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I just wanted to quickly take my time to WELCOME all new members here at Battlestar Galactica Fan Club.  Thank you for joining. We here at Battlestar Galactica Fan Club are a very tight knit family of friends who loves Battlestar Galactica both old and new and Syfy as a whole.  We welcome each and everyone of you with open arms.  All we ask here at the leadership level is that you treat each other with respect.  There is  no name calling!  No berating of another person because of ones opinion or beliefs. No POLITICS of any sort ( I think we have enough of that in the real world ).   If you failed to adhere to those simple rules, your membership will be terminated immediately.  This is a place of fun and friendship in the spirit of Battlestar Galactica.  

Have fun everyone!



BFC Vice President 

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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Emmy and Academy Award nominated actor, Edward James Olmos, known for his roles in Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, Stand And Deliver, and many more, is joining the #CPX2018 lineup

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New Raven Tactical Officer



On this day of the 6th of February 2018, the Battlestar Raven would like to welcome its new Tactical Officer, Lt. Fred “Harfang” Landry. Lt. Landry was the sole survivor of Battlestar Excalibur of the Colonial Defense Forces, who used to patrol the skies of Canada. Battlestar Excalibur was destroyed in battle. Wanting to get back to serving the Colonial Fleet, he transferred aboard Battlestar Raven and became her new Tactical Officer.

So, please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Raven Command Staff, Lt. Fred “Harfang” Landry.

Lt. Landry, please report the Raven Executive Officer Major Steve “Kreios” Tweed for your newcomer’s briefing.

~Raven Actual

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Oh BABY!  Quick! Somebody give me some cubits! Give me some cubits! Number Six, you have some STIFF competition! Oh goddesses of desire! I'll give you a lube job any where, any time! Wuhoo! Come on, seriously! Give me some cubits! Give me some cubits!

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My record in the Colonial Fleet

My records in the Colonial Fleet:

  • September 2010 : Assigned to the CDF BSR-05 Excalibur under command of Colonel McGuire.
  • March 2011:  Certified for Operations
  • December 2011 :  Ensign Landry was rescued aboard Excalibur by  BSR-51 Responder crew 
  • December 2011:  assigned to BSR-51 Responder
  • January 2012:  Ensign Landry was appointed as 11Th Liaison by FADM Jenner 
  • February 2012: certified as Viper MKII pilot and Raptor pilot, 11041QC
  • September 2012: Promoted to major
  • September 2012: awarded Order of the Colonies, by CDF admiralty for work in rebuilding the 11th Fleet.
  • January 2013:  BSR-05 Excalibur is recomissionned and Colonel Fred Landry is appointed as Commanding Officer.
  • January 2013: Promoted to Colonel.
  • July 2013:  big Canadian BSG fan encounter at Montreal Comiccon with Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Tamoh Penicket and James Callis.
  • 2013-2017:  Patrol in a wild area of space (Canada) without any big cylon encounter.
  • January 2017:  Colonel Landry resigned from BSR-05 Excalibur command.
  • January 2017:  assignment request to BFC-02 Raven.
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Yuval Harari is one of Israel's top experts on transhumanism, brain hacking, etc. Much of what he has talked of before is exactly like the skin job cylons or Blade Runner stuff.

**** Newest Info Will The Future Be Human? Touches on downloading brain data into replacement bodies.

Jump to 21 minutes to get to the topic. Otherwise the entire interview is enlightening to show what those who are developing this technology are up to, and disturbing. In some interviews he has discussed the REALITY of using chips to collect human thoughts, memories, and emotions and download them into a replacement body.

The End of the Biological Era And The Rise Of Machines

Techno-religion of transhumanism.

The End of the Biological Era And The Rise Of Machines

**** Newest Info Will The Future Be Human? Touches on downloading brain data into replacement bodies. ;

Some More Stuff

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February is Dopamine Awareness Month. Valentine's Day is a special day set aside for Dopamine Awareness. Dopamine is the venom that is on the tips of Cupid's arrows.(Remember that Cupid has been determined to be a Cylon agent acting to bring about disruptions and chaos throughout the Colonies where ever possible. He is ont of their most effective Psy-Ops agents).  Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that causes one's heart to float in the clouds, a strange butterflies flying in the stomach sensation, and of course temporary mental retardation as the brain's cognitive faculties are impaired. It is also responsible for feelings of attraction and bonding, such as one may feel for a puppy or their new born child. Dopamine should be treated as any other common intoxicant. When one is initially attracted to someone else, their brain is flooded with Dopamine, they lose all common sense, and become addicted to said individual. This is also called EROS. It is self centered and usually sexual "love," but it does not last, because just like any other drug, the body develops a resistance to Dopamine, and "That Loving Feeling" goes away. It is at this point most relationships are at risk of ending abruptly, as the individual seeks more stimulation from other sources to satisfy the desire for a Dopamine fix. However, in some cases EROS is supplemented by PHILEO AKA PHILIA, a more mutual sort of "love. " This is more of a sharing, give and take sort of relationship. Dopamine is still injected into the brain, but in more reasonable doses, and cognitive functions are less effected, hence less temporary mental retardation. Such a relationship has a better chance of lasting longer, however, if one partner feels they are giving and not receiving, the relationship again faces abrupt termination. However, if EROS and PHILEO are also supplemented by AGAPE, there is the greatest chance for a successful life long relationship. AGAPE is "love" that has no limits. and does not depend on the response or reaction of the other partner. There typically is little or no Dopamine release into the brain with AGAPE, so all cognitive functions remain in tact. Each type of "love" serves its purpose. Eros causes initial attraction and procreation. However, Eros deters mental function, so after a few months the body becomes immune to it in order for Phileo to kick in. This is a bonding "love" that a mother has for her new born child, for example. It is the "love" that motivates both partners to prepare for the child's arrival. After a period of time, Agape kicks in to help the family to raise the child until adulthood. Agape has no limits. It is the sort of "love" that a loyal dog has for its human. Agape love is required in raising a family, because the child will go crazy at certain phases in its life and drive the parents nuts. All inferior types of "love" would result in the child's death, mutilation, or expulsion from the family unit. Agape motivates the parents to overcome the emotions and difficulties they face and continue on unto the end. Agape always seeks what is best for the one "loved," so it is also involved in tough love and letting go if that is in the best interest of the other. A Dopamine intoxicated mind is not capable of such selfless actions.
So, please keep all of this in mind, and if at all possible, seek out, destroy, maliciously murder, mangle, mutilate, and utterly annihilate Cupid. And JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS. JUST SAY NO TO DOPAMINE! JUST SAY NOPE TO DOPE! Thank you for your attention.

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