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Blood and Chrome

Well, everyone...I know you are anticipating the advent of "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome"...I will say that it is being filmed, it is being processed, it is being worked on.

Release date...up in the WILL be either late this year or I suspect in early 2012.

However, there ARE little hints of it here & there which I want to share with you visually.12578013694?profile=original

As you can see....Scyfy is quite willing to share out some "teasers" for we have a shot from the why not another one?


You will of course note the green screen!

Now something I wish to make a point on....there have been several renditions of Battlestar Galactica.

Simply put...different interpretations.

Not only the original series, but Galactica: 1980...Richard Hatch's "The Second Coming", the re-imagined series, Caprica & of course Blood & Chrome.

The commanality of everything is the basic of the's fight for survival & ultimate redemption.

However you must also understand that Battlestar Galactica is in fact, the END of a story.

It is explored more fully with the newer material of course...Battlestar Galactica is the end, Caprica is the beginning & Blood & Chrome is the middle...but however you want to cut it...there is an ultimate end that must of course (happily) lead to a new beginning.

There is more of course....12578014655?profile=original

Cylon's anyone...a modified version of the average Centurion....not quite as modern...but he..."it" will do.


A concept that was borrowed....well, they borrowed it as well....but, the evolution of a Cylon...or at least a 4D look!


Now this would be an example of six without any makeup at all...Tricia Helfer...if you are reading this...sorrrrrry!....I don't know if I'm looking at "Metropolis", "Blade Runner", "Terminator" or "The Borg" here....but I DO see where man's vanity can take him....and frankly speaking not to good ends....don't rely on those toasters so much!12578014874?profile=original

I believe this is a young William Adama fighting for his proverbial life!...."Husker" does seem to be in a snowy environment...Hoth? Ice Planet Zero? Hollywood? the judge, but he don't look anything like Eddie Olmos...I think.


Well, no doubt Cylon's will abound...we just can't seem to get away from them...but then without them, what's the point of the story?

My friends..if we had no Cylon's we would have perhaps...Galactichicken?


Well...maybe not.

But we would surely have a less interesting show, that's for sure...or maybe a more interesting one....I really don't know, that is one interesting rubber chicken.

One thing I DO know is that all of YOU count as the fan's of this franchise, you make it live & breathe, you in FACT brought it back to life & MAKE it continue.

So please, all of  you...keep up the fight, keep the faith!

So say we all!

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Cylon Ornament

12578013654?profile=originalHello everyone!!.

Thought you all might like to know that Hallmark is offering this Battlestar Galactica ornament this year.  It is a cylon from the original series. The name of this ornament is CYLON CENTURION and was created by Nello Williams.  It stands approximately 4 inches to 5 inches tall.  It is was Hallmark calls a "magic" ornament, that meaning it makes sound.  Insert batteries and hear our cylon friend say "By Your Command"..  This ornament will become available in October.  Perhaps to coincide with the new series Blood and Chrome of which I understand the pilot will be airing in October.  This ornament is not available on line.  You must go to Hallmark to pick it up!   Cost is $19.95.  You can call your local store and ask them to put one on hold for you . This would make a great Christmas present or a neat addition to any Battlestar Galactica collection.  

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With the conclusion of the voting at midnight this morning, and a final vote of 66-3 in favor of the ‘Task Force’, it is hereby ordered that the ‘Joint Task Force’ shall proceed unhindered. The whole poll can be viewed here. Now begins the task of working out the details between the two groups. As these details are worked out we will report them to you so that you can take advantage of the services and opportunities they will provide.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, and more importantly to ask questions. Your questions helped to clarify the situation for others and gave us direction as to which areas we need to work on clarifying further.

