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Job Positions for Sci-Fi-Gamers!

Sci-Fi-Gamer's need a News Director for Battlestar Galactica Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic!

You must have Teamspeak 3 it's not hard to use as most people think! if you need a hand I'll give you help

Experience isn't required but It would be helpful! 

If anyone is interested please reply below with this:




Position applying for:

Links to previous work:

Are you a member of a fan club (SFI,CDF): (If you are please post the organization and your rank a long with ship assignment)

Tell us why you want to join the team and what you can bring to the table:

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AAR About The Comic Palooza, Houston, Texas

What can I say about Comic Palooza, Houston, Texas...Hmmmmmm

Well first off, it is my first convention back after three and half close to four years of hiatus from attending conventions due to real life responsibilities.  And I might say, what a come back!  I have not had this much fun after a long time.  From imitating and posing with people in their own unique costumes to talking with fellow fans of Battlestar Galactica and signing them up to the site (This was a success). It was was such a joy talking to other fans.  I even ended up giving a fan, one of my three BSG Junior Pilot Wing  because mine was made from good quality material. I told him he better keep is safe considering a lot of people were asking if the items that I had on display was for sale. He was very thankful and had a big smile on his face.  That to me was enough thanks!   The pins and dog tags on display were from my own personal collection and were not for sale.  I think I must have talked myself out in those three days compared to when I am at work. :-)  Also, it was such a pleasure meeting Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart for the first time upclose courtesy of Shawn ODonnell.

On the first day of the convention, as I was manning the BFC table while Shawn ODonnell conducts some business, out of knowhere, Shawn shows up with Richard Hatch by the table and introduce me to him.  I did not know what to say or how to react. I have never met the man before. After being introduce to him and seeing him throughout the whole entire convention, he is nothing like his character Tom Zarek on Battlestar Galactica.  Tom Zarek is someone I wanted to strangle so badly for being so devious on the show.  Richard Hatch was a very pleasant, outgoing, funny, and a character to be around with.  I like that kind of personality because I have a personality like that too on the side that not too many people know unless they know me very well.  I like to talk to people and have fun.  That is the real me when I am not in uniform.  Also, Shawn had told me ahead of time that Richard Hatch was a champion "thumb wrestler"!  I about laugh my butt off because I could not believe it. But little did I know what was going to happen later.

One thing that really stood out to me was on the last day of the convention after it ended, Shawn and I joined Richard Hatch at his hotel for a little drink.  We all chatted things that we can do which will all lead to next year Galacticon 3.  The conversation was full of laughter.  I am not going to even say what funny things Richard Hatch said about Shawn to me.  My mouth is sealed on that topic LOL!  Out of knowhere, the subject of "thumb wrestling" was brought up by Shawn.  I stated to Richard I found it so funny and could not believe it when Shawn told me he was a "thumb wrestling" champion.  So Richard Hatch turns around to me and told me to give him my hand.  He challenge me to "thumb wrestling".  Well, little old me was more than willing to oblige LOL!  So here we are doing some "thumb wrestling".  Bodies moving along with our hands trying to out do one another.  Well, dammit, I accidently slipped of the edge of my chair a little bit and Richard ends up pinning my thumb LOL!  Now I want revenge!!!!!!!! OOOPPPPPPSSSSS!  Did I say revenge....I meant a rematch! Hehehehehheh!  So I cannot wait until next year 's Galacticon 3 to see him again.  I will have my rematch!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully my real life responsibilities will allow me to have the time to do so.  But it is mark on my calendar as "MUST" attend convention for me.

The CONS about the Comic Palooza Convention that really was number one in my eye was that the food was too DAMN expensive.  So in my personal humble opinion, for all people wishing and planning to attend the Galacticon 3 Convention next year that has a budget, I would select the package that includes everything. The reason why I say that, it will save everyone a lot of money for it would be a lot cheaper buying the higher end package deal, rather than buying the things you want to do on the convention separately.  The higher end package will also be a lot worth it for people that is not local. It will allow you to do a lot more things with the celebrities and make your time worth while and get your money's worth without costing you extra money to do so.  I know that is what I will be doing because I have three children that will be accompanying me next year if my schedule pans out.

