of one show that has impacted in numerous ways. Each of has been lack of a better word infected by Battlestar Galactica. It has given drive, taken us back down memory lane as a young child watching original series. I am sure many of can recall just saying those three robotic words, “By your Command” I know your smiling this goes to you all we are more untied in several ways then we all lead on. I recall the first time the BFC and CDF leaders got together at a convention with one goal in mind to sign a “TREATY”

Yet here we find ourselves yet again. Clearly establishing and agreeing there is more to each of the communities which makes each one unique, appealing, eye catching, alluring, confident and clearly leading the way. While other BSG Fandom communities are good. We in our communities have excelled and set a higher standard then others ever will. As we continue to maintain and sustain performance with our own communities. Now we are at turning point where we are willing to become a more “Unified” force behind all things which signify Battlestar Galactica.

I can tell you all in the Battlestar Fan Club we like you have outstanding members. Who have a love of Battlestar Galactica and various Sci Fi genre in order to be more versatile. The Colonial Defense Forces is a melting pot of various Sci Fi interest. Like in BFC we love Ware House 13, Sanctuary, Star Gate everything and so much more. As I said I am honored and humble and look to the future as we all come together in order to spread Battlestar Galactica across the globe. As Commander Adama said in the original series, “Let the word go forth….” Be safe everyone and thank you for your attention. I look forward to working with you all as many if in the CDF also do.

FLTADM Johnathan Simmons(CF)
Commander, CDF

ADM Rivera, Miguel A.(CF)
Deputy Commander, CDF
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Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I welcome actor Rick Worthy to our family!

Herb Brunner, Cliff Gardner & I met Rick a few weeks back at the Anaheim CA ComicCon...and I don't think I've met a friendlier celebrity...and I've met a few!

He was delighted to hear about the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club & was absolutely psyched at our invitation to join, so please make him feel at home.

Rick hails originally from Detroit, Michigan & began acting on the stage there and later moved on to Chicago to continue honing his skills.

From there he came out the Golden State to launch his career in Television & Film.

He has gone from playing Nathan Jackson in "The Magnificent Seven" to the TV series "Eyes" as well as "Fallen".

He had a recurring role on "Heroes" as well as a guest role as the Goa'uld Imhotep on "Stargate SG-1".

Rick is also very well known for his various roles on within the "Star Trek" franchise, which include turns as an Elloran officer aboard the Son'a vessel commanded by the evil Ru'afo (played to great effect by F.Murray Abraham of both "Amadeus" & "Scarface" fame) in "Star Trek: Insurrection."

He went on to appear in not one, not two, but three of the franchise's spinoff series, appearing as an android on Star Trek: Voyager "Prototype" as well as a human character on the same show by the name of Noah Lessing "Equinox Parts I & II).

He also appeared on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"  as the Klingon Kornan in the episode "Eyes of the Empire" as well as a recurring role as Jenner on "Star Trek: Enterprise".

Of course Battlestar Galactica fans remember him for his role in the Re-imagined series as Simon or in the parlance Number 4...a Cylon agent.

He appeared in a number of episodes ranging from "The Farm", "Six of one", "Exodus Part II", to many others.

He was also featured in "The Plan".

Whew! That IS a body of work!

We look forward to seeing Rick in his upcoming projects & with his talent there will be many others...and a personal thank you Rick for taking up our offer of joining the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club!

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The Contest

A head's up to everyone, in case you didn't read the email that I sent out the other day to all members...& this DOES tie into the Battlestar project...this contest begins now & will contiue to run through this year.

What is the contest? What is the prize?

Well, I challenge EVERYONE who is a member to recruit as many people to this site as possible (make sure they include your name as a reference!) and whoever does recruit the most bys years end (the contest runs till December 31st 2011) will receive the complete reimagined series DVD set courtesy of this club....the second place finisher will receive t the complete original series DVD set.

Start 2012 off right!

Launch all Vipers!

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Hello everyone,

In a previous blog I reported that the meeting with Bear McCreary at Dark Delicacies was for today May 14th 2011. That was an error on my part.

Bear's appearance for the SOCOM signing is going to be Saturday May 21st 2011.

We will be there with camera in hand!

Again, Bear will be sitting down with us for a little face time that we will bring to you here.

Thanks for your patience!

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Build your own Battlestar!

