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BRIEFING: OP 'Made Ya Look'

 Covert intel obtained by the colonial ministry of defense has discovered that the cylons have established A station/listening post about 5km behind their side of the red line:


It is reported that this station is equipped with an advanced tracking system,capable of looking up to 30 km into colonial space;This will make it ideal to track colonial fleet movements approaching the red line;basically,an advanced early warning system;Any colonial fleet capitol ships approaching,even by FTL, can be tracked and identified before crossing the line;A huge advantage for them,since they are weary of us consistently knocking over their cookie jars.

However, the system has one flaw: anything smaller than A columbia class battlestar(i.e. Galactica) cannot be tracked;This can be exploited.


The Battlestar Raven will stop at A point 10km short of the red line,and maintain A patrol posture; The Gunstar Trireme will skirt around  peremiter sectors,about 15 km, to A point behind the station;The gremlin raptors will launch decoy drones behind the trireme,giving off the signature of A mercury class battlestar;This will draw the attention of the basestar guarding the station,which will move to intercept;At the same time,raven blackbirds one and two will be in the vicinity,to monitor the movement;Once the base star has moved to intercept the trireme,Blackbird one will signal the raven air wing ,standing by at the red line,that the cylons have taken the bait;After that, blackbird two will fire A missile at the station's communications array,cutting them off from further help.


When the base star reaches the position of the trireme,The trireme will immediately engage with nukes;At the same time, the raven air wing will knock out the station's remaining defenses,their missile launchers,and raider squadrons. After they enemy defenses have been neutralized,the seekers will ferry the raven MARDET to the station to seize the tracking equipment;Once the marines have secured the equipment, they will exfil,leaving behind A 5kt demolition nuke;When the air wing has cleared the station,they will detonate the nuke;After which,the trireme will immediately execute the jump back to our side of the red line,rejoining the raven.

The  operation will be  in  BFC  forum chat,sunday night aug,27,at 8PM EST(5PM PST) or 2000 hrs. Any changes and/or updates will be posted.


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Salt Lake City


I want to take the opportunity to urge all of you who can make it to attend the Salt Lake Comic Con Sep 21st-23rd.

This Con will be attended by our very own Jack Stauffer (Bojay) and Herb Jefferson Jr (Boomer).

Jack is planning a tribute to Richard while there...and I think that will be an experience for all those in attendance.

And for you guys who have never met Jack...well, that is an experience I can tell you! Fun guy, you'll love him!

And of course, Herb will be there too to round out the "warriors" club...good guy to remember the original masterwork with.

Back to Jack though (for all those who don't know it, several actors and writers from BSG original and re-imagined are members here), Jack among them...Hey, yo Jack!

(Drop the man a message and say hi!)..

Anyway, I urge those who can make it, take a look and get out there to Salt Lake City...maybe Bojay will organize a Steak House night (no, I'm not committing you to that Jack!)...but what fun to be sitting together shmoozing over Japanese food and drinks...and good company.

PS: i forgot to mention that the legendary Dick Van Dyke is headlining this show!

So Say We All!

Keep the Faith!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club


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The battlestar thermopylae was one of A hand full of nova class battlestars in service with the colonial fleet just before the second cylon invasion;The Nova class was an upgrade from the mercury class;It survived the cylon onslaught probably because it's commander chose not to activate the new CNP program,which the cylons exploited throughout the fleet.

The thermopylae joined with other  surviving colonial fleet elements,and maintained subspace silence in case the cylons were  listening in on normal communications;They did however intercept  transmissions ;First, from the galactica,who was leading A fleet of civilian ships to A safe haven outside the system;Then,from the raven battle group,who was set to engage A large cylon group,led by cylon model zero, at the Omari nebula.

The thermopylaye,along with other surviving colonial fleet groups,went to the assistance of of the raven battle group,and was part of the colonial fleet's victory at the omari nebula.


This resin model kit of the nova class battlestar was supplied by Jack Burgin jr.,of the facebook group Colonial Fleet Shipyards:


The kit is about 22 inches long assembled,and consists of heavy resin parts; It is hollow cast,in case one wants to install lighting;Even though super glue,better known as 'CY',is generally recommended,For the major subassembly attachments,The best choice is to use standard gorilla glue(the foaming kind) for strength;Of course,read the directions.


Sometimes,resin parts  do warp,so, in this case,A good supply of carpentry C clamps is advisable.


The only mod I made to the kit was to it's stern section,around the FTL drive,which looked A little 'naked' to me;I actually had a spare pegasus kit in my stash,So, I armored up the rear superstructure to make it look closer to the more recognized version of A nova;Basically,you can call it A nova variant.


As for painting: After priming and an initial wash,I applied A first coat of model master AMC grey;Then,thinning out canada voodoo grey,and turning down the pressure on my airbrush,I went after the individual panel lines;A final dark wash and dullcote finished the ship.


The stand started as A wood plaque from A.C. moore;The columns were grecian columns from amazon,normally used to decorate fancy cakes,and attached to A specially cut piece of PVC pipe,to support the ship; The logos,made by my trireme XO,'bunny' nonemaker,were printed out,laminated,and applied to the base;These pictures were taken at A model club meeting  the previous evening by club president mike kloppenburg.


This kit was enjoyable to say the least;Now,as far As I know,It is still for sale at the group page,along with other BSG related kits,including the classic eastern alliance destroyers,cylon guardian basestars,cylon tankers,and assorted classes of colonial fleet ships.

At this time,I also have on order an ARES CLASS WARSTAR;This is simular to the monster titan class,except with the addition of two extra flight pods! According to info,It's at least  another size larger that the nova I just built;Very much anticipating the arrival of that beast!

If you are interested in adding one of these rare jewels,contact jack through the FB group 'colonial fleet shipyards';However,as far as I know, he also sells them on Ebay;Everything he produces is consistently in scale with the moebius galactica and pegasus kits;So, this could be an opportunity for one to build up A fleet of his/her own!

The caveat is this: After you order,It may take up to A year or beyond for it to ship;It's obvious that resin models,especially large ones, can't be produced overnight,especially when the caster has other commitments;However,If you have A sizable well of patience,the results will be indeed worth it!

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People of the BFC fleet,

Two years ago,the first escort of the raven battle group,the Gunstar Trireme(GSR-0201),was sent on it's journey.

We have stood in defense of the BFC flagship,the Battlestar Raven(BFC-002),In our continuing conflict with the cylons,to keep the colonies safe.

We have added our firepower to that of the raven's,and supported the action of her best asset,The raven air wing.

We have taken our share of bumps and bruises;And returned the same to the cylons.

Suffice to say,at the end of year two,we still stand;We have been adding to our roster of warriors,and making them part of the best of the best...and we're not finished!

Our job is A never ending one: To seek out fellow BSG fans,and recruit them for our quest  of BSG fandom,and fun;And,destroy more cylons in the process!

We have A facebook page,which many have viewed,and signed up for; Now,we have Another outlet into social media:

WE ARE ON TWITTER12578083669?profile=original

For our second anniversary,the trireme has activated it's twitter page: Twitter@GTrireme;

Now, those of you who tweet can SEIZE YOUR GLORY and follow us!

Now,I'm really not into prophecy,or the scrolls of pythia;However, I believe the best is yet to come;And,as we seek new blood to fill our ranks,we will strive to be the best we can be!

                               SO SAY WE ALL!

                Col. K.A. 'Leonidas' Ranson


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