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Hello Colonials,

      I ran into this article and looks like a Battlestar Galactica Reboot is in the works from Producer Sam Esmail will be arriving arriving in April of 2020 if there are no unforeseen delays.  This has been shared on BFC FB Page as well.



      Just remember sooner or later they have find Earth if they go that route. Last thing anyone wants is they drag out the story-line for four seasons or more. If the ratings drop b/c fans loose interest then their goes the show. Shows now are more about money and ratings as far as executives are concerned. They don't give enough time for the show to develop characters fully as well as the story.  Hopefully it does great and fans keep it going by watching.  This looks to be for a streaming service according to the article.

      It is going to be introduced a "New Outline" show perhaps in in different time of Battlestar Galactica. We have the original series, Re-imagined Series, Caprica Series, Blood and Chrome. Just have to wait and see where this story-line fall in.  According to his Tweeter page Sam Esmail says is will be a new story-line within the BSG mythology. Same Producers from the show Mr. Robot.  Lets us all hope and have Faith it does great.  We are the Fans so things are basically out of our control.  Be safe colonials.

-FADM Rivera, M.C.(CF)

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Attention Colonials,
      The following mission is assigned to all Raven Squadron Leaders and Pilots. Mission parameters are simple and at times can be challenging base on the individual pilots. If you are up to having fun on different levels then step up to meet the challenge. Mission will be broken into different sections and your participation will go a long way into interacting and sharing with your fellow squadron mates.

      One of the key things in order to be a successful Colonial Warrior is being able to assess, improvise, adapt, overcome and continue moving forward. The worst thing that can happen to any pilot is being stagnate. Squadron Leaders are ultimately responsible to keep pilots engage. Whether it is role playing or another area of fun. The goal here is to acquire targets listed with a photo. Some targets will require you be in the photo. This way fellow Pilots can get a chance to meet one another visually while achieving the goals. You have two weeks in order to accomplish the mission parameters please share all photos on the Raven Airwing FB page as well as Battlestar Fan Club page in order for other members to see.

      Mission parameters will be listed below. Everything will be straight forward in order to ensure maximum participation. You will need your cell phone camera, Your mind, Your imagination and steadfast tenacity to engage to finish the mission. Now remember this will be for fun and if you want to invite family members to help you out excellent. Be prepared to travel around your City or Hometown and search / interact with other people if needed.

1- Find Main Street in your City and take of photo of said sign with city background.

2- Find your local Museum and take photo of the front ensure you are in the photo.

3- If you have a BSG item collectible or otherwise snap a photo.

4- Catch a picture of an aircraft flying overhead.

5- Draw a Colonial Viper TOS(The Original series) or Re-Imagined your choice. If you are a Raptor Pilot draw it. Perfection doesn’t matter here the goal to do the drawing.

6- The quote game. Save an image of your favorite BSG character TOS or Re-Imagined and add a quote they said on the show. For example an image of Adama and the quote, “Sometimes you have to roll a hard six”. Any character from the show post all images for fellow pilots to see.

7- Picture of a City Police or Police Car you must be in the photo. If you ask an Officer they don’t mind.

8- If you like Cosplaying wear it and share the photo.

9- Finally, to finish the mission. A photo of a light post at night. As pilots we all need to be reminded of a guiding light to get us home after every mission.

      You can post your mission accomplishments individually or as a whole if you get them done. If you do them one at a time please include the number that goes with each assignment when posting.

      As a reminder Squadron Leaders and fellow Pilots will be watching and checking Battlestar Raven Airwing FB page. The Link is here::*F

Let them all know you are strong and well taking on this simple mission show you conviction to making things happen. I know there are many that may not be able to participate, but I know those of you who will make a difference and carry their torches. Be safe everyone and look forward to see all of you making it happen. The mission parameters are simple and completely achievable the rest is up to you the individual. SO SAY WE ALL! and good luck.

FADM Rivera, M.A.(CF)

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Remembering Sept 11th 2001 Never Forget

This day always saddens me. However, from the ashes roses Unity, Teamwork, Inspiration, Guidance, Action, Selflessness, Unwavering Strength Etc etc. The list goes, but I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. The attack was that off cowards, but it made all of us aware we are not untouchable. Evil lurks in the dark planning and attacking when anyone least expects. I like so many of you will never forget and more importantly always remember those we have lost. Be safe everyone and always stay safe, Amen.


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Greetings to all of you all. I hope all of you have been doing well. I see there has been little activity among the Air Wing personnel. This is understandable because everyone has their own personal life and issues. Real life at times can get the very best of and suck away the fun of Sci Fi. As with all things we use Sci Fi as an escape to get away from the real world problems and enjoy the company of fellow fans. As Battlestar Galactica Fans we are always trying our best to enjoy each others company. Whether that is online or meeting up at a Convention. In the next few days I will be posting a few goals for you as Pilots in the Air Wing to go after. Have fun post photos share with everyone. If you are a Squadron Leader appointed by your Commanding Officer and CAG. Step up have fun and challenge yourself to see if you can make this mission happen. I will post it before the weekend arrives. If you feel that it is time for you as a Squadron Leader to step down and give someone else an opportunity. Please contact your CAG because this will allow for growth and development of fellow Pilots wanting a chance at becoming a Squadron Leader.
Be on the look out for the mission briefing in the next two days. Again it will be released before the weekend I expect all pilots and Squadron Leaders to take a leap of faith and have some fun. Be safe everyone and take care.
FADM Rivera, M.A.(CF)

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