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Happy Birthday Mr. Olmos! Thank you for a life that entertains and inspires across generations. Thank you for a commitment to charity and a body of work that form a legacy befitting your heart and soul. As we said to you in Houston, you not only portray great heroes, you are one in real life. Feliz cumpleaños jefe.


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Attention on Deck: Today we celebrate the Birthday of the best Colonial Marine NCO in the Fleet. He's the bionic right arm of Raven Actual and long time Friend of her and the MARDET OIC, Marine Enforcer. Rob's the keeper of the electrons, Master of Raven Communications and Maker of all Raven IT Magic. His creations showcase our Group efforts on all Raven and many BFC outlets and sites. He is the icon of Trust, Respect and Discretion. And he is my Shipmate and our favorite Brit. Drinks in Joe's are on the Marine OIC's account. OORAH !!! SO SAY WE ALL.


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"Admiral on deck. Honor Guard, Presennnnnnnt......HARMS (Salutes) (Band plays five Ruffles and Flourishes)! Honor Guard, Paraaaaaaaade.......HEST!" The Officers and Crew of the Battlestar Raven Battle Group hereby render honors and celebrate the Birthday of Fleet Admiral Miguel Rivera (Security Code-name "Thor"). Though a Fleet Admiral, he is also a member of the Raven Raptor "Seekers" Squadron. We consider him one our own, and submit that the Raven, in addition to being the Flag Ship of the Fleet, is his Ship. His dedication and contributions to the BFC and the Fleet match his formidable Leadership accomplishments to same. His collection of BSG memorabilia, including many screen-used items, is legend, as is his love of all things Syfy and Super Hero. So we celebrate your day Admiral, and look forward to the next time your skids touchdown in the Raven Battle Group. SO SAY WE ALL !!!12578081085?profile=original12578081098?profile=original

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Personally I love both the original and reimagined versions of Battlestar Galactica. To me, there does not need to be an either or choice. Take the best of both. By all means keep the Colonial Warrior jacket, because that's one of the coolest things to come from Battlestar Galactica. It goes very well with any type of OD Duty Greens or Khakis, so it does not necessarily have to be like TOS under the jacket. By all means keep the reimagined type of flight suit, with modifications if need be. If you don't like the middle button up shirts with the jacket, then maybe the "chef jacket" layout like duty blues in the original version, maybe with buttons, zipper, etc., with or without the pleating.  Maybe a pull over version with a round or V neck as well would be acceptable, with or without pleating. The pleating it self could be a sort of flack jacket for shrapnel if hit, as well as originally for "slug chunkers" when pullets were still in use...or also maybe some energy blasters, pulsars, etc.  How about using the directed energy weapons of TOS, but the more realistic FTL jump drives.  By all means keep all of the cylon types and raiders, AND add on some of the stuff Richard Hatch was going to present before 9-11 screwed up production of his movie.  It would be best if it were a question of being INCLUSIVE rather than exclusive. If you want to use some of the older tech stuff from the reimagined version, that can be Adama's viper and battlestars from his era. Lots of opportunities for flashbacks. As far as Vipers go, any and all variants are fine in outward appearance. Let'em  cruise and maneuver slowly using ion drive engines like in the reimagined, but also have tylium, mater/anti-mater options for faster combat, like in the original version. There's no reason a viper can't cruise slowly and do all of the fancy turn on a kubit and fly sideways while blasting away and doing an about face, and not also go full throttle at various levels with the huge vapor/flame trail as well. Lots of combat applications.  I also like the living in an asteroid field idea presented by Richard Hatch. Great place for mining operations and rebuilding fleets covertly. Lots of plot twists possible here. Maybe by a gas planet that provides a good source for fuel, tylium, or what ever.

Also, it does not necessarily have to be a reboot. It can be a continuation of the reimagined, but from the perspective of other Colonials who escaped separately and set up base in an asteroid field near a gas planet, etc. That way the ending on the reimagined is not changed, and there's lots of opportunity for flash backs to older tech reimagined stuff, with lots of high tech real time stuff as well.

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Happy Birthday Andy Pepperell

Happy Birthday Andy Pepperell !!!

You are an amazing combination of three great vocations: Teacher, Artist and Cosplayer. You have one foot in Star Wars, one foot in BSG, and goodness only knows what genres you're sitting on. Always enjoy your posts, think it comes from you caring about students, and trying to explain your artistic creativity to those of us that have none. Please continue both, So we wish you well on the 'morrow, Noble Hero: May the Force be with you; Stay shiny; Live long and prosper; and SO SAY WE ALL.


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new members


 I'm Ernie Miller and as the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Adminstrator of Colonial Affairs,
 I welcome you on behalf of the leadership of the BFC.

 Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on the site"

So Say We All !!!!!!

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Colonials and All Raven Members,

In the spirit of Battlestar Raven's upcoming 5th Chapter Anniversary,  I would like to run a contest.  The contest rules are as follows:

To start off the contest, we will have the following polling categories and then followed by the actual contest category....

1. What do you think is the best BSG episode that really got you holding on to your seat?

2.  Best BSG fight scene

3.  Best BSG catch phrase / quote

4.  Who is your favorite Cylon Model

5.  Who is the best antagonist/ villain charater


-Participants will submit a picture of themselves in their BSG cosplay costume whether it be you were attending a convention or just taking a photo of yourself in you BSG Costume at home.

-The top 5 submission will then be put up in a poll for all the fans to vote on. 

-The person that receives that highest votes on the poll, will win the top prize which is the BFC Raven Command Challenge Coin.  This coin is not given out or made available to the public due to the uniqueness of its purpose why it was built for.  And this is one of those occasion. 


-The runner up will be awarded the Raven main ship patch.


 ENJOY reminiscing back and sharing all your favorite memories of why we all love BSG and at the same time, showing off yourself the BSG way.  GOOD HUNTING COLONIALS AND ALL RAVENS that decides to enter and participate in the contest.  The contest will run at the following dates:

8 February 2016 through March 27, 2016 - CONTEST STARTS NOW ( It is now green checkers all the way )

The winner will be selected on the 5th Chapter Anniversary of the Raven Battle Group. The contest will be posted on the Raven Facebook Fan Page at -  Keep checking on the page for updates.

In Service,

~Raven Actual

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Happy Birthday Paul Rotter !!! You are an awesome Colonial Warrior, Shipmate, Club contributor and Friend. You are well known by many of our favorite stars. AND it was not a surprise when I discovered many of my G4 Seattle photos, and MOST of my favorite ones, had you in the middle of them. Enjoy your days Warrior, and, as usual, "...Launch when ready".12578080093?profile=original

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