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Buy Your Command...

Russia is sending a Cylon prototype to the International Space Station. Also...Note the Star Fleet logo on its shoulders. 

They are infiltrating key space facilities of importance. 

They have a plan...

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Battlestar Dreadnought Specs and Background

Battlestar Dreadnought (Heketokares-Class Heavy Battlestar): Specifications: Crew: Approx. 6,000 ships crew + 200 dedicated commtechs Propulsion: 8x Enhanced sublight engines, RCS Clusters Role: Super Carrier/Battleship Hybrid Armaments: 10x Primary batteries (5x Dorsal/Ventral Spine Triple Super-Heavy turrets); 24x Secondary heavy batteries (6x2 twin turrets port/starboard); 40x Tertiary medium batteries port/starboard (10x2 twin turrets port/starboard); many duel AAA/PDC batteries (groups of 6/12 networked batteries); 10x VLS Missile tubes (Nuclear Capable) Defenses & Features: ECM/ECCM; Drone decoy system; Advanced Fleet CIC facilities Aircraft: Full Viper Mk VII compliment, Full Raptor compliment, Aviation facilities: 4x flight pods; 4x flight decks; 160x Viper launch tubes; 4x flight pod hangars; Viper construction facilities Dimensions: Length 2584.2 meters; Background: the Heketonkares-Class Heavy Battlestar is a true goliath. Produced during the 50 year armistice, 5 years prior to the Fall of the Colonies. It truly lives up to its class namesake the “Hundred Handed” goliath of legend. The secondary guns are equal to the huge forward batteries of the Mercury-Class. Its primary turrets are the biggest over made by colonial shipyards, each barrel firing 800cm diameter shells that can shred a Basestar in very short order. & that is w/out the 600cm & 400cm batteries being added. Its unique turret layout offers equal coverage on all arcs other then directly forward. It also has a large aviation compliment in 4 separate flight pods that are recessed into the Dreadnoughts incredibly thick flanks making them very difficult to damage. The Massive forward head section is divided into upper, lower jaw & teeth. The top section is the most heavily armored & contains the ships bridge; incredibly powerful sensors & electronics are buried in the two side sections. The luxurious crew accommodations are sandwiched between the two massively armored sections in “the teeth”, all studded by banks of AAA guns. The primary role of the Dreadnought is to be the Command ship of a large Armada providing heavy artillery & strategic CIC support. It has nearly all-around heavy gun & armor coverage making it ideal for anchoring the center of a fleet formation. This behemoth features dedicated Fleet CIC functions w/ a large dedicated communications staff. Its secondary battery placement makes any attempt to flank the fleet a highly dangerous endeavor. The only truly “safe” attack vector is directly from the prow & this is covered by numerous PDC banks & incredibly thick armor plus the armada it would be at the center of. This makes the Dreadnought a true force multiplier in large scale fleet engagement.
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Battlestar Medusa (Medusa-Class/Gorgon Subtype Advanced Battlestar): Specifications: Crew: Approx. 3000 FTL: Yes Propulsion: 5x Enhanced Vectored sublight engines, RCS Clusters Role: Advanced Carrier/Battleship Armaments: 4x forward primary twin heavy KEW batteries; 30x twin turret secondary KEW batteries (14 dorsal/ 12 ventral/8 port/starboard); Tertiary AAA batteries; PDCs; 2x15 tube Missile batteries; 16 tube VLS missile battery Defenses & Features: ECM/ECCM; Drone decoy system; Advanced DrADIS; Flak barrier; reduced DraDIS cross-section; Advanced Jump calculation. Aircraft: Full Viper Mk VII compliment, 10 squadrons/2 reserve squadrons (200 planes); Full Raptor compliment, 10 squadrons/1 CSAR (70 planes); Various Axillary Craft Aviation facilities: 2x flight pods; 4x flight decks; 23 Viper launch tubes per deck; 2 x recessed flight pod hangars; Viper construction facilities Dimensions: Length 1984.2 meters. Background: The Medusa-Class is the finalized mass production form of the Experimental Battlestar Andromeda (Minerva-Class/Hyades-Subtype). It incorporates all the advanced features tested in the Andromeda. The contoured hull is designed to reduce DrADIS cross-section. Advanced vectored D2 RCS clustes work with the main thrusters to dramatically improve reaction time. The flight pods are heavily recessed into the hull sides making them much better protected. One of the final refinements are the easily exchanged palletized systems. Many core systems are now plug and play, including the CIS, reactors and jump drives. These are all accessible via external hatches. A series of hack-proof manual interlocks and clamps secure each module. This drastically decreases time spent in docks for replacements, refits and upgrades as the system can essentially be pulled and replaced with a new module in a fraction of the time spent on previous classes. KEW Armaments are fully automated and provide much better fire arcs the previous classes. The new missile batteries provide options and precision that the KEWs do not. The firewalls are the best that can be programed, and manual system backups are prevalent for all major systems.
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A Journey Begins


