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What every Colonial Alliance member needs

12578018099?profile=originalHot off the press, well more like Microsoft Publisher 2007, ArcSoft WebCam Companion 4, and Paint.Net version 3.5.10, a three fonts called Caprica, Barcode, and Lucid Handwriting.

Pretty nifty, right? How did I accomplish this using Microsoft Publisher? Quite simple actually. All I did was use a blank business card size of 2 X 3.5" and selected the page setup to be portrait. You'll get a listing of different sizes of business card type in Microsoft publisher 2007 look for the one that is 2 X 3.5" and set in portrait.

First thing I did was to select the autoshape and then basic shapes and choose rounded rectangle. drew this into the work space and resized it as I needed. Then I clicked on the insert dropped down to picture and selected file and began to look for the colonial seal here on my laptop. Sized it to fit into the frame that I just created then added the text and selected the font size to be 12 (I originally started out at 36).

Next I choose autoshape again and this time i selected the hexagon shape and drew it onto the work space. I then create a text box and wrote in it "photo" then created three more text boxes one I label "Name" the second "Colony" both of these I selected the caperica font and the third I labeled "Colonial President" and selected the lucid handwriting front. Under this I selected the line and drew a straight line as I possible could then created a text box and typed in Colonial President.

The barcode font I did not have when I first began this project so I have to do a Google search to find it. It's located at the Caprica font can be found at and the Lucid Handwriting font you should all ready have on your PC since it is part of your Windows Operating system. If you do not have it you can get it at

The only font I had to install was the barcode font and that's simple enough to do. Since my laptop has the Windows 7 Operating System here all I had to do was extract the font from the zip file into a folder on the external hard drive here ( I highly recommend that you utilize an external hard drive for saving the fonts you collect off from the web as well as any photos and graphic work that you do.). ONce unzipped I open the folder that contained the barcode font right clicked on it and selected install.

A the bottom of where I had written "Colonial President i created another text box and selected the barcodde font. For the code I choose to the abberveration of the country I live in, the state, county, city,the first three number of my home address followed up by the last four digits of my phone number. Before I went any further I saved what I had just done onto the external hard drive. Then I went up to here I had the text box with the word "Photo" in it and deleted it. I selected insert moved down to picture and over to file and searched for the photo that I just edited after taking a picture of myself from my laptop and sized it to it into the hexagon. When that was done I save my work under a different name. 

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By Your Command!


Some exciting news on the horizon, I am happy to announce:


By Your Command: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide To Battlestar
Galactica: Volume 1: The Original Series and Galactica 1980
by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens

The publication date will be June 30th of this year.

Marcel Damen of GalacticaTV (and a Battlestar Galactica Fan Club member) & I have been working with Fiona Moore to get this out.

Marcel was instrumental in bringing a lot of archived information to the fore & help the authors make it accurate.

This book will be published in the United Kingdom, but I will provide a link for everyone to order from here.

Though some months away, I'm sure that all of you will want to include it in your libraries of BSG reference.

So Say We All!

PS: They do from my understanding plan on following up on with a sequel featuring the Re-Imagined series....also they have a forward to the book by someone we all know...but I ain't tellin' just yet.

That's that, you gotta buy the book!

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Hello everyone,

If you are all interested in viewing the trailer for Blood & Chrome please click here.

The video that was quickly put up on youtube was just as quickly brought down due to copyright issues, those being either NBC's issues or youtube's own internal ones.

You CAN still see the video by clicking the above link.

So Say We All!

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12578017278?profile=originalMy rendention of the planet Caprica firing off a missile to intercept a Cylon nuclear ware head during the first wave of the Cylon attacks again the Twelve Colonies of man.

Basically all I did was find an image of the DRADIUS console display erased what was in the center and saved the image as a gig file. Next I looked through Yhaoo news photographs and found one of an Isreali missile being launched and right clicked on the photo and slected copy.

Next I opened up MS Publisher selected blank page and size then clicked on edit highlighted paste and the missile photo was placed on the page. Then I clicked on insert and selected picture and from that selected image from file and prceeded to look for the new DRADIUS image I just saved earlier. All I would have to after this was a bit of resizing of both the missle image and the DRADIUS imge to get the final result as you see here. My first atempt was using and the result that I was getting wasn't what you see here. I was left with alot of coloring in to do and that was what I was not wanting to do. By me just erasring what was all ready there in the center of the DRADIS and saving the converted image as a gif there by making the center part tranparant enough to allow me to place the DRADIS image over the missile photograph and end up with a great looking Dradius screen. Who knows maybe this exact image is what the crew of the Galactica saw when the reports of the Cylon Invasion started to come in from all over the colonies.


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Battlesatr Galatica Online

Yes folks this was my first time to try out Battlestar Galatica Online today. At first I didn;t even get the online game to work here on my laptop. Oh what a shame!  Well I did not excatully exclaim that I much more said, "Frack!". Luckly I checked out the Battlestar Galactica Online forums boards for the reason as to why the online game did not work. Took me a couple of microns to find the exact problme that I was having and that was that my laptop was missin one key element. It was missing the Web Unity Player to make the game load up and all.


I had to go to the Unity web site at and download the webplayer then install it and ACTIVE STATIONS! ACTIVE STATAION! SET CONDITION ONE THOUGH OUT THE SHIP! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!   Yeah! I was in business! The game loaded up right from the main screen and at once I was on the Galactica on the flight deck looking at Viper Pilot waiting for me to mold into what I want him to look like, For the ladies out there you can change the sex from male to female just look to you upper left there on the screen and you'll see the female/male symbols there. At this character screen you get to pick the face, hair, glasses, helmet, and uniform. once you've done that you get to pick rather you want to be in a Viper or Raptor.


Myself I choose the viper. Your first time out you'll be going through training. Gotta learn how to fly that Viper first. Don't worry you've got a good instructor Starbuck will be flying around tell ya how to handle your craft. I went to far out and missed getting back to the Galactica. Yeah the red line beynd no return, LOL. Any ways the game was enjoyable for me I'll definately will return and try my hand at flying my viper again and hopefully will not end up red lineing myself off the game board. ;)


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That's right everyone the frist edition fo the Colonial Alliance New Corps newsletter has been offically published. Where can you go to get it? You can get a PDF Copy of the Colonial Alliance News Corps newsletter at My Caprica website by clicking on the Colonial Alliance News Corps button on the bottom right of the web site right next to the T-Shirt button.


Hey I missed out on the first publication how can I get in on the next issue?


Good question there my Colonial friend. You can get in on the next issue by simplely e-mailing me by placing in your subject of your e-mail client "Colonial Alliance News Corps Issue 2" and send it to my e-mail address of


That's good and dany but what about those of us who are not as techsavy as our fellow Colonials?


Not a problem. Just address your envelope as follows:


Colonial Alliance News Corps

C/O: James Cecil

        511 Letcher Ave.

        Richmond, Ky. 40475



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The neat things you'll find on the web

While doing a web search for some funny BSG cartoons, of which there are not