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Dragon Con Fan Table for 2011

Good day to all Colonials.
Dragon con is approaching rapidly. Last year we were awarded a fan table under the CDF flag and it was great. This year dragon con has been gracious enough to provide us with a table again. But this time it will be a combined effort of 3 groups The Battlestar Fan Club the CDF and the Colonial Cylon Alliance. Last year we had a great turn out and signed up more than 50 new members.
In all the years I have operated a booth/table this was the most fun I have ever had. This year I believe working together we can more than double the 50 new members.
But there is always a down side We have the banners, give always and the swag but do not have the manpower . I am reaching out to all of our members to come and spend just an hour or so handing out give always and swag. We are also having a contest. Who ever signs up the most new members wins a $40.00 JoAnn’s gift certificate.
If you are interested contact me for a copy of the table schedule and we will get you signed up at

Regards to all and see you at Dragon Con.
Gene “Toaster Haggerty 12578012483?profile=original



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Colonial News Network Newsletter Reminder

A week ago I mentioned that I'm in the process of developing the Colonial News Network Newsletter (CNN). I want to remind everyone that I'm still doing this and I would very much like help with this endavor. I all ready have one Copy Editor however I'm still looking for a at least three more as well as for Proof Readers, Cartoonest, and Staff Photographers.

To help those of you who just might be interested in these positions I'm providing you with a description and requirments on these post that I've all ready mentioned.

Copy Editors - These individuals read over what is sent in by the membership and make spelling and grammical corrections to articles that have been submitted to the Colonial News Network.

Must be a member in good standing of either the Battlestar Galatica Fan Club or ColonialDefense Force.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must have internet access and e-mail account.

Must be able to 5 hours or more on a bi-monthly basis.

Proof Readers - These individuals get to read over the entire Colonial News Network newsletter prior to it being

uploaded to the net for membership viewing.

Must be a member in good standing of either the Battlestar Galatica Fan Club or ColonialDefense Force.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must have internet access and e-mail account.

Must be able to 5 hours or more on a bi-monthly basis.

Cartoonist - These individuals work on the creation of Battlestar Galatica related cartoons for the Coloinal News Network newsletter.

Must be a member in good standing of either the Battlestar Galatica Fan Club or ColonialDefense Force.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must Have your own digital grpahic software to draw your cartoons with.

Must have internet access and e-mail account.

Must be able to 5 hours or more on a bi-monthly basis.

Staff Photographers - These individuals provide to the Coloinal News Network photographs of events that the membership have been involved in with their chapters.

Must be a member in good standing of either the Battlestar Galatica Fan Club or ColonialDefense Force.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must have your own digital camera equiptment.

Must Have your own ditial editing software.

Must have internet access and e-mail account.

Must be able to 5 hours or more on a bi-monthly basis.

submit your application to:

If you would like to submit an article for publication in the Coloinal News Network Newsletter you can send it to the same address all ready mentioned here.

James Cecil
Caprica Delegate
Quorum of The Twelve
Public Relations Contact

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Quorum of the Twelve Votes On Several Issues

Several issues have recently passed in the Quorum of the Twelve chambers. The issues are to accept The Unification Name Bill as written and selection of a name. The Unification Name Bill passed with 6 votes yes (33.3%) to 0 votes no (0%). The names voted on are:

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Union 0 votes (0%)
Allied Colonial Forces 0 votes (0%)
Colonial Fleet Experience 0 votes (0%)
Battlestar Colonial Alliance 0 votes (0%)
Battlestar Colonial Confederation 0 votes (0%)
Unified Fleet Forces 0 votes (0%)
Unified Battlestar Experience 0 votes (0%)
Unified Battlestar Alliance 2 votes (11.1%)
Colonial Coalition 1 votes (5.6%)
Colonial Confederacy 0 votes (0%)
Colonial Union 2 votes (11.1%)
Galactica Experience 0 votes (0%)
Colonial Alliance 1 votes (5.6%)
BSG Allied Forces 0 votes (0%)
Galactica Alliance 3 votes (16.7%)
Unified CDF/BFC 1 votes (5.6%)
Battlestar Group 75 1 votes (5.6%)
Colonial Union 0 votes (0%)
The Colonial Union 0 votes (0%)
The Colonies 0 votes (0%)
Quorum of the Union 1 votes (5.6%)
The Colonial Union of Kobol 0 votes (0%)

Galactica Alliance is the name chosen.