Four Years ago today, A new Ship in the BFC Fleet began it's Journey.

In A Ceremony presided by A former CAG of the Battlestar Galactica, The Gunstar Trireme,GSR-0201 was launched with the Blessings of the Lords of Kobol.

Our job was as First Escort to the Flagship, The Battlestar Raven; Our Mandate: Defend the Raven and the Raven Battle Group.

In the 4 years since I have taken Command of the Trireme,This Ship and Crew have Performed admirably;We have added our Firepower to the Battlegroup,and showed our enemy that we are not to be taken lightly!

Of course,as of recent,the Real World does interfere with what we do here; I have had to change jobs twice in the last 4 months;However,fortunately,It has not interfered with my command;We are still representing in my homeport of Fayetteville;In particular, Fayetteville Comic Con,which will be graced by Jack 'Bojay' Stauffer this october;And, Lords of Kobol willing,we will have more BSG(TOS and RDM) Guests in the future.

I would like to sincerely thank those who have helped us get this far: First and foremost, My XO,Capt. Grace 'Bunny' Nonemaker,A first rate Toaster Scrapper,who has kept me honest through it all;Though she has gone through some life changes herself,she has never lost her enthusiasm for BSG;Thank you Bunny! Next, My TAC/OPS Officer, Lt. Mike 'Faceman' Ursiny,who has kept my weapons at the ready to deal with any Cylons who want to come within sniffing distance of the Battlegroup;Well Done,Faceman! My Chief Navigator,Lt.Jg Deane 'Longbow' Geiken,who has kept our celestial course straight and true in true BSG Fashion;Great Job,Longbow! My Chief Engineer, Ens. Jennifer 'Bobcat' Roberson,who has done an great job in keeping the Ship in perfect working order;Many thanks,Bobcat! My MARDET NCIOC,MSGT Brian 'Tusker' Allen,who has kept all 3 platoons of the 'Hoplites' ready to go; Semper Fi,Tusker! My lead Raptor Wrangler,Lt. Anthony 'Burger' Bunn,who has been ready to deploy the 'Gremlins' from day one;Keep 'em flying,Burger! Anybody else I didn't mention,you are VERY Appreciated indeed! Also, Alexander Falkenburg, the BFCs top Graphic Artist,who perfectly captured the moment above; Looking forward to more of your creations,Alexander! To FADM Miguel Rivera,C-in-C of the BFC Fleet,Who's continued Leadership and guidance has kept us on station and on target;Many Thanks,Admiral!

And finally,To RADM/BFC President 'Dragonlady' , who's continued enthusiasm for that Saga of A Star World we call BSG,Gave me the opportunity to Express my fandom ever since she appointed me CAG of the Battlestar Raven 7 years ago; Thank you for giving me the chance to shine! I Know that I have more in me,and I will give as much as I can,for as long as I can.


                                Commander K. A. 'Leonidas' Ranson

                                 Commanding, Gunstar Trireme,GSR-0201

                                  Raven Battle Group

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