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Caprica prop to be auctioned at Fan Days Con


Purpose: To raise funds for tables at future conventions

The item for auction: A screen used Caprica Athena Academy uniform like the one worn by young Zoe. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

When: October 8th-9th at the Fan Days Convention in Irving, TX

How it works: The Battlestar Galactica Fanclub will have a table at the above convention where the prop will be on display. Bidders will fill out a contact card with the amount they wish to bid and drop the card in a sealed container. At 2:00 pm on the 9th the container will be opened and the prop will go to the highest bidder. The winner will be contacted by the phone number listed on the contact card. The prop may be picked-up at the convention or may be mailed for $11.00 flat rate box postage after payment is made. Bids will be accepted by email from now until 0900 am 10/7/11. To bid by email send your bid to and a card will be filled out and dropped in the box for you.

Stuff you need to know: Anyone may place a bid on the item. If you bid and default on payment the next highest bidder will be contacted. After close of auction we will attempt to contact the high bidder by the phone number given. If we can not get in contact with the winning bidder the next highest bidder will be contacted. This prop was worn by a background actor in the series Caprica and is not the Zoe costume.

Good Hunting !


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Hi Everyone -

 It's Ilana, director and producer of We Are All Cylons.  I wanted to reach out and say hi and to let you all know that the film will be showing at Dragon Con on Friday September 2nd at 530pm. I won't be there but I have a very trustworthy Cylon rep who will be. It will also be screened at the Arizona Underground Film Festival on the 18th in Tucson where I will be. Please go to the film's FB page for more  info and please "like" for updates.  you can also see the preview here:


I would love to hear your thoughts on the film and look forward to responses from DC.

All the best and So Say We All, Ilana

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During the run of Caprica the SyFy Channel started to map out Blood and the time they were considering 9 or 10 webisodes at about 10 minutes apiece filmed on greenscreen.

Doesn't sound very satisfying does it?

Then came the end of Caprica...and new thinking was put forward to instead make this...first a movie pilot...and of course as the formula goes then on to a series format.

Well, news has come that they are considering switching back to the original concept of having those 10 minute webisodes, which I for one think is a terrible idea...webisodes are merely meant to enhance a regulary televised show, not BE the show!

Please read here:

Airlock Alpha as well as


Really bad idea.

But there is something you can do about it...YOU can make your opinions on this be known in a big way.

Starting today, I want to ask you all to send two...2...count 'em....two letters every Saturday to a couple of gentlemen who have a LOT to do with this show.

First is:


Dave Howe


NBC Universal-SyFi Channel

30 Rockefeller Plaza 21st Floor

New York, NY 10112


The next:


Mark Stern

President Original Programming

NBC Universal-SyFy Channel

100 Universal City Plaza

Bldg 1400 14th Floor

Universal City, CA 91608


We are talking two stamps a week on this is all!

On the front of the envelope (very important) write: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD AND CHROME TELEVISED NOT WEBISODED!

Be nice, be polite....but be to the point.

Photocopy duplicate letters if you like to send...but just say one thing & one thing only...that YOU want to see Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome on TELEVISION where it's meant to be.

Actual episodes...not 10 minute extened soundbites.

You are the consumer...make no mistake, YOU tell the networks what to air by your viewing habits, not the other way around...and this gives you the opportunity to say it directly.

Snail mail is much more effective in a case like can be deleted with the touch of a can't delete bags & bags of mail coming in every day.

At last count we have 828 members on the site with well over 500 on the CDF...lemme do some math....oh that's 2600 pieces of mal in one day! (well, approxmiately!).

That means if you all can take the time and write that letter (hey it can be two lines...doesn't matter) pop it in the mail...they will get nearly 11.000 pieces of mail over the coming month.

Please believe we WILL be making more people aware of I promise you a lot more mail than that will be on the way!

Draw the line & speak your mind!

So say we all!


Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club



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I'm new to the fleet

Hello one and all.

 I'm an old school fan of Battlestar Galactic. I was seven when the show first aired all those many yahrens ago.  I loved the show and it’s directly responsible for my loathing (American) Football.

Where I grew up we had one TV channel(all the 20 something’s read on in shock. “One channel?”)

Yes, one channel. It was an ABC affiliate.

So because there were no other networks stations close by they could show NBC and CBS sports(and boy’ did they).

I only remember seeing about 4 of the shows in the fall of that yahren because of fraking football! 

Football seemed to be on every time I wanted to watch anything.     