Another issue that was presented to the Quorum of the Twelve was to Accept the First Contact Bill as it is written the vote for this bill was 12 votes (100%) to 0 votes No (0%) The bill passed.

The third issue is to confirm the Executive Authority's nomination of Sherry Jo Crandall as the Designated Official Representative for First Contact with Groups not aligned with the Galactica Alliance. The vote was 11 votes yes to 0 votes no thus confirming Sherry Jo Crandall as the EA's designated Official Representative for First Contact of the Galactica Alliance.


James Cecil

Caprica Delegate

Quorum of the Twelve

Public Relations Contact

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Being a part of of the NASA Shuttle history

Today marks the end of an erra for the NASA Space shuttle program and with that I was able to be aprt of it by partaking in  NASA's Face In Space. Basically waht I did was uploaded a digital image of my face to NASA and that digital image was sent up in space on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-135. I got the certificate that NASA created and let you print out I even saved the PDF of that certificate and hit the print screen key here on the key board, then opened up paste as a new image, croped the image down to what I have here in my photoes below.


Even though I wasn't physically on board the Atlantis Space Shuttle I still feel that I am a part of history of the last space shuttle flight. The Face In Space certificate says that my face flew at an altitude of 220 miles above the Earth at more than 17,400 mile per hour as Atlantis obited our planet.

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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share a little bit with everyone regarding the the filming that has been going on with our DVD presentation.

Of course the raw footage from Galacticruise has been sitting around for some time...a piece here, a piece there...which is basically how any film starts...a sum of all it's components.12578015668?profile=original

At any rate, this is no different.

Of course we had to weave in a narrative with all new footage had to be shot...not to mention adding in effects, soundtrack...etc. etc...but you get the "picture".

A dedicated team in Illinois has been plugging away at this for the last couple of months, headed up by Fred Allen (yep, he is right here on the Fan Club site as well!).

We shot some additional footage with Richard Hatch in Los Angeles to again all the pieces adding to the sum total.12578016074?profile=original

What I have always found interesting is to see the process of film look behind the camera and see how it's basically done.

I think that's why you see so many "makings of" attached to DVD'll find they go very in depth for instance with the "Star Wars" releases...and if you guys have not seen it or own it...Ridley Scott's directors cut of "Blade Runner" (which in my opinion is the superior film)...which also includes a very instructive & interesting "making of segment".

Bet you didn't know that Dustin Hoffman was the first choice for "Decker" before Harrison Ford, did'ya?

Basically it's the "warts & all" of the'll find that's it's the "norm" with newer releases, so it's expected...but even more interesting is to see updated releases of older films like "The Exorcist" or "Psycho" and look at both new commentary & archived footage.

It really adds a whole new dimension to things & puts everything in a different perspective.

Now I'm not about to compare what we've been doing with "Blade Runner" or anything like that...totally different animals...but, the process is still the same.





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It is with the greatest honor,...

As a founder of the Colonial Defense Forces, I have watched as our group went through growth and turmoil, good times and bad, fat and lean. Through the more than 6 years of our existence, we have faced many threats both internal and external and always come out stronger than when we were engaged.

Recently we underwent another such engagement, internal forces attempted to use a personal, yet serious, situation to their advantage to claim what we have built as their own and remake it in their image. We fought back, we did not surrender, and now we have emerged victorious. It is my honor and privilege to come before you today to announce an event that will secure the CDF's future now and for all time. Let us continue from here, victorious yet again in our latest battle, in an era of new growth and prosperity.

Many people have contributed mightily over the last few weeks, months and even years to bring us to our present situation. Without the hard work and dedication of so many of you, the CDF might have died a premature death from apathy or lack of interest.

