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Galacticon III

Exciting news everyone! I'm now able to announce Emissaries: Galacticon III A 35th Anniversary Celebration of Battlestar Galactica.

This special event presented by the Battlestar Fan Club is a ways away, Fall of 2013...but we are getting ready for it now.

By the fans, for the fans of this great shows & built upon what I like to call the "6 Foundations of Battlestar Galactica".

The original series, Galactica: 1980, Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, The re-imagined series, Caprica & Chrome & Blood.

As club members we are going to ask all of you to help us to promote this event when you yourselves go to Conventions, blog on the web and simply talk to your friends.

We are going to make this the best damn event on the planet!

I guarantee it will blow your socks off!

Just remember this: Believe!

So say we all!


Shawn O'Donnell

Chairman & Co-Founder

Battlestar Fan Club



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An additional plea for Japan

I know I am just one member but please consider making that donation to the Intl. Red Cross.

It's a little personal I guess. I used to live and work in Japan, for about a year and have never found more kind & generous people.

Once I was sick and needed to be in the hospital for around  3 weeks, my japanese is not so hot and the nurses didn't speak english. But those ladies went to the effort of buying and english dictionary and really made every effort to communicate with a kind of freaked out westerner who was really ill. There was no rude indications of: why doesn't she learn OUR language, which sadly many countries do to foriegners. The Japanese had great compassion.

 Compassion is COOL.

I hope you don't mind my little story. There may be others here who have also been to 'Nippon'. I am certain they love it too. Can you make even a small donation?

Thanks for indulging my blog.


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Thanks to Stu Phillips

Stu Phillips pointed me in the right direction on regarding the re-release of the the soundtract from the pilot Battlestar Galactica, aka the Battlestar Galactica movie & of course aka Saga of a Star World.

It has been digitally remasted & Stu says it sounds GREAT!

And he should know...he wrote it!

Please click on the Intrada link on the right side of the homepage when you scroll down.

Also, please note a new entry into our Convention lineup...Comic Palooza on May 27th in Houston, Texas.

The featured Battlestar personage there is none other than Edward James Olmos!

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Late-nite binge fest. Ouch!

The baby went to sleep long ago. Sewing finished and the house..cleaned- of sorts.

 (Yeah -sometimes it looks about as good as Kara Tharce's apt. back on Caprica)

It's 11:00 p.m and I'm REALLY awake so what's any good BSG fan to do? Hit the DVD's

I decided to start from the beginning with the mini -series. The husband hits the sofa next to me but is

asleep in an hour. ( We can't blame him since his job has him up at 4:00AM.) 

Late night is really the only time I can watch re-imagined BSG. I just can't have all the scary sounds of gun fire, and people yelling

'FRAK" at each other, and the dying screams around Serena, She's only 18 months. A wee bit young for all that. Yes?

So I managed to binge BSG epidoses until about 3:30 AM.

I payed for this morning when everyone got up for roll call at 6:30-7:00.

Need some frakkin' stems! Or another latte would do. :-)

It was worth it though. A bit of extra cake never hurt anyone.

Anyone else ever eat too much?


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