It was not until a few yahrens later that cable TV came through that I got the see all of Battlestar Galactica episodes on channel 39 out of Dallas TX.                                             

I remember watching Galactica 1980 with happiness then quickly followed by, where are Apollo and Starbuck? This is Boxee? Why call him Troy?  Even at age 8 I could tell this was felgercarb.  

It wasn’t until I found the whole series at best buy on DVD a few yahrens back that I had even seen the series sense I was 9. I remember passing when it aired on the “Sci-Fi Channel”. I bought it more or less because I now had all the

1978 Battlestar Galactic via the Cylon head DVD boxed set(great set by the way)and might as well get it if only because of the Starbuck episode.

Here is the funny thing, they are not as bad as I remember them being. They are at least watchable. As for the new Battlestar Galactic, if you ant got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. Or say it on twitter.

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I'm a new member to this NEW site...

But I think I was born to write and draw a LOT of Battlestar stories before I die.

On a sentimental note...I buried my father to a story I drew based on an old back in the day almost 10 years ago this upcoming November.  The original pages went into his suit pocket he was buried in. 

10 years later...I still have the passion to expand Battlestar. Both series are EXCELLENT.  My  new comic company only exists because of a passion for both.  If I get the chance to get a license....I have the perfect story to bridge seires together  (Evil John Colicos Laughter kicks in)....

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Celebrating 14 years of service to communities in the Sierra Madre


The Sexto Sol Center for Community Action( A non profit organization very dear and near to Edward James Olmos)  contributes to the elimination of poverty and the restoration of the damaged environment by promoting cooperative enterprise, environmentally sound agriculture, appropriate technology and conservation. We work in the Sierra Madre region of Chiapas, Mexico and with repatriated refugee communities in Guatemala. We collaborate with others to bring the message of respect for all life into policy discussions. Through our internship program we train others to do this work elsewhere. 


What they do:  


The Sexto Sol Center for Community Action serves impoverished communities in Chiapas and Guatemala where a change of vision and technical assistance can help them create a better life. Since 1997 we have assisted people to create success with cooperative businesses, grow healthful food, improve neglected schools for their children, regain cultural pride, protect the watershed, create eco-villages and heal from the trauma of disaster and war. We advocate internationally for the respect of indigenous human rights and environmental and economic justice. We hope to inspire others to exercise their own compassion be they our supporters, volunteers or interns. We work in one corner of the world in a way we hope ripples out beyond.  


According to the Mayan calendar, the world is entering the Sixth Sun, El Sexto Sol, the time of Justice and of the emancipation of indigenous peoples. We promote the ethic of "community action" whereby community members work together to solve common problems and to reach common goals.  Edward James Olmos had been a friend of the non-profit Sexto Sol Center since 1997. 


On a planet with abundant life, water and resources, poverty should be viewed by everyone as an aberration. But we have yet to figure out how to live in a way that affords every member of the human family with the necessities for a healthful life. Therefore most people accept the existence of poverty, of the loss of 35,000 children to starvation every day, as "unavoidable."








Sustainable Livelihoods Program: In a region with few opportunities to earn a living, Sexto Sol helps grassroots organizations to sell their products internationally. We work with emerging cooperatives and associations since collective effort builds social support among members, forms leaders and encourages people taking ownership of the development of their community. 

We help groups learn what they need to independently managing of their own business. Sexto Sol facilitates partnerships between the cooperative and companies interested in importing their products. For cooperatives of coffee growers this means helping them to export to buyers in the Specialty Coffee market who pay more for fair trade and organic coffee. (Help Sexto Sol by buying Higher Grounds Coffee, see bottom of this page.) Environmental Justice: Empowering indigenous people to defend their rights, the health of their communities and their territories. Recycling, Upcycling: Tons of plastic trash washes into the Canyon de Sumidero each year. Sexto Sol is working to give this refuse a second life by tranforming it into saleable household items that can be produced by people working from their homes. Eco-village/Permaculture: Building on the sucess of helping Nuevo Bullaj cooperative export their Fair Trade coffee, we are helping these repatriated refugees in Gautemala to create an Eco-hotel and guiding them to trasform their community into an eco-village. Helping people heal from the trauma of war and disaster: As a response to Hurricane Stan, Sexto Sol sponsored training for 50 local doctors and healers in a unique technique to heal Post Traumatic Stress for the large numbers of people affected by the tragedy. Mr. Olmos and his fans provided significant support to make this possible. This work is evolving as we continue to help




people cope with traumatic life events. Improving the Quality of Education for Indigenous Children.  Education is an essential tool for constructing a way out of poverty. Ideally communities should be involved in assuring the quality of education for their children as part of the process of regaining self-determination. However, the schools serving indigenous children in the Sierra are terribly neglected and teachers must work with very inadequate facilities and materials. Sexto Sol works with parent organizations to improve the buildings and grounds and assists teachers to find ways to make the original culture and language more central to instruction. We provide books to build school libraries and encourage children to read both in Chiapas and Guatemala. By helping parents and teachers to improve the schools, the community is enriched by the pride that comes from giving their children a better education.