Effective 12 JULY 2011 at 10:31 am PST, the Colonial Defense Forces is officially incorporated.

It is with the greatest honor that I present to you, the people of the fleet, the corporate charter of the Colonial Defense Forces Incorporated.

Over the next few months in accordance with time tables established by the Secretary of State of the state of Nevada and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America, we will be performing specific duties including,

  • Writing and filing corporate by laws by which the CDF will function legally.
  • Establish a clear and legally binding chain of command and succession for the leadership of the Colonial Defense Forces.
  • Establish our corporate identity so that the CDF can take advantage of certain programs and privileges reserved for corporations.

Our future is bright. Our partnerships with and associations to various people, organizations and activities within the BSG and greater SciFi community have and will continue to assist and carry us along our path. A period of new growth is just around the corner and we are poised on the brink to reap the rewards of persevering and remaining true to our beliefs and principals for so long.

Many things remain to be done, many things require attention please bear with us as we work our way through our new tasks to finish what has been started, as we always have.

Please join me in raising a tall glass of ambrosia to all of you that have supported, assisted, and guided us along our sometimes rocky path to our current position and may our future be as bright as a million suns.

So Say We All!
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Writing music for “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica,” I have set music to some incredible events in outer space.  I’ve accompanied spaceships and nebulae, black holes and supernovas.  However, these cosmic phenomena shared one thing in common:  they were all fiction.  But, this week, I am deeply honored that my music will now provide an emotional backdrop for a space event that is very real indeed: the final NASA Shuttle Launch in United States history.

Fanfare for STS-135

nasa02.pngMy original composition, “Fanfare for STS-135,” will premiere this Friday morning (July 8th) at the NASA launch Tweet Up event, and will also be heard by the crowds throughout the other locations at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  If you aren’t among the lucky spectators, the fanfare may turn up on NASA TV and the official website as well.  A downloadable recording of “Fanfare for STS-135″ is planned for the fall.



Fanfare for STS-135 - Final Shuttle Mission

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Here is a cool find on Evil-bay. The Tucana Singers on Carillon. This art is from the Marvel's Battlestar Galactica Super Special #8 comic.




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This write up was done by follow Tombs of Kobol member Peter Noble. In June 2011, while looking at eBay listings centered around all-things Galactica, he came across a number of listings for storyboards from a Battlestar project that was neither the classic, original series, the newest one, the Bryan Singer/Tom DeSanto project, Richard Hatch’s “The Second Coming”, or even the Glen A. Larson/Todd Moyer movie proposal. Here is that article.



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THE Bear Mc Creary Interview

THE Bear Mc Creary Interview

A Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Exclusive


Hear first hand Bear's experiences and his passion to insure his scores deliver a memorable, as well as an emotional connection to the movie content.  Bear's music truly sets the stage for perception and brings viewers into memorable relationships of the characters lives, and enhances the dynamics of all areas of the movie and script.  Even the special effects wouldn't be the same without his signature and unique approach.  Bear also elaborated on those musicians of the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra, and their passion in performing the Battlestar Galactica music as well.  Bear Mc Creary also shared some of his latest and upcoming projects including the series Caprica, and graciously discussed the content of my questions with a passion. We already know he's a true a professional and is at the top of his game. I would like to add that Bears a down to earth guy that's easy to talk and relate to, and also has a passion to keep the fans of Battlestar Galactica informed.  We're thankful of the opportunity here at the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club for this interview. I’m sure Shawn, Cliff and Chris would all agree that it was a great experience. We look forward to more of Bear's work and even greater success in the future. Enjoy!


Herb Brunner

Thanks to: Bear Mc Creary, Kevin Porter, Shawn O' Donnell, Cliff Gardner, Chris Loomis,Daniel Allan for his support


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Need Help with newsletter

Greetings everyone,

I'm in the process of developing a newsletter for us. This newsletter is being called the Colonial News Network (CNN). This newsletter is for everyone and is not exculsive to just the Battlestar Galatica Fan Club, Colonial Defense Force, or to the Quorum of Twelve. It is for the fans written by the fans of Battlestar Galatica.


