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Caprica prop to be auctioned at Fan Days Con


Purpose: To raise funds for tables at future conventions

The item for auction: A screen used Caprica Athena Academy uniform like the one worn by young Zoe. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

When: October 8th-9th at the Fan Days Convention in Irving, TX

How it works: The Battlestar Galactica Fanclub will have a table at the above convention where the prop will be on display. Bidders will fill out a contact card with the amount they wish to bid and drop the card in a sealed container. At 2:00 pm on the 9th the container will be opened and the prop will go to the highest bidder. The winner will be contacted by the phone number listed on the contact card. The prop may be picked-up at the convention or may be mailed for $11.00 flat rate box postage after payment is made. Bids will be accepted by email from now until 0900 am 10/7/11. To bid by email send your bid to txpd515@yahoo.com and a card will be filled out and dropped in the box for you.

Stuff you need to know: Anyone may place a bid on the item. If you bid and default on payment the next highest bidder will be contacted. After close of auction we will attempt to contact the high bidder by the phone number given. If we can not get in contact with the winning bidder the next highest bidder will be contacted. This prop was worn by a background actor in the series Caprica and is not the Zoe costume.

Good Hunting !



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Comment by Paul Nix on September 19, 2011 at 6:04pm
Anne Lockhart will be appearing at Fan Days. Look for her table next to the club table.

Comment by Paul Nix on September 9, 2011 at 5:01pm
We are at the thirty day out mark for the con. Don't forget you can bid on this by email also.




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