Well, I hope everyone can make it to the Comic Palooza, Galacticon 3 for next year.  If you only know what is being planned, you will want to be there.  It will be something that you all will never forget for it will be a lot of fun.  And for all people that knows me very well, I am very straightforward individual!

So Say We All!

PS.  One of my favorite photos of all time at the Comic Palooza Convention: May 25-27, 2012


" Mr. President, I will say it one last time! Are you a Cylon or are you not a Cylon!  Confess now!"

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Happy Birthday Richard Hatch!!!

Richard, my friend...Happy Birthday to you....and many more to come.

Thank you for bringing you gift to the screen & making people believe in the characters you play.

You view acting as a craft & you do it so well.

Whether it was your portrayal of the original Captain Apollo, or Dan Robbins from Streets of San Francisco all the way to Tom Zarek of the Re-imagined always give it your all & and make people believe.

I think all of us here want to express our communal thanks to you & best wishes on this best of days.

The fans love you & they know you love them back.

YOU sir, are a really good guy....& I'm privileged to call you my friend.

So here's one to you....and you bet, I'm gonna buy you a drink in Houston...hey all you great folks attending ComicPalooza, buy him a drink too...just not too much, we want to make sure he gets to his next day signings!

Hot Sake on tap...we owe a lot to you Richard, you gave Battlestar Galactica the breath to live are "The Man"...Best B-Day wishes

So Say We All!

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We will be bringing you up to date information via twitter & facebook about what's happening on the floor of ComicPalooza as it happens.

Elements of Battlestar Raven & Battlestar Aries are moving in for close support as well.

Richard Hatch & Anne Lockhart will be joining us in our efforts!

Our table is going to be a great meet & great vehicle for all the fans...& we want to have everyone visiting us to leave with new information on the workings of Battlestar Galactica fandom....and to also become a member of the BFC & be a part of the greatest fan experience possible.

In addition we WIILL be announcing the "Mystery Guest" for the upcoming Galacticon III event...guaranteed news to blow you socks off!

Check us out here & on twitter & facebook for the newest NEWS...beginning Friday!

So Say We All!

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Galacticon III article

Here is an article on Galacticon III written by Tom Tagliente. Nice article.

What is Galacticon? Well, quite simply, Galacticon is a convention not unlike ComiCon that caters to fans of one specific science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica. With two different style series having aired on television, the number of fans might possibly match the number of stars in space. But, the stories that took place behind the camera are just as interesting as those fans saw played out through their favorite actors hired to bring them to life.

Battlestar Galactica is about humanity’s fall at the hands of the robotic Cylons. In 1978 they were reptilians in metal suits hell-bend on wiping out humanity. In 2003, they were our technological creations that gained consciousness and intelligence, realized they were our servants then turned against us. They even took on human form, making them hard to locate in the fleet. But either way you look at it, the ideas are the same.

Both series involved mankind nearly being wiped out by surprise attacks. The 1978 version had the Pearl Harbor-like attack takes place at a peace conference, where in the 2003 series a nuclear holocaust takes place after a 40-year absence of the Cylons, who fled the colonies after a long and bloody war was waged, but returned to take their place in the universe as the supreme life form.

Battlestar Galactica of 2003 is an allegory to 9/11 for sure and even deals with issues of suicide bombings, starvation, oppression, martial law, and even abortion. All events we face in America and around the world today. The characters are as human as they could get and while some refer to the original as a “classic” series, it is hard for me do so. I consider them both to be classics in their own ways. You cannot compare these two shows as they both come from very different times. While some things did and still do seem campy about the 1978 incarnation, there are still elements of this story that still works with its human relationships and their desire to survive.

In 1993, a group of fans gathered to meet cast members of the original series at a convention in Los Angeles for its fifteenth anniversary. It had everything from a charity event, to a costume contest, games, trivia, and a dealer room for sci-fi fan collectors to grab that rare souvenir to add to their private collections.