The software that I'm using to create the Colonial News Network newsletter is an open source software called Scribus maybe you have heard of it and then again maybe not. To me Scribus is an alternate to Mircosoft Publisher and or Adobe Indesign desktop publishing. Yes I do have MS Publisher here on my laptop and would rather much prefer to use it. However, Microsoft is no longer supporting any of it's older versions of MS Publisher and since I've all ready went through a trail period of the newer version of MS Publisher nor do not have the extra cash on hand to upgrade to the full version of MS Publisher, Scribus is the software that I'll use until such time that I can aquire the nesscary resources to purchase the latest version of MS Publisher.


I'm looking for those individuals who are interested in helping me with the development of the Colonial News Network newsletter. I'm looking for a team of Copy Editors, Poof Readers,Cartoonist, and Staff Photographers. If your interested in doing any one of these please by all means let me know at .


Copy Editors - These individuals read over what is sent in by the membership and make spelling and grammical corrections to articles that have been submitted to the Colonial News Network.


Proof Readers - These individuals get to read over the entire Colonial News Network newsletter prior to it being uploaded to the net for membership viewing.


Cartoonist - These individuals work on the creation of Battlestar Galatica related cartoons for the Coloinal News Network newsletter.


Staff Photographers - These individuals provide to the Coloinal News Network photographs of events that the membership have been involved in with their chapters.


Where do you send your article submissions to? Why to for now. I'll be contacting our leadership about getting an e-mail address setup soley for article submissions for the Coloinal News Network here shortly. Just besure to put in your subject line Colonial News Network: Your Article Title. And if you have any photoes that go with the article that your submitting please include them. If you have any questions about this please sedn them to me to the e-mail address I just mentioned here.


James Cecil

Caprica Delegate

Quorum of Twelve

Public Realtions Contact

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Today at zero eight thirty five PM the Battlestar Council ended voting on Information Technology Guidelines with a vote of 7 (77.8%) Yes to 2 (22.2%) No. The Information Technology Guidelines is a document which states how members of the BFC, CDF, and Quorum of Twelve should conduct themselves while conducting business on the bettlestarcouncil forums. I'm providing to you all the extact wording of this document below so that you will have a well informed understanding of what the Information Technology Guidelines are.

"Aggression in the form of comments (both pms and public), flaming, trolling, baiting, and any form or socially unaccepted behavior to another member of this group, the fans that comprise this community, or the fan-club as a whole will not be tolerated. This includes responding to the aggression in the same manner in a public forum.

Any type of aggressive outburst or offering comments should be addressed to a moderator or administrator so they can settle the issue in a private manner with the offending parties."



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06.24.11 - Katee Goes to Comic-Con in San Diego.
Katee just announced today via Twitter that she is going to be at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.
She's going to be there 2 days, Friday July 22nd and Saturday July 23rd for two panels she will be a part of; Batman: Year One and a Spiderman video game she is also doing.

Katee will only be on the panels and will not be signing during her time at Comic Con. :-(

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Greetings Fellow Colonials,

It brings me great pleasure to welocme James Michael Katsouils as your Virgon delegate to the Quorum of Twelve. Mister Katsouils recieved 8 Yes (100%) to 0 No (0%) votes to confirm his place amongst the other Quorum of Twelve members.


James Cecil

Caprica Delegate

Quorum of Twelve

Public Relations Contact


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OK, this is a year old now, but I just found it and HAD to share it with everyone!



Some guy went and made a Colonial Viper Starfighter from Battlestar Galactica out of an old Postal Service Jeep, a bunch of other crap, and a small-block Chevy V-8.


Read more and VIEW MORE PICS at


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