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Two More Humorous Video Clips:

Blue Squadron:

Apollo Launches His Viper

Return Of The Toasters:

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Here are lots of BSG quotes. Some are humorous. Some are insightful. All are memorable.



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Hmmmm…I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas or insight about Starbuck in the Re-imagined series. I’m talking about when she flew her Viper off and imploded, then came back, in a new pristine Viper, then found her old Viper and dead body on old nuked Earth, and freaked out. She was not a ghost like Gaius’s Number 6, because she interacted with others and saved the fleet by bringing them to New Earth. Was it a sort of trans-dimensional thing where various realities merged? I’m thinking maybe they were copying the old version’s leaving Starbuck abandoned on a planet, only to save mankind by sending the woman and child back while he remained there. Maybe also, since the writers were willing to kill off main characters, they had intended to do so with her, but got too much angry feedback. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there was a resurrection ship that reanimated a copy of her body…the Cylons were advancing in their technology and could make real human clones and not just the original 12 prototypes. That would make sense, I suppose, because it would be the next logical step in their endeavors to become more human, and cloning is already possible. They DID get some of her DNA when she was briefly a prisoner. Hmmmm…So many unanswered questions. What say you? Closure to this mysterious enigma would bring closure to many, I believe. So say we all.It may be time for...ONE MORE EPISODE!
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Ron Moore graciously took some time out to answer a few questions about things BSG so we could share with all of you.
This is kind of a retrospective...I did an interview with Ron at the beginning of the Re-Imagined series run & I thought it would be fun to "look back"...and as they has happened before & it will happen again...
A big thank you to both Ron Moore & Ben McGinnis on this one..thanks guys!
So on with the show...or rather, THE interview...

Shawn: It's been a while since we last least in a public interview...then we were talking about the re-imagined series when it was on air, now that it has been off air for a bit, what is you're perspective on it's legacy?

Ron: I don't really know what the legacy is at this point.  
I'm happy to see the show is still talked about and that it seems to have a life beyond the original run, and for now that's enough.
I just didn't want it to be forgotten.

Shawn: Back in 2003 you attended the first Galacticon at the invitation of Richard Hatch...and you faced a crowd that was somewhat dubious of your intentions for a "rebooted" version of the show they loved "as it was"...& you brought a lot of folks onboard with you then & there in the you feel somewhat "vindicated" for lack of a better description that the show was met with so much acclaim & amassed such a big following...& furthermore that a lot of people who were originally doubtful actually liked the re-imagining?

Ron: I do feel vindicated in that sense.  
There was a lot of skepticism about what we were trying to do, within and without the fan community.  
There were a fair number of people in the entertainment business that smirked or snickered when we announced what our intentions were, so yep -- I feel like I got the last laugh

Shawn: What's  your personal take on the back & forth regards "Blood & Chrome"?
The fans really seem to want it to be televised...yet Sy-Fy seems inclined to make it a webisode what do you think?

Ron: It's been up and down so many times, I've lost track of what the current plan is.  
The entire project began life as an attempt to do something via the Microsoft Network for distribution on their XBoX system and then it's gone through various permutations of distribution right through the filming.  
I stopped being involved early on and I really don't have any direct knowledge of what the current thinking is or when they'll make a final decision.  
But it seems reasonable to assume that it will be shown eventually in some format, somewhere, so stay tuned.

Shawn: Bryan Singer has been making moves to bring BSG to the big screen....essentially resurrecting his plans from 2001 to bring his version (along with Tom DeSanto's) to the air...or screen in this case. Opinions on that?

Ron:I have nothing to do with the Singer feature and no comment on it other than good luck with it.

Shawn: Fair enough..but as a follow up to that seems that with a Bryan Singer version we might just be looking at yet another interpretation of the BSG universe...differering yet again from previous versions. In your opinion, what is your take on that? Arguably BSG has taken form in many different "universes" & probably more than most franchises with this venture…

Ron: I've always felt that the central story was strong enough that it could support multiple takes on takes on the material.  
Someday, I'm sure someone will do yet another iteration and I'll be curious to see it when they do.

Shawn: Given the opportunity, what would you like to do with BSG now....or for that matter in the future?

Ron: I finished the story I was trying to tell, so I'm done for the moment.  
In the future, I could see revisiting Caprica and trying to finish that story or revamp the concept in a different way.
 I also think the First Cylon War is an interesting period to explore and it would be fun to play around with that saga.  
But again, it's not on the horizon.

Shawn: A couple of months ago we were contacted by Fred Armisen from Portlandia and were tickled to help promote that show's "One Moore Episode"...did you have fun doing that?

Ron: I had a ball.  
They were incredibly gracious to the three of us during the shoot up in Portland and I was personally very flattered to be asked to appear on the show.  
The entire Portlandia team was fantastic and I'm a big fan of their show.