After 25-years had passed, Richard Hatch attended his first Star Trek convention and found fans of Battlestar Galactica were vehement in seeing show return to television. So he began to generate interest in a new series that would pick up after events of the series finale of April 1979. Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer was born. Richard showed it at many conventions thereafter and it always generated a standing ovation. Taking the fans project with him, he began to pitch his ideas to Universal Studios, the owners of Battlestar Galactica. But they wanted nothing to do with it.

1998 marked a final convention appearance of fan favorite, John (Baltar), whom I met in 1995 on my 25th birthday. And, we kept in touch after we met, speaking many times on the phone. I liked John. He was down to earth, funny, and very kind. I called him the bad guy with a heart of gold. John loved the phrase, saying, “If you don’t mind Tom, I’m going to borrow that.”

Sadly, John Colicos passed away two years later from a series of heart attacks at the age of 71. It would be the 25th anniversary convention in 2003 that would not only honor John and other cast members who had since passed away, but, would also start off with vitriol and anger. Richard invited the man who was helming the new Battlestar Galactica series. Fans were painfully aware that Ronald D. Moore had no intention of doing a continuation series. And, they were eager to voice their disdain for this new writer/producer’s new direction.

It was what happened next that made me understand just what kind of a human being Richard Hatch in fact is. You have to imagine a large hotel ballroom packed with fans of one show, getting loud, hostile, and shouting rude remarks at Ronald D. Moore. Yes, literally so loud, you could hardly hear the poor man talk into his microphone. Richard stood up and demanded fans let Ron have his say. “All viewpoints are welcome here and I think we need to be fair and show Ron Moore the respect he deserves.” I will never forget Richard’s actions that day and I will always be grateful to him for being so nice…so fair. It must’ve stung badly to be passed over on a project you fought like hell to bring back for your fans. This level of respect and kindness just shows what kind of person Richard is and I am very proud to know him. And I respect him a great deal.
Science fiction conventions are very popular and science fiction fans are very loyal.

While some outsiders might consider it to be a geek festival, I prefer to view them as places where others like myself can gather with those who share a mutual interest in the genre and have a great time with intelligent discussions and camaraderie. These gatherings are no different than those that gamers or comic book lovers gather at to show their own forms of fan “worship” and remembrance. And, this is that rare chance to share in the excitement of Battlestar Galactica with those who created both versions. Galacticon has taken place every five years since 1993. Fans are invited to take part in this amazing four-day gathering attended by the greatest actors a single science fiction series has ever employed.

Emissaries: Galacticon III, produced by Rex Mundi Productions, which lands on Earth in May of 2013, will be Galacticon’s largest fan gathering yet and will take place in Houston, Texas at the famed George R. Brown Convention Center. From May 23 – 26, 2013 and will honor two very important landmark anniversaries.

The original Glen A. Larson series will be honored for its 35th anniversary, while Ronald D. Moore’s story will be honored for its 10th. So, make your plans now to join in the celebration. This one is not to be missed. Registration is open and tickets can be reserved at the following link. There is also information on how you can be part of the Galactica crew. Visit:
As a fan of both shows, I am looking forward to working at this event so very much. I hope you will be part of this amazing celebration. It’s going to be frakking awesome!  So say we all!

You can follow us at
Written By: Tom Tagliente
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Hey! Please Join up!

Sci-Fi-Gamers opens! Please come join our Facebook page and web site!

SFG Main web site will open Mon May 21 2012.
SFG will be the online home of all our game mod work! Welcome to the Sci-fi-Gamers web site were everything here is about sci-fi games and their respective mods,movies or even fan bases.If this is your first time here then why not register and become a part of this community!! 

Thanking you!!
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Sci-Fi-Gamers opens!

Sci-Fi-Gamers opens! Please come join our Facebook page and web site!
SFG Main web site will open Mon May 21 2012.
SFG will be the online home of all our game mod work! Welcome to the Sci-fi-Gamers web site were everything here is about sci-fi games and their respective mods,movies or even fan bases.If this is your first time here then why not register and become a part of this community!!

