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Battlestar Galactica stars: Where are they now?

Edward James OlmosAdm. William AdamaOn BSG: The stalwart and seasoned commander of the titular Galactica, he helped protect the ragtag human fleet to the bitter end. Had a thing for formidable civilian leaders. Tended to growl.Where is he now: After directing the 2009 what-the-Cylons-were-really-up-to Battlestar DVD postscript The Plan, Olmos will next appear opposite Seth Rogen in The Green Hornet (out Jan. 14), as Michael Axford, the dogged pursuer of the title hero.=========================================================Mary McDonnellPresident Laura RoslinOn BSG: A schoolteacher by trade and the Secretary of Education by title, she became the reluctant, and then indispensable, president after the Cylon massacre of humanity. Had a thing for formidable military leaders. Cancer riddled her body, twice, but it never robbed her spirit.Where is she now: Earlier this month, McDonnell reprised her juicy role on The Closer as Capt. Sharon Raydor, a cop unafraid to butt heads with Kyra Sedgwick's Dep. Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. She'll appear next April in Scream 4, hopefully for more than just a killer cameo.==========================================================Jamie BamberLee ''Apollo'' AdamaOn BSG: At first an ace pilot chafing under the shadow of his father, Apollo eventually chucked the uniform for some pinstripe civvies. Had a thing for ne'er-do-well hotshot pilots. Lit the Interwebs ablaze when he (almost) dropped his towel.Where is he now: Since Feb. 2009, Bamber has played more-or-less the Chris Noth role on Law & Order: UK, which just started its third season (or ''series,'' in the local parlance). Yes, that's right, there's even a British version of Law & Order.===========================================================James CallisGaius BaltarOn BSG: A slippery, traitorous, horndog scientific genius, he unwittingly allowed the Cylons to wipe out virtually all of humanity. Had a thing for willowy platinum blonde toasters. Found God, maybe.Where is he now: Callis is still circling the sci-fi universe, first in a recurring role on the departed ABC's series FlashForward, and now as a series regular on SyFy's Eureka, which just concluded its fourth season.===========================================================Tricia HelferNumber Six, Caprica Six, etc.On BSG: We met many versions (with many hairstyles) of the sixth Cylon model, most memorably ''Caprica'' Six, i.e. the one who seduced Baltar into betraying his own species. Had a thing for brilliant, self-serving weasels, and living in their heads.Where is she now: A go-to TV guest star (Chuck, Warehouse 13, Human Target, Two and a Half Men), she now stars opposite Dylan McDermott on the TNT series Dark Blue.===========================================================Grace ParkLt. Sharon ''Boomer'' Valerii / Lt. Sharon ''Athena'' ValeriiOn BSG: ''Boomer'' was at first unaware of her Cylon status, until she attempted to assassinate Adama. Had a thing for blue-collar grease monkeys. Eventually, she went kinda evil. ''Athena'' was at first keen on destroying humanity, until she gave birth to a human/Cylon baby. Had a thing for earnest Adonis-y officers. Eventually, she fought alongside humanity.On BSG: Park appeared on the Canadian immigration drama The Border, and starred in the A&E addiction drama The Cleaner. This fall, she'll star as Kona Kalakaua — her second reprisal of an originally male character from a bygone TV show (the first ''Boomer'' was a dude) — on CBS' big-budget reboot of Hawaii Five-0.===========================================================Katee SackhoffKara ''Starbuck'' ThraceOn BSG: Ah, Starbuck. Nobody was a more kick-ass fighter pilot, and nobody was better at frakking up their personal life. Had a thing for beefy sports stars. And intense pilots with daddy issues. And creepy Cylons who liked to kidnap her. Died, then came back to life, maybe.Where is she now: After infuriating audiences as CTU agent/Russian spy Dana Walsh on the final season of 24, Sackhoff will appear on CSI in a possibly recurring role starting in November.