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Let us remember the people in Tennessee and the rest of the Smoky Mountains whose lives are being devastated by these wild fires. Beautiful countryside and good people. Many of the fires were started by arsonists. All very sad and unnecessary.

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Colonial Warriors,


            It is Thanksgiving Day 2016 and what a wonderful day indeed.  Today like on so many special occasions we are surrounded by family.  In some cases we are traveling to be with family regardless of where they are because no one should really be alone on Thanksgiving Day.   There are many who take this day for granted, but then there are Colonial Warriors like us.  We SEIZE the moment to either Help,  Give back or if needed Take in folks for a day.  We never ever forget the homeless were NOT always homeless all the time.


            The homeless folks we see fell on hard times and did their best to recover, but somehow just didn’t make it back.  On this day we need to look out for them.  Whether it’s a meal to give,   a simple donation,   stop and say “How are doing? Are you okay?”  The smallest things make the BIGGEST difference.  Please take that into consideration when you are out and about today.


            I want to thank all people in uniform here and across the globe working on Thanksgiving day. Being SELFLESS is a choice that we as human often forget. Let’s ensure that we as a people don’t make that mistake.  God Bless you and your Families as you enjoy this special day of gathering together.  In closing please feel free to share with your fellow Colonials stories or photos of your Thanksgiving here on this thread.  SO SAY WE ALL! ~Salutes~

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The question of the week is.... Who is your Favorite BSG Character and why? Was this character the one who made you come back to watch week after week? Was there something about them that drew you in. I want to hear your thoughts!

My Favorite has always been Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. When I heard they were rebooting the series and that there would be a strong female lead in the role of Starbuck there was a lot of noise being made. I knew right away that I would like Starbuck. I loved that Starbuck was one who challenged authority (Col. TY) but you also were able to see so many different sides of her in that first season alone. Not to mention she could fly a viper like no one else.

So Who is your Favorite and Why?


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