RADM Williams  
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I am so excited to have been added to next years Battlestar Galactica convention in Texas! Galacticon III will be held next May in Houston Texas! Thanks so much to Shawn O'Donnell for inviting me and I will also be moderating a panel on Hispanics in Sci Fi and also giving a panel on my satires as well.       Next what I need are great ideas for questions at the show!             
Who are you favorite Sci Fi personalities who happen to be of Hispanic descent?       
How does Science Fiction impact not only the Hispanic community, but humanity in general?

How does growing up Hispanic or something other affect your experience of science fiction? Or does Science Fiction affect how you grow up within a culture? What would Commander Adama say???     Please respond and send me your questions and thoughts as well!


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We are all Cylons!

We Are All Cylons Release
New Film in Development: Alignment Project

After a successful, award-winning festival run, as well as screenings at reRun in
NYC, Spool MFG, and numerous conventions, We Are All Cylons will be
released on DVD, limited edition Blu-ray, and via streaming by Rex Mundi in
June 2012.

We Are All Cylons is classified as a documentary, but its premise is that the
filmmaker (Ilana Rein) is part of a larger plan: spreading a message from a TV
series that reveals our human origins are partly AI. In this way, a "fictional"
layer is embedded within a traditional documentary.

Alignment Project takes up where We Are All Cylons left off. It elaborates on the
tension between humans and machines and re-affirms the slippage of identity
that occurs when reality and fictions collide.

In Alignment Project, Monitors are humans who have been technologically
augmented and subjected to decades of psychological violence as a result of
this fusion. In both films, it is through examining our relationship to technology
and AI that facets of our humanity become clear.

Cylons learn to love as part of their programming. Monitors love despite their
programming. This is the tense--and at times quite dark--mental landscape Rein
explores in Alignment Project, which is set in the remote desert of the American
Southwest and a bleak, tech-driven London.

Rein states, “I have serious concerns about humanity as it is transformed by
technology. I also now truly understand how people see things here in the
desert that can't be explained away by scientific ‘rational’ thought. These two
threads are connected by what I see as our deep desire to believe in something
greater than ourselves--to self-transcend.”

Rein continues, “When I meet people who consider themselves Cylon I’m
incredibly moved by their desire to expand their identity. I see hope in these
radical identifications with archetypal characters who are not quite human
because they will be part of our future.”

"WE are all Cylons" will be available for the first time to buy at both DVD & Blu Ray. Stop by the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club table for YOUR copy & join in the Cylon raffle while you are there, you'll have a chance to win Alicia Hollinger's "Sixiest Issue Ever" print of "Cylonboy"

12578018098?profile=originalSo Say We All!

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ComicPalooza 2012


Here we are, heading into Memorial Day weekend & ComicPalooza in Houston Texas!

Check it out at:

Just so you all know, the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club will be there in force along with the Battlestar Raven & Battlestar Aries....and if that's not enough, Richard Hatch & Anne Lockhart too!

This coming weekend we'll be making the BIG mystery guest announcement for Galacticon III as well....we'll keep you guessing till then!

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A Message From Sexto Sol Founder

This is one of the worthy cause that is very dear to none other than EJO himself.  I think I could not have said it any better than Mr. Olmos Secretary did:
As you know, this organization is near and dear to EJO's heart. This is a way of helping a worthy cause that costs you nothing. Please consider it, and pass it alone to everyone you know.
MaryAnn Beverly
I am writing because there is a simple, simple thing you could do that would be painless and very helpful.
I'd be grateful if you'd consider doing this.
Background: If you did not know, Google no longer blindly serves the best results to your searches. Instead
results are tweaked according to what Google "knows" you like. So you miss information you might want.
If you instead use and choose the charity "Sexto Sol Center for
Community Action" then we earn a penny for every search you make.
You only have to sign up once and it will automatically work after that.

You are already searching, just doing this will help Sexto Sol to serve rural people in Chiapas and Guatemala,
while you get better unaltered search results. We have important work to do in 2012.

What if 100 people earned 20 dollars a year for Sexto Sol? I already donated 19.00 by searching. Tony Campbell
just started using GoodSearch and has donated nearly 8.00. It adds up.

More information: GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo. Powerful search engine.
There is also GoodShop and another Dining service. So if you buy from Travelocity or Hewlett Packard or or 2000 more merchants from this interface in our name - we earn. There are great discounts for
doing so, often free shipping.
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Galacticon III registration is LIVE!