A Special Request for Help from Edward James Olmos:

The Sexto Sol Center for Community Action has informed me that they were very grateful for your significant support in 2008 for their relief efforts for survivors of Hurricane Stan in Chiapas, Mexico. The non-profit is now in its 12th year of helping people to address poverty in the remote mountain communities in the Sierra Madre. They do this by working with small-scale coffee growers and by teaching people to grow their own food with permaculture, among other strategies.


An important part of their work to confront poverty is to provide assistance to schools that serve indigenous children. These schools are unique because they are the only places where indigenous children can receive some teaching in their own language in a region where local cultures are under pressure. But as bilingual schools, they receive only a fraction of the funding that other schools do. The buildings are in terrible shape and teachers do not have adequate materials for teaching. Sexto Sol works with schools that don't have proper buildings including one that is located in the flood zone.  Sexto Sol organizes the parents and teachers to make improvements to the buildings and to create attractive play areas for the children. They provide the paint, landscaping materials and training needed to get the job done. They also provide a significant amount of books to schools for libraries to encourage children to read.  

Francisco and Tamara, the field team of the Sexto Sol Center, ask for your collaboration to improve the education these children receive by making a contribution to this effort. For more information on the work of the Sexto Sol Center, please see They asked me to tell you that "Changing the world is a team effort". They'd appreciate having you as part of the team. I encourage you to consider making a contribution.

Thank you,

Edward James Olmos



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LATINO PUBLIC BROADCASTING wins Imagen’s Norman Lear Award
(Los Angeles, CA) August 9, 2011
Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB), a non-profit organization funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is pleased to announce that it will be honored with the prestigious Norman Lear Award at the 26th Annual Imagen Awards gala on Friday, August 12th, 2011 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The Norman Lear Award is given each year to a Latino writer or entity that has excelled creatively to dispel negative stereotypes and perceptions of the Latino community. Latino Pubic Broadcasting Executive Director Sandie Viquez Pedlow and LPB founder and Chairman of the Board Edward James Olmos, will be on hand to accept the award.
The Imagen Awards were created 26 years ago by The National Conference for Community and Justice (formerly The National Conference of Christians and Jews), based on a suggestion by television producer Norman Lear to improve media portrayals of the Latino community in feature films and television. Called “the Golden Globes of the Latino community,” the Imagen Awards are one of the most prestigious awards of its kind in the entertainment industry.
An excerpt of the award announcement follows:
“Through the funding and supporting of Latino oriented programming for public television, Latino Public Broadcasting has made a significant contribution in creating a better understanding of Latinos and Latino cultures in the United States. LPB’s noncommercial educational and cultural programming has given a voice to our community and shared with the nation the beauty of our traditions and our contributions to the arts, culture and the humanities. In addition, LPB has provided numerous opportunities for Latino producers through their support and promotion of television projects as well as independent films. As Mr. Lear impacted the thoughts and perceptions of television viewers so has LPB. There is no one more deserving of this Norman Lear legacy award than Latino Public Broadcasting.”
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The Quorum Chambers have become silent so slient that yoiu can hear the lonely foot step echoes of the janitor as he makes his way down the walkway of the Quorum chamber floors. On July 31, 2011 the Quorum members votes to take a very much needed break from all the work that they have done and to go out and have some fun with you the fans.


That's right we're out amongst you enjoying everything that you do regarding your Battlestar Galatica Fandom. Also were out here to hear what you have to say too. So should you just happen to find one of us out there by all means approach us and strike up a conversation with us about anything even if it is just the weather or how much you think Grace Lee Park is a total 10 and bets Starbuck hands down in look and sexapeal.


So what have I been upto since I've been away? I just finished working and getting a video loaded and setup for viewing on another website for a different fan base community. That community is STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Club Assoication Inc. and I'm the webmaster for the IC2012 Team, IC2012 stands for International Conference It's the big event that STARFLEET has where all the leaders of the orginazation meet and discuss items that affect the organization.


If you would like to know more about IC2012 you can access it by going to And if you want to know more about STARFLEET you can go to and find out more about STARFLEET.

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