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BSG '78

I hadn't seen the original show since I was a wide-eyed kid smitten with that rascal, Starbuck. Thanks to Netflix, I've been watching the show from start to finish. If you are a fan of the recent edition of BSG, I encourage you to share with me the surreal experience of watching the 1978-79 series. Comparing the characters has been fantastic, and I love the goofiness of the viper controls, especially CORA, and the shiny, shiny Cylons's costumes. Check it out and report back to me--by MY command!

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Acting contest at Galacticon III

It was tweeted that it might be cool to have an acting contest at the Galacticon III next year. I am the volunteer coordinator for the event and funny enough just today had a drama teacher express interest in being a volunteer. If this is something that everyone want's to see happen speak up and let us know.

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Volunteers at San Diego Comic-Con!


I will be sitting in with Richard Hatch at his table at SDCC...promoting not only the Fan Club but Emissaries: Galacticon III!

For all those that are attending this event, I'm bringing a HUGE stack of our G3 advertisement glossy's and since the crowd as usual is going to be so huge, I would appreciate a couple of folks grabbing a handful and passing them out to people...not an all day thing, they will go pretty quick...but it would be most helpful to create a buzz.

So feel free to step up & let me know!

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At the middle of  May I bought a BSG t-shirt on Ebay, a nice viper patch t-shirt.  As I didn't receive  any news from them 3 weeks later, neither confirmation of shippings, I wrote to the saler.  They just have been very cool with me, they explained me kindly that  shipping was delayed because the shirt come from another shop  and  only one shop take care of International shipping.  So he just proposed to refund me and send it free.  It was more than fair so I  offered to buy another one.  around 23 $ for 2 originals Syfy t-shirts.  : D  a frakkin good deal!

I just received the t-shirts yesterday and they are original, very nice and they sale it at an affordable price.  As they dealt with me that kindly I want to recommend this shop.  They have a lot of BSG t-shirts and they really take care of their customers.  Here are the link of the product I purchased:

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Fellow Colonials!

Firstly & I must note with sadness the passing of veteran actor Richard Lynch today.


A fine actor who appeared in countless roles throughout the years & probably best known to BSG fans for the parts played in the original series episodes "Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Parts I & II)" as Wolfe, to Galactica: 1980s Xavier to even the role of Count Iblis in Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming.

Of course those were among many roles he played...from Star Trek to even Rob Zombie's interpretation of Halloween.

He will be missed.

As far as the new folks we are proud to announce for Emissaries: Galacticon start, veteran Jack Stauffer who played Lt. Bojay in TOS will be joining us and you all probably know he showed up first in the episode that introduced the character of Commander Cain to the world..."The Living Legend Parts I & II".

Also as a part of the "main trio" of Viper pilots defending Galactica, we are happy to welcome the orginal Lt. Boomer...Herbert Jefferson Jr.!

And for something of a change of pace & genre, we welcome the lovely Alessandra Torresani who portrayed Zoe Graystone in the acclaimed SyFy series Caprica.

As a reminder to everyone who has not visited the G3 site today...prices ARE going up July 5th on the tickets

For all those attending ComicCon this year, please look out for Richard Hatch there along with Herbert Jefferson Jr. as well as the original Starbuck...Dirk Benedict.

Don't miss Richard's panel on Thursday the 12th called "So Say We All" at 1030 am.

Yours truly is going to be there...look for me at Richard's table boosting the Fan Club & G3!

So Say We All!

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Happy Birthday-DragonLady

Words do not even sums up what I really wanted to say here.  Today is a very special day to someone that is very Dear to my heart!  I really had no idea what to give to this person as a birthday gift that will mean to her more than anything else.  And I thought of this one thing that she will never expect coming from me.  So I contacted her very good friend Miguel Rivera and ask for his help to make me a one of kind BSG artwork that only him can do since they are good friends of many years.  I have watch Miguel and her do phenomenal work on Battlestar Aries.  The two of them are one hell of a team together on the Aries in my humble opinion. So without further ado, I would like to present the following phenomenal artwork done by Miguel Rivera per my request to him, to none other than this special woman.  My significant half,  DragonLady.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!




The significance of the artwork relayed to me by Miguel are as follows:

- The back ground was kept lively in order to honor her sensibility while complimenting her bright personality.

-The shields in the corners carefully noted are in the same shape of "Superman S" to denote her hard work and integrity. That is the same frame shape that is used on Battlestar Galactica, where all the papers and frame the corners are removed

- He also place the Phoenix logo not only because it looks cool, but most importantly she represent what a Colonial Warrior embodies. Makes him very proud that she has come along way and still learning.  But then as we all are.

-The binary numbers represent the ships computers and diagnostic in engineering.

-Next, he included parts of the Galactica hull as a token of good faith as she is a fan like many people out there.

- Lastly and faithfully, he placed two crossed wrenches because you are his Engineer and a good friend of many years.

It was a great honor for him to render this art in her honor of her birthday.


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Acting Outlaws video online

As most of you know a while back BSG's own Tricia Helfer (Number Six) and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) made a motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to New Orleans to raise money for and awarness of the Gulf Coast situation after the oil spill. Coined the La La Ride the two rode for days in all kinds of wind and rain and done a broadcast every night to update on the ride. That video is now on sale at for only $4.99, which goes to the charity. It is an interesting documentary and a good cause to support as BSG fans. Oh yea, I am in it also.

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BSG Raptor Timer (Windows Phone App)

Hi Everyone!

We are software developers, and during our regular workflow we often need to see how much time is left from a specific process. This is why we created a countdown timer in different versions and for different devices. To show our respect, we designed it following the Raptor's timer. To make it available for the general public, we have come up with our first BSG-related app for Windows Phone devices half as a hobby: BSG.Raptor.Timer (Link to Windows Phone Marketplace). We still do not know whether others may be interested in this, but we were happy to make it, and we thought it is well worth a try.

This is debut video on youtube:

As it is more than obvious that knowledge about the series in this club is much wider than what we can even think of, we would be delighted to get any opinion or feedback about the application or our work.



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Be sure to visit the Rhode Island Comic Con November 3&4 2012 and see in person the the Ballestar Galactica reunion with Starbuck Dirk Benedict,Apollo Richard Hatch,Boomer Herb Jefferson Jr,Sheba Anne Lockhart,Boxey Noah Hathaway,Lucifer Felix Silla aka Twiki from Buck Rogers
and more

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