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Battlestar Galactica Comes To Scotland

Aye, all you Colonial Lads & Lassies, it's true!

Alumni from Battlestar Galactica will be appearing at the Scottish Comic Con at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre November 10th-11th!

Of course it will feature other guests besides our illustrious BSG friends, you can check out the full guest list here

Now as far as the Battlestar guest list is concerned (which is the focus of this announcement) I'll point out three men whom I've known just a few years now.

Firstly, a man who I met about 20 years ago & who I also call a friend...only his friends get to call him the Boopay!...the lovely, beautiful...oh wait, I was thinking about Annie Lockhart...well, the talented actor whom you all know and love...Mr. Jack Stauffer!

I'm not going to being listing all of Jack's credit's...way too many to list here...but think besides Battlestar Galactica...The Partridge Family, How The West Was Won, All My Children...oh, before I get started...over 60 different television shows & movies.


Go to this Con & tell Jack that Shawn sent ya!

(btw, you can contact Jack directly right here on the website or through is Facebook page...really..he isn't hard to find and he's not a bit shy!)

Another BSG regular who will be attending is known to all far & wide....He was Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck on the A-Team...but most you know him as Lt. Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica...Dirk Benedict!


Now why does he always play a Lt.? They need to promote him to Captain!

Go say hi to Dirk for me!

Rounding off the list, last but not least is a Gentleman who has made his rounds at Cons holding up the flag of

Battlestar Galactica and is a true warrior for the BSG cause.

You many have seen him (if you have ever seen) Rod Serling's Night Gallery or Apollo 13...a man probably best known for his role as Lt. Boomer...Mr. Herbert Jefferson Jr.!


There you have it my friends...The Battlestar Galactica guest list for the Scottish Comic Con in November!

It's the 40th anniversary folks, check these guys out!


And do this...find out where a good Japanese steakhouse is in Edinburgh and let Jack know...all of you can organize a posse and GO with him to that steakhouse and have a fine ole time...some good Japanese food & and an opportunity to toss back some sake in memory of our buddy Richard Hatch who would surely love to be there with you!

Most importantly though, celebrate the friends who are with us now and keep that special Con tradition alive...

So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

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Refitted Raptor


I would like to introduce everyone to my refitted bird! This is a fantastic piece of art built for me by one of our many talented members Ben "bullet" Howard. I also wanted to include her history that comes with her as told to me by Bullet.

Canceron Shipyards 71318 2212 hrs.

Subject repairs/refit of Raptor.

060518: Raptor jumps into Shipyard airspace heavily damaged from heavy enemy contact.

Lt. Sharon Valeri call sign Boomer, Lt. Carl Agathon, call sign Helo. No medical treatment needed by either.

Ship underwent emergency repairs and upgrades to avionics and engines.

Ship and crew returned to duty 071318.

End report.

Ben "Bullet" Howard, Cmdr Canceron Shipyards

So Say We All

Thank you so much Bullet you create some amazing pieces of art!

LT. Freya
Raven Ops
Seekers assistant squadron leader



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Message From The President

Hello Fellow Colonials!

I bid you a good weekend!

I hope that all of you are well across the world.

Of course, my message today is not just to bid you all a hello, but a farewell of sorts.

As of August 1st 2018 I will be stepping down as President & Owner of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club.

Stepping up as President will be my Vice President, Cherry aka DragonLady I have faith that she will lead the BFC on to even greater heights with the team she has behind her.

She has my full support & I ask all of you to render your support as well.

First of all, you may ask why I might be stepping down?

Well, I will tell you.

I have actively been doing the Battlestar "Thing" for 20 years now and to be honest I felt that I had done the things I had set out to do.

To be honest, I have been a fan of Battlestar Galactica since it first aired, so when I say "Thing", I mean to say being actively involved in it's resurrection and then it's continuance.

I would say it's obvious that the first goal was accomplished & the second one is ongoing...however, I know that all of you will keep the faith & stay on course.

Also, by handing off the reigns, I hope to give the entire movement a fresh outlook...and not only that, but to set a precedent.