I realize that we have a lot of new folks here who may (or probably may not) be aware of our ongoing Battlestar project.

So what is this project?

You (those who think they can command a Battlestar) are tasked with a mission!

Gather around you a crew!

Once you get 25 people recruited (and yes) you qualify as the first will achieve BFC Battlestar pick the name & your are ready to roll...or fly actually.

Of course you can recruit from current members but we'd like to see everyone make the effort to go out & recruit from outside the get your own Battlestar & we all can have the pleasure of seeing new members coming into the fold.

For those interested parties, please contact Admiral Miguel Rivera (ADM Rivera) on this site.

Once launched, your vessel with be part of the Colonial Defense Forces, those that keep us safe from those goll monging Cylons!



PS: No worries to all as you work towards Battlestar status, get at least 10 people together & you have yourself a squardron!

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Herb & I will be attending Bear McCreary's singning of his SOCOM 4 Soundtrack fittingly at Dark Delicacies this coming Saturday.

You will recall that we got together with Stu Phillips there a few weeks ago.

Ironically, it was Stu who introduced me to Bear a few years back when I was helping Stu out at his table at a Con in Burbank.

Anyway, Bear is one of the coolest people in the world & he graciously agreed in advance to sit down with us & yack for the camera.

So stay tuned for the "Bear & Herb Show" coming to you, same Battlestar time, same Battlestar channel.

So say we all!

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DSC01244.jpg?width=338Yes, you read it right — Katee & Tricia want YOU to be a part of their Acting Outlaws documentary for The LA La Ride.

We need at least 25 of you to send us videos taken with your cell phones, web cams, flip cams, DSLRs, camcorders — whatever you have!
All you need to do is make a video that is 60 seconds or less answering these two questions:

1) What originally interested you in Acting Outlaws and their ride from Los Angeles to Louisiana?

2) What cause do you think they should ride for on their next ride?

You can submit your video in a variety of ways.
Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitvid or any other video hosting site and send us the link.

You can also send it directly via email to (max size 10MB)

In order to use your video on the documentary we need you to read the following at the beginning or end of your video:

I, your name, hereby grant Acting Outlaws permission to use my likeness for their LA La Ride Documentary.

(this will serve as your release, allowing us to legally use your footage.)

Thank you everyone ahead of time for participating and make sure you send those videos in ASAP!



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Hello everyone,

Herb Brunner & I encountered Mr. Rick Worthy yesterday at the Anaheim Comic Con & he graciously took a few seconds to submit to a little face time.

Herb (who is not only a BFC alumni, but also a delegate to our quorum), was in prime reporting form.

I definitely think that he could host a TV show!

Absolute natural at it.

If you are not familiar with Rick, he is a veteran Star Trek actor...appearing in three incarnations of the Star Trek television series as well as the film Star Trek: Insurrection.

He has also done work on Stargate & Heroes.

Most of you may recall him as Simon otherwise known as Cylon #4 from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.

The Battlestar Fan Club is proud to feature this exclusive video & share it with everyone here at the BFC.

Rick is definitley a very nice guy as well as a talented if you see his name pop up at a Convention near you, make it a point to visit his table & to say hello.

Thanks Rick!


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And again we are showcasing our adventure at Comic Con yesterday with this exclusive bit of film featuring the lovely Tricia Helfer & our very own Herb Brunner.

I have to hand it Herb, he knows how to work in front of the camera!

I don't think he had one bit of a problem talking to Tricia either....sorry though, I can't tell you what they were whispering to each other, top secret...though it may just be a Cylon plot!

I think we need to pull the Cylon detector our & check Herb.

Tricia not only graced Battlestar Galactica with her presence but has also appeared in Two and a half men opposite Charlie Sheen & has joined the cast of TNT's Dark Blue.

The Battlestar Fan Club is honored that she took a few moments with us & that she wanted to say hello to everyone here, so thank you Tricia!

Speaking of Charlie Sheen, I really can't resist this.



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Hello everyone,

Herb Brunner & I just got back from the Anaheim CA Comic Con...& we have some exclusive video to share from both Rick Worth (Simon, Cylon #4) & of course the lovely Tricia Helfer (aka 6).

We'll be bring this to you soon..but I can't tell you what Tricia whispered in Herb's ear...Cyclon secrets?



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