Hello everyone, you can now register for Emissaries: Galacticon III!

We are up & running....very soon we will be posting information FOR YOU regards travel arrangements (we have a killer travel agent that can handle this for you) plus in the next couple of months we'll have lodging info available.

Of course as you all might have known, Anne Lockhart...Lt. Sheba from the original series has confirmed for the event....truly wonderful & gifted talent and a great person I might add.

Also filling the bill today is Eric Chu....hey the "maker" of the re-imagined series Cylons, Basestars, Vipers..well, you name it....wanna learn more?

Check out his site here.

Topping off our announcements today is Tye Bourdony, the master of Sci-Fi Parody and a truly great guy....both Eric & Tye will be joining us as guest artists.

Speaking of that please visit Tye's site The Lighter side of Sci-Fi

So Say We All!

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Despite hectic schedules, I caught up with Eric for a few to chat a bit...we sat down (figuratively speaking) I in California & he in British Columbia & did a little talk through about Cylon's.....Battlestar....Life...Cylons....Basestars....Cylon's.
For those of you wondering who or precisely a what is an Eric Chu...well, I'll tell you....he is the designer of the not only the Basestars but the Centurions...& Vipers...and...well, you get it...from the Re-Imagined series.
Also he is of course the mighty Cylon God, so you might want to offer him up a sacrifice of metal goods...old computers...a tin can...possibly a appease him.
The occasional tuna sandwich is nice as well...he also is a member of the Fan Club, so please feel free to pay homage to him on his page.

Shawn : So what brought you into graphic design? What motivated you?
Eric: I think I ate lead-based paint chips when I was young.
Shawn: Prior to doing Galactica, what were you doing?
Eric: I was doing storyboards for animated cartoons.
Not the good kind.
The "did-your-inbred-cousin-write-this-script?" kind.
Shawn: So how did the whole Galactica adventure happen?
Eric: It was a case of knowing the right people at the right time.
I just happened to know Gary Hutzel from working with him on A Wrinkle in Time, and he asked me to help him on Galactica.
However, at the time I had done very little in the way of technical illustrations and was just beginning to use the computer.
Knowing full well the magnitude of the opportunity he was offering me, I locked myself in my room for several weeks and forced myself to learn to draw spaceships.
I had all the Art of Star Wars books and Joe Johnston's sketchbook series, from when I was growing up, and I used them as training manuals.
Shawn:  I'm sure that once the outline of the story was laid out you knew you had to do things similarly but then again differently regards design for the show...what were your thoughts?
Eric: My initial thought was, "we are gonna be lynched, and our lifeless corpses paraded to riotous fanfare in the streets."
Shawn: Did you feel some pressure to really change things up or strike a balance with the original look of the show?
Eric: There was considerable pressure to change things up and stay as far away from the original series as possible.
It was constantly mandated from SyFy that we show them "something that had never been seen before…" which is what clients generally say when they have no idea what they want.
The fact that anything in the show resembles the original series at all is a minor miracle.
Shawn: I think, an opinion, that anyone who "creates" feels a paternity for what they about you?
Eric: They are ALL my children… I love them all, although the more unruly ones need to be kept in an abandoned fridge under lock and chain.
Shawn:  Did you find that you had to evolve the basic designs as the storyline progressed?
Eric: Not to any great degree, but the opposite was true in the case of the Raider.
The design was based on a story point in the original script that was later abandoned. In the draft I read, the Raider (described as a 'squashed' Cylon) could make a 'kamikaze' run by jettisoning its wings.
The central fuselage could then continue towards its target as a nuke.
That meant we had to use a long cylindrical shape with a Cylon face on one end.
That's why our Raiders have the elongated head, somewhat like Giger's Alien.
As interesting as that might have been, the idea was excised for whatever reason, but the design remained.
Shawn: Speaking of evolution...what was your take on the "new" look for the Cylons...or the Basestars?....they seemed much more different than say the overall look of Galactica or the Vipers, for instance...
Eric: The Basestar was probably the easiest one to design. I just wanted to try a shape that was the complete opposite of a circle.
It was approved right away.
The Centurion, however, took a lot more work.
The only requirement was that they wanted it to have an impossibly thin waist to show that it couldn't be a "man in a suit".
We tried a lot of variations, but in the end, we discarded the bulky armored look and went with a smoother, more organic design that mimicked human anatomy.
That played well with the whole Cylon evolution idea.