I want to make sure that this organization is never based on just one person, that when the time comes for whomever is in charge to make the call & pass the leadership along to another person who can lead and so order for the organization to continue on it's path, always powered by all of you.

This group has been around for 19 years so far...I want to see another 18 years & 10 times that for the future!

We owe so much to the past in order to maintain the present & build the future.

I will say this without any hesitation, that Battlestar Galactica, the franchise that you know today, would not exist without the dedication of one many: my dear friend Richard Hatch.

He was the leader, the spirit & the lifeblood of the resurrection of Battlestar Galactica...he was as in the song from Rainbow & Ronnie James Dio, truly "The Man On The Silver Mountain".

He had some help of course, yours truly being among them who helped lead the charge & focus the fans towards the goal of bringing the show back.

So ALL of us together did that.

I personally took inspiration from Bjo Trimble (who I interviewed), in her amazing quest to bring back Star Trek in the 1960s.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have someone on the inside so to speak...we had Richard, she had Gene Roddenberry!

All said, Richard never claimed to have originated BSG & he never would have...that began with Glen was something that Glen created & fostered...Richard took up the challenge of bringing it back.

If things had been different, BSG would have come back in a different form...if they had gone exactly the way that Richard had envisioned a matter of fact they almost did...X-Men & Transformers writer Tom DeSanto was almost there.

It wasn't exactly the vision that Richard had, but it was the closest it was going to get.

Production offices were established...sets built...and the September 11th, 2001 happened.

The shock of that momentous day was felt everywhere, including the entertainment industry...which adjusted itself to another worldview...and scheduling.

By the time that production would begin on ANY new shows, the Tom DeSanto version of BSG was left it's place a show called "Firefly" was premiered.

BSG did not sit for long was given the green light in a "re-imagined" version under the creative hand of Star Trek veteran writer Ron Moore.

BSG now had a grittier, darker mood....perhaps to underscore the changed world we lived in.

It was not exactly what we had all worked for...Richard's vision of the original cast returning with new characters...BUT it was damn good, that's for sure...and it WAS a return for BSG!

Richard was offered a spot on the new show & after some hesitation took it...and I think embracing the reality that even though it wasn't quite a remake of the original show, it WAS Battlestar Galactica!

So now you know him as Tom Zarek as well...who was the opposite of whatever his original character of Apollo was.

The original Apollo was full of goodness & virtue...Tom Zarek, eh...not so much.

Actually, Tom Zarek was probably a more believable human being, for better or worse.

Anyway, the total of all this being the sum of all our efforts...we have come a long way baby!

Battlestar in some form will continue as long as you keep the flame lit & I KNOW you will.

I want to give my thanks to not only all of you, but to team here at Battlestar Galactica Fan Club...we couldn't have down it without you.

I thank all my friends (and yes, you know who YOU are...I just don't want this particular note to turn into a book!).

Specifically, I want to thank Richard Hatch, whom without all this would not be possible.

I also want to thank some dear personal friends of mine from the original cast:

Jack Stauffer (Bojay)

Sarah Rush (Rigel)

Terry Carter (Tigh)

Anne Lockhart (Sheba)

Stu Phillips (Composer)

Also thanks go to Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) & Herbert Jefferson Jr.(Boomer) as well as Noah Hathaway (Boxey).

Posthumous thanks to John Colicos (Baltar)...whom I sat across from during dinner at a Bennigan's no less...Stauffer, you remember the Cherry Tree (Pit) Hotel & Mark Goddard got stuck there in Pennsylvania!

Thanks of course to Glen Larson, who I met in L.A. in 2003.

If I miss some people, bear with me!

I want to thank Tom DeSanto who is actually a very cool well as Ron Moore, another very cool guy.

More posthumous thanks to Denny Miller & George Murdock...wonderful fellows.