Shawn: What's on the horizon for you now?
Fans out there....I know...would like to know…
Ron: I'm in development, as they say.  I'm about to start pitching a variety of projects to the networks, both cable and broadcast.  Some genre, some not, some solo, some not.  Check with me again in the Fall and I'll have an idea of what's looking likely to happen.

Shawn: Do you want to do more espisodic televsion that has a central mythology...something that like BSG has an overall basic "this is your destiny" feel & this is how you get there.....?

Ron: Sure.  
I enjoy that style of storytelling and would love to do it again.  
I enjoy the process of creating a universe and an over-arcing mythology that operates within it.

Shawn: Speaking of that...with the phrase of "This has happened before & it will happen again"...I think the last time we did an interview, I asked if you had advice for people trying to break into the film I'll ask it again....what suggestions or advice do you have?

Ron: As always, I tell people that the key to breaking into the business is combination of talent and a willingness to persevere in the face of rejection.  
The business will throw obstacles in your way and make you feel worthless and untalented at every turn and you have to be willing to move over, around, or through those obstacles over and over again.  
It's just a relentless tide of "No" coming at you.  
But if you've got the goods, this town will eventually find you because genuinely talented people are hard to find and everyone is looking for them.
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Swansong: The Michael Swan Interview

The Battlestar Galactica Fan club is honored to feature this interview with veteran actor Michael Swan, perhaps best known for his roles in daytime television but who also is a part of the Battlestar Galactica legend with his appearance in Galactica: 1980!
I always enjoy speaking to him & I'm sure that some of you folks who attended the Galacticruise back in '08 remember him visiting with us all at the pre-cruise dinner aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California...
On to the interview!
Shawn: Michael, what made you think of acting as a career?
I know your mother Alys was an actress but at the same time  your family was very involved in the wine business...
Michael: Mom dropped  me off at the Palo Alto children's theater when I was 9 years old.
I stayed with the PA children's theater until I was 14 & at some point in all those plays it just seemed that I was meant to be in the theater. 
Shawn: Interestingly, you were a wine consultant in Westwood...what does being a wine consultant entail?
Michael: Because I had grown up partially in Sonoma County helping my Uncle Joe Swan in his vineyard & winery and later worked for Louis M. Martini, wine became a hobby and passion. 
When I first came to L.A. to start a recurring role at MGM Steve Wallace hired me as his first wine consultant.
I was in charge of buying, displaying & recommending wine's to Wally's customers.
Shawn: Let's talk about the Illegitimate Theater...and improv company you worked with...and David Alexander, he was a mentor to you?
Michael: The Illegitimate theater was in the upstairs room at the Tangent in Palo Alto, founded by Philip Schultz & it was very much in the classic improv tradition and thriving at the same time as the Committee in San Francisco.
This was 1968 and Phil paid me ten bucks a show.
David was Elia Kazan's protege out of the remnant's of the group theater and taught a hybrid technique based on Kazan's group & Yiddish theater experiences.
David coached many well known actors, most notably Jack Lemmon, who consulted with David well into the late Seventies.
He provided me with indispensable rehearsal tools.
Shawn: At some point the floodgates opened and you went on to literally a hundred different shows...such as "Brock" with Jack Palance & "Medical Center" with Chad Everett...when did  you realize that your star was rising?
Michael: I worked at MGM recurring in "Medical Center" & "Bronk" (with Jack Palance) and just considered myself very lucky to be a working actor.
That has never changed.
Word of mouth between casting directors brought me to different shows at all the studios & TV Production companies of the day.
Shawn: Among all that television you did this Sci-Fi thing...this show called "Battlestar Galactica"....actually "Galactica: 1980"...where you played a character called Collins...actually Deputy Collins in "The Super Scouts"...anything that leaps out about that role?
Of course, with all the roles that you've done I'm sure it can be a blur...
Michael: One of my acting coach clients at the the time was Robyn Douglas & I remember much more about helping her than I do about the role of Collins!
Shawn: Let's talk least two BSG original cast members...Richard Hatch & Jack Stauffer got their starts working in daytime played Duncan McKechie on "As The World Turns" for what...nearly 10 years?
Michael: I played Duncan for 9 years & 8 months...but this was after 17 years in prime time
Shawn: Then a turn on "The Bold And The Beautiful"...what about that?
Michael: I met two of my favorite all time people, Darlene Conley & Bobbie Eakes.
Darlene is no longer with us but I see Bobbie and her husband David Steen several times a year.
Shawn: You also do a lot of commercial & voice over work is that playing out for you?
Michael: Nice to be working!
Shawn: Current projects?...anything you have a particular yen to do? Be it theater, TV or film?
Michael: I currently announce "We're Alive!" which is a zombiepodcast & can be seen in the recently released "Piranhaconda" on SYFY & on Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management" episode 5.
Also in the soon to be released "I Love Your Moves" playing a famous Russian ballroom dancing champ.
Shawn:  I'm gonna hit you with the question I always pose...this is the advice section...what would you tell someone trying to break into show business...what's your advice on making their way in?
Michael: To quote Stanisavsky, love the art in yourself...not yourself in the art...