===========================================================Michael HoganCol. Saul TighOn BSG: Adama's irascible, alcoholic XO and inveterate Cylon hater was rather startled to learn he wasn't just a Cylon, he was one of the famed ''Final Five.'' Had a thing for boozy unrepentant flirts and, rather inexplicably, willowy platinum blonde toasters.Where is he now: Hogan rode the guest-star gravy train for a time, appearing on Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Numb3rs, and Psych. Next April, he'll star with Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, and Julie Christie in director Catherine Hardwicke's big-screen retelling of the classic fairy tale Red Riding Hood.===========================================================Aaron DouglasChief Galen TyrolOn BSG: The top engineer on the Galactica, the Chief couldn't really catch a break: His first girlfriend was a Cylon, then he learned he was a Cylon, then his human wife was killed by another Cylon. Had a thing for plucky Raptor pilots and whiny deckhands.Where is he now: This summer, Douglas headlined the (very) short-lived Canadian import The Bridge on CBS. He's currently starring in the CW college cheerleader drama Hellcats.===========================================================Tahmoh PenikettCapt. Karl ''Helo'' AgathonOn BSG: Ever loyal, he fathered the first human/Cylon hybrid baby and always looked good in a tank top. Had a thing for plucky Raptor pilots who were toasters.Where is he now: He starred in one-and-a-half seasons of Joss Whedon's ill-fated Dollhouse. Last April, he headlined the two-part SyFy mini-series Riverworld, co-starring fellow BSG alum Alessandro Juliani.===========================================================Michael TruccoSam AndersOn BSG: A professional athlete-turned-freedom fighter, Anders rescued Kara Thrace from the Cylons. Then Kara Thrace rescued him. Naturally, they got married. Sam was ultimately revealed to be a member of the Final Five. And his wife was the Messiah or something. Fun couple.Where is he now: After guest-starring on V as the mysterious John May and romancing Beckett in a recurring stint on Castle, Trucco will be a regular in USA's new legal drama Facing Kate (debuting January 2011).===========================================================Lucy LawlessD'Anna BiersOn BSG: The Cylon Number Three model was prone to soul-searching mysticism and general treachery. D'Anna's search for the Final Five (and her questionable taste in paramours) led to arguably the most existentially tragic destiny of any BSG character. (Put it this way: would you want to spend eternity in an irradiated wasteland?)Where is she now: Lawless stars in Spartacus: Blood and Sand as Lucretia, who's sort of like D'Anna with more cunning and less clothes.===========================================================Kate VernonEllen TighOn BSG: Eternally flirtatious, eternally conniving, it was easy to think that Ellen was just a power-hungry Lady Macbeth-type. But she genuinely loved her Saul — in that amour fou kind of way — even when, because of her complex betrayal of the rebels on New Caprica, he had to give her a poisoned drink. Fortunately, nobody stays dead on BSG. (Except Billy.)Where is she now: After briefly classing up the last season of Heroes with a guest appearance, Vernon appeared in the Miley Cyrus romance The Last Song.===========================================================Allessandro JulianiFelix GaetaOn BSG: Poor Felix. An idealist by nature, he served tirelessly as the Galactica's tactical officer. But his poor choice in role models — he served as Chief of Staff during Gaius Baltar's apocalyptic presidency — nearly got him blown out of an airlock. He did end up losing a leg. Since things can always get worse in the BSG-verse, he ended up leading a mutiny on the Galactica.Where is he now: Juliani's practically a Syfy regular, thanks to appearances in the miniseries Alice and Riverworld. He also has a recurring role on Smallville as Dr. Emil Hamilton.===========================================================Kandyse McClureAnastasia DuallaOn BSG: A minor but important player in the most important events in Colonial history, Dee was a key advisor to Bill Adama and the eventual wife of Lee Adama. (Dee and Lee — sounds like a folk song!) Arguably the most mysterious BSG regular, right up to her still-shocking, comes-out-of-nowhere exit.Where is she now: McClure starred in NBC's mystery series Persons Unknown.===========================================================All the information for this blog comes the from Entertainment Weekly Magazine website, copyright infringement is intended. Visit their website to subscribe to their magazine for all your entertainment information needs.