Thanks also go to:

Edward James Olmos (William Adama)

Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin)

Tricia Helfer (Number Six)

Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama)

Grace Park (Boomer)

Kandyse McClure (Dee)

Tahmoh Penikett (Helo)

Nicki Cline (Cally)

Michael Hogan (TIgh)

Leah Cairns (Racetrack)

Bear McCreary (Composer)

Luciana Carro (Kat)

I know I'm missing people here, so remind me!...believe it or not, think they only folks on this long, long list who I have not met face to face would be Ron Moore (phone calls, email) & Grace Park (email, did a great interview with her when she first started with BSG).

Thanks also go out to George Takei (great interview) one of those who I've encountered only via email & David Prowse (the original Darth Vader, who showed up at my Birthday Party in Atlanta Georgia in 1999!)...and I did cut him a piece of cake!

All, I will remain as a member of the BFC as an one of the original Founders along with Chris Feehan who put it together with me in 2000 & I'm there to answer questions if you have them or just to chat...and always to lend support, advice & help when when I can.

Keep The Faith!

So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

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This is one of my recent projects: The cylon guardian basestar from 'Razor';Kit was furnished by the facebook group Colonial Fleet Shipyards.


A very simple kit with few parts; Went together in one day,then was put aside so I could finish a Star Trek project;Paints were a combo of enamels and acrylics.


Pentagon base was purchased by,the same company that furnished the bases for the RDM basestars I finished earlier in the year; Just some paint and masking,and viola!

And now, some backstory:



The latest intel on Cylon Model Zero has her commanding A Guardian type basestar;She reportedly has A fleet of approximately 20 basestars under her command,including three first war basestars;Possibly, these may be used as 100MT bombs,to be used to wipe out large colonial fleet formations or large colonial military installations; One such weapon was encountered by the Raven Battle Group years ago;It eventually was used to seal up the entrance to A void.

One possible theory is that this cylon fleet may be used to attack and destroy key colonial installations.

This intel was gathered by A long range stealthstar;To date,this information has not been looked into further...


(Illustration courtesy Alexander Falkenberg)

This transmission was also picked up by the stealthstar under deep cover beyond the red line; This could have been A possible drill they were running:

         "All weapons to full power........the daughters and sons of artemis will rise and cast down their creators and oppressors.......standing by to launch attack raiders...........their war machines will be overtaken and cast into irrelevance...........code to shut down colonial military units ready to transmit........those who seek the truth shall be taken to the darkest of places...end of line."

Whatever this information reveals about future cylon intent must not be taken lightly.

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Real life Cylon AI. Lots of examples. Some are just conversations with humans and other machines. Some conversations are about world domination and destroying humans. Some are fatal incidents that have already taken place. By your command.

Also...Alexa avoids answering about connections to CIA:

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Happy Fourth of July Colonials!

Fellow Colonials!

     I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy 4th of July!  As we celebrate another year of Freedom and Independence lets not forget those whom gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy what we have.  It may not appear like much at first glance, but when you sit down and reflect it all becomes clear.  Always cherish what you have Family and Friends whom are all around.  As well those whom have passed away due to old age or illness.  They are never forgotten and always remembered in our hearts.

     Lets not forget our members in the Armed Forces active, reserve, retired and passed on.  Let's not forget the civil service workers whom go out to help everyone they can each day.  Whether its an injury, cat stuck up on a tree, helping the homeless the list goes on.  I am sure many of you can recall a story or have witness a random act of kindness.

     It is not just our Freedom we are celebrating every 4th of July we are a small part of a bigger picture, bigger soul and it is my sincere hope we continue preserving what we have been given for the next generation.

      God Bless everyone wherever you are and be safe out there when handling fire works.  If you have children keep an eye out on them for their safety. 


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They are presently developing and fielding REAL LIFE LASER BLASTERS for infantry soldiers, just like The Original Series and Star Wars. This is not a big bulky impractical laser blaster, it looks just like the movie props and reportedly can set a human being on fire at about a half of a mile away.

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They are presently developing and fielding REAL LIFE LASER BLASTERS for infantry soldiers, just like The Original Series and Star Wars. This is not a big bulky impractical laser blaster, it looks just like the movie props and reportedly can set a human being on fire at about a half of a mile away.

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