Shawn:  Do you find yourself sourcing to a point from other material....I will say that the concept of a "human" Cylon was pioneered in Galactica: 1980 & even the crescent Cylon raider showed up in Richard Hatch's "Second Coming" or at least a variation of it.
Eric: At the time, I was not aware of Hatch's project.
But yes, to a certain degree, many designs are sourced from outside influences. However, they may not be as obvious as a TV or movie reference. Inspirations can come from anywhere, and often do.
In the case of the Galactica, the ribbed look was influenced by a picture of metal vases I saw in a book of industrial design. It's always good to widen one's horizons and try new things, even if they may not be related to your work.
The more interests you have and knowledge you gain, the more believable your "imagined" visions can be.
Shawn:  I'm sure it was a wild ride...and demanding...thoughts about your schedule with the show?
Eric: I had never been so scared in my life when I was doing these designs.
The responsibility was enormous!
I was brought on early in the production, even before the pilot had been greenlit, so the fate of the production rested, in part, on the visual direction we were taking. 
If SyFy hadn't seen anything they liked, the project would have been cancelled.
People don't realize just how tenuous the life and death of these productions can be. Even during the life of the series, we were always looking over our shoulders. 
Shawn: What are you doing now...projects afoot?
Eric: I just got married a few weeks ago (true), so my next project is a human/Cylon hybrid.
Shawn: Sneak question: what would you LIKE to do?
Eric: Call me a sentimental fool, but human enslavement has always been a dream of mine…
Shawn: Advice (I always ask this)....that you can give budding designers out there?
Eric: Drawing techniques that require the use of plutonium-239 or any other fissile isotope require proper protective gear!
Shawn: As the omnipotent Cylon God...what are your recommendations for mankind in general?
Eric: Submit peacefully, and your annihilation will be less… er… Accept your doom and your destruction will be… ummm…….. Eat more roughage.
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I come to you all with a personal tale that I think personally sums up my involvement & my take on the whole Battlestar Galactica "movement".

How I have lent to it....& how it has lent to me.

But more importantly, how it has affected you all.

Basically, it seems to me that as intertwined as I am with it, so are all of you...for love of the show of course, the drama & the action....the storyline & the nobility overall...BUT, since we all share the passion, I think there is a fundamental at work.

Something I've always said, it is just so much more than a show...what brings us all together is a sense of community & rightness....which I think is much more important.

But I think I can explain further...derived from my own experience & perhaps it might bear some relevence on your own.

My story in brief....I was born in the great state of Texas (Yeah, I can hear all you folks from Texas clapping...not for me...for Texas!) ;-)

Not so simple....I was a little unlike most kids born in the state at that time....I don't mean time like waaaaayyy back either, but in that time.

Anyway, interesting lineage...I talk about it even now because it is part of me, but I'll explain further.

My Mother was pretty basic, she was German...not from Germany....but her Grandparents were...all German.

Simple eh?

Papa was a bit....err, different.

A looonnnggg time ago, there were some Irish that decided they had enough of the Emerald Isle & went to Spain....we ARE talking on the order of 500 years ago btw.....& gradually that line became Spanish.

So you had the interesting aspect of Jose O'Donnell's & Juan O'Donnell's popping up.

Most famously or infamously a relative of mine, Leopoldo O'Donnell was Prime Minister of Spain...12578021252?profile=originalthree times...explain that!

For better reference...please refer to a cousin....somewhere down the line in Argentina, Buenos Aries to be exact & check out Mario "Pacho" O'Donnell...someone who I'm better served to say I'm related to.


Anyway, back in the day....when the Spanish ruled Morrocco (yes, that would be in North Africa) by Great-Grandfather, all Spanish & faux Irish decided that he was in love with one of the "flowers of the desert"...needless to say, that was Great-Grand ma-ma.