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Bears of the Last Frontier

Just a little plug here for our friends at out the video & yes that IS the music of Bear McCreary!

Bears of the Last Frontier showing this week!

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have heard that Chris recently won "Best Presenter/Host" at the 2012 International Wildlife Film Festival for 'Bears of the Last Frontier'! In case you haven't seen this series yet, it will be airing again this month on PBS/Nature. Check your local listings for the specifics in your area; for those of you in NW Washington, the first episode will be on PBS/Nature KCTS-9 this Wednesday at 8:00pm. That's tomorrow night!

Also, we're finalizing preparations for the filming of the final BEARTREK location, polar bears in the Arctic. We've already filmed amazing bear stories in Peru, Borneo, and Alaska for BEARTREK - a groundbreaking film in many ways. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we are coming closer to completion. As many of you already know, this non profit film and campaign pumps all profits back into conservation, and we've already accomplished a lot for bears and wild places around the world along the way. We still need  support to finish and edit BEARTREK, so please tell your friends (donate, follow us on Facebook etc). Once complete we'll be ready for the film festival circuit and the big screen next year, and an audience of millions to influence good things for our planet. We're all in this together! Watch the 90 second trailer here:

As you read this, Chris is currently on location in Alaska filming bears yet again - this time for a BBC project! Stay tuned for more details on that show in the near future.

Best wishes,

The Wildife Media Team

Talking bears on Letterman!

The 'Bears of the Last Frontier' DVD set and Chris's book are now available at 

Watch 'Bears of the Last Frontier' series online in the USA at:

Chris's hub site:
90 seconds to spare for some inspiration? Then turn up the volume and see Wildlife Media's BEARTREK trailer here: If you would like to help us complete this independent non-profit film for bear conservation, become a part of the family here:





Grizzly grazing
(c) Chris Morgan
Chris in Alaska
(c) Bren Phillips
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Hello, all..sorry to have been a way for so issues  prevailed...

Although I may stating the obvious..." Iblis"  portrayed by Patrick McNee/Imperious Leader's Islamic legend, Iblis is the name of Satan, the I wish this story line would have been more explored...good vs evil, and biblical,  very thought out writing research.

Later, Ray

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Happy 4th of July 2012



To My Fellow Colonials Here at BFC and All Around,


On behalf of my family, The Staff and Crew of Battlestar Raven, Happy 4th of July to everyone out there and all around that celebrates this occassion.  Please keep in my mind our men and women in the arm forces especially the ones stationed overseas, in your thoughts and prayers.  They are the guardians of the very freedom we so all now enjoy for freedom does NOT come cheap!!  May they remain safe to come back home to their love ones safely!

Enjoy the fireworks and be safe!  I know I will with my family!  :-)  I have our fireworks ready to go BOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!




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From our friends at

"Wolves" update!


As promised, we're following up to let you know that we have the USA airdate for this incredible show. It will be broadcast in one episode on July 7th at 8:00pm on the Discovery channel with a revised title, "Man vs. Wolf". So mark your calendars - that's this weekend! 

Thanks again for tuning in!

The Wildlife Media team

(From April 6th email)

More exciting news - if you are in the UK, the BBC 1 series 'Land of the Lost Wolves' that I have been involved with is currently airing. Episode 2 is on at 9pm on Friday 6th April - yes - today! Tune in if you can! It's a wonderful show about the wolves in my own back yard here in Washington State's Cascade Mountains, featuring Gordon Buchanan, Jasmine Minbashian and other colleagues. I'm in episode 2 briefly tomorrow, tracking wolves on the BC coast of Canada. All mind-blowingly beautiful locations, and a great story about wolves that will not give up their drive to return to the wilds of the west. For USA friends, it will air on Discovery later this year - watch this space.

Then if you want to learn more about the wolves of Washington visit our bear, wolf, and cougar webpage here:  Another great organization that is helping wolves and people is Conservation Northwest here in my home town Bellingham:

Thanks for tuning in everybody!

Best wishes,


Chris Morgan, MS
Ecologist & Conservationist

Main hub site:

Project sites:
Wildlife Media & BEARTREK:
GBOP - The Grizzly Bear Outreach Project:
Insight Wildlife Management:
PBS Nature:

Bellingham, WA, USA
© Chris Morgan

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