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Herb Jefferson Jr. interview

Herb Jefferson Jr.,better known as the original Boomer, will be at Trek fan days next month. He is very fan friendly so I thought I might try to get a short interview with him for the site. does anyone have particular questions they would like to have ask ?Herb Jefferson Jr. Pictures, Images and Photos
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(The following article is a copy from - no copyright infringement is intended)The Acting Outlaws in collaboration with the Gulf Restoration Network and the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health will ride for national awareness of Gulf revitalizationLOS ANGELES (September 10, 2010) – Beginning Friday, October 22nd, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24, Nip/Tuck) and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, Dark Blue) will ride from Los Angeles, CA to New Orleans, LA to raise funds and awareness for the continuous conflict and enduring environmental impact that the Gulf Oil Disaster has caused to this region.Says Sackhoff and Helfer, “On a quest to do our part to protect the earth and all its inhabitants, we sought a way to marry our love of the open road with our love of humanity. Welcome the Acting Outlaws.”Sackhoff and Helfer will ride approximately 340 miles per day for 8 days on BMW R1200GS motorcycle bikes. They will be joined by Josh Manning (Intergalactic Kitchen) who will be filming the duration of the ride. Real time videos will be posted on the Acting Outlaws website ( to share the experience.Sackhoff explains that the intent of the ride is “to do our part to maintain the worldwide awareness of a natural disaster which has significant environmental and economic effects that will last for decades.”During the ride, Sackhoff and Helfer will urge support for the text to donate campaign, Gulf Future. Gulf Future is a collaboration between the Gulf Restoration Network and the Gulf Coast Fund, and is committed to cleaning up and restoring the Gulf, ensuring coastal communities have the resources they need to fight for their future, and making sure we learn the lessons of the BP drilling disaster to keep this from happening again. Text to donate: “FUTURE” to 85944 to donate $10 to the Gulf Future campaign for Gulf Coast recovery.“This ride is going to be a challenge, but is nothing compared to what the people and animals in the Gulf are experiencing. It’s the least we can do to continue to bring awareness to this manmade disaster,” says Helfer.The journey will include stops in Flagstaff, Dallas, Houston, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. During the final leg, Sackhoff and Helfer will join local motorcyclists and rally into the VOODOO EXPERIENCE in City Park, New Orleans on Saturday, October 30th. Following the festival, they will partake in The Gulf Restoration Network press conference on Sunday, October 31st.“We know the Gulf, our coast and our communities are going to be affected by the BP drilling disaster for months and years to come. We’re proud to partner with Katee, Tricia and Acting Outlaws to help raise awareness about the challenges we continue to face, and the need for a national commitment to the recovery of the Gulf,” explains campaign director of the Gulf Restoration Network, Aaron Viles.The Gulf Restoration Network is the only environmental advocacy group exclusively focused on the health of the Gulf of Mexico. Their 16 year history has focused on uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf for future generations. Since the earliest days of the BP oil drilling disaster GRN has been independently monitoring the response with research, boat excursions and flyovers to hold BP and the federal government accountable for a full clean up and restoration effort. Additional information can be found at Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health is a grantmaking institution that supports progressive movement building in the Gulf Coast region. Founded in the wake of the 2005 hurricane season, the Gulf Coast Fund has roots in the coastal communities most hard-hit by BP’s crude oil, and the fisheries disaster it created. The Gulf Coast Fund has created an emergency fund to empower a community-led response to the BP drilling disaster and has distributed $200,000 to 32 organizations so far. Additional information can be found at year’s VOODOO EXPERIENCE — October 29, 30 and 31 at City Park in New Orleans — line-up is led by performances from Muse on Friday night, Ozzy Osbourne wrapping Saturday’s bill and My Morning Jacket closing out the weekend’s festivities. Every year, VOODOO’s musical landscape features an unbeatable mix of what’s cutting edge, iconic and traditional (New Orleans) in three distinctive musical areas: Le Ritual where the two main stages worship the music of the world’s most renowned artists; Le Flambeau’s two performance spots (Preservation Hall Tent and the WWOZ/Soco Stage) which honor the roots and history of New Orleans music and its inspiration on others; and the introduction of Le Plur, VOODOO’s dance space–dormant since 2004–which will celebrate an amazing list of electronic talent from around the world.
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Katee Sackhoff to join 'CSI' (Las Vegas)

(This article has been copied from the following source - no copyright infringement is intended) 09, 2010 03:31 PM EDT (Updated: September 09, 2010 05:13 PM EDT)Katee Sackhoff is well known to fans of "Battlestar Galactica" and "24." Both series have ended their television runs in the last year, so Sackhoff is definitely looking for work. Apparently, the actress had auditioned for the series before, but she did not receive the role she tried out for. That role went to actress Lauren Lee Smith instead.Now, she has a second shot at the series. Her character is described as a smart and touch investigator named Detective Reed. The actress will appear on "CSI" starting in November, and if the appearance goes well, the character will become a recurring part of the CBS series.Sackhoff seems to be tailored made for this "CSI" role. Her characters are known for being strong women. The actress will also appear on another CBS series this season in a guest role. That appearance will be on "The Big Bang Theory."Are you excited to see Katee Sackhoff on "CSI" this fall. The wait is only until November, and then fans will see what Detective Reed is really all about! Should be interesting to see the character develop.
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The second season of Sci-Fi Science : Physics of the Impossible with Michio Kaku (now a Honorary Friend of the Legion) begins airing Wednesday September 1st at 10PM EST on the Science Channel. They will be started off with two new episodes (Earth 2.0 and Galactic Colonization) followed by a new episode each Wednesday at 10PM and a repeat of the previous week at 10:30PM. I am the Stormtrooper in every episode, along with the greatest group of Sci-Fi fans in the world. Tim Young from the Puppetry Arts Theatre did a re-edit of our 501st Honorary Friend award presentation that was very cool. Please check it out here... and Schedule:Sci-Fi Science InfoSci-Fi Science Schedule


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