Not being favored in the circles in Spain at the time (A Spaniard & an Arab Women were frowned upon), remember this is like....waaaay back...ok?

So off they went to the ancestral guessed plant anew...and they did...and a plenty.

My Grandfather came from a brood of 7 & was the only sibling to cross the pond & make his way in America.

To bring you up to date this was 1905.

Truly, I shit you not.

My Grandfather came through Ellis Island, live in New York in the tenaments & slums of the time...and what did he do?

He opted to go to Texas and make his way!

Who did he marry when he got there (nor right away of course), but a Native American Woman....oh yeah, full blood Commanche as a matter of fact...that would Grandma.

Ok, so you have the lineage in place....what makes me...well, me at least, well biologically speaking.

Fast forward to modern times (LOL) least to the relative 20th there I was, a very confused little boy....I had NO idea what my lineage meant....what, exactly was I?

And  you think Cylon-Human hybrids have it tough, huh?

As in all things, sometimes an outside source is the best advice.

Somebody changed my life at an early age & helped me define things....and trust me this goes back to the whole Arrow of Apollo thing & the Warrior thing and all bear with me!

A man named William Red Fox 12578021867?profile=originalcame to my school....Native American who was there to show the kids what an "Indian" was all about...not what the westerns said either.

I talked to him afterwords...ok bear in mind something...he WAS 105 when I met him, ok?

I then proceeded to talk to him more...and he became something of a guiding light to me, he made me understand things about myself & the world that I didn't know....and I carry his wisdom with me.

William Red Fox...yep, I was his "Padawan" & he was my "Yoda"...William Red Fox of the Lakota....Takalu Luta was his real name...he traveled with "Buffalo Bill" Cody back in the old days btw...THE Buffalo Bill.

Guess who is Uncle was...a man called Tasunke all know him as Crazy Horse.12578021901?profile=original

Here are the things that Red Fox taught me...whoever you are, that is what you are & rejoice in that & celebrate your life...all who live upon this earth are your brothers & your must live life like a warrior, be it in battle or at peace, you must make a stand....your life has a destination & you determine it, but it has been written.

Your breath these & then you will define yourself.

So I wind this up this tale how does that tie into Battlestar?

Well I will tell you this...I found a true warrior in Richard Hatch...which is where I found all of this, a man willing to take a stand...I think a man brave enough to weather all of this tribulations in trying to get this great theme back on it's feet & rolling for the benefit of all others deserved my humble assistance.

That is called "Making A Stand".

I humbly submit, Battlestar Galactica would NOT be where it is today without Richard...who I can proudly call my friend & fellow Warrior.

Embrace the community of your peers & know they support you....yah, you are all a bunch of BSG fans, yadda yadda...but that's a GOOD thing!

You have bound yourselves together...across national lines, across racial lines, across religous lines...across EVERY line to come together & speak with one voice.

OK, so now you have the way of the Warrior, no? Now to the Arrow of Apollo....I received this gift in Denver, Colorado last month & as a symbol it is profound & means a lot to truly expresses what we are about & what we strive for is in reality the spear point of the warrior.

I swear to you all that I will carry this forward in everyone's name!


I think the world of you all...let's keep trekkin' (or Battlestarin') & keep this frakker''s up to us...Let's stand together!

Battlestar yesterday, Battlestar today, Battlestar tomorrow....Battlestar Galactica Forever!

So Say We All!

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Rest in peace George Murdock

On April 30th, George Murdock....Dr. Selik from the original Battlestar Galactica, passed away.

He was our guest on the Galacticruise event in 2008 & I can personally tell you that you could never meet a nicer person.

His time on Earth enriched us with his talent, he enriched us with his humanity.

At the end of the cruise I spoke with him & told him what a wonderful guest he was & that Hollywood should be baying for his talent.....he answered simply with "From your lips to God's ear" & gave me a big hug.

He had many years in Hollywood & added so much to our culture, undying & enduring.

God bless you George, may the Lords of Kobol see you to your destination....

Good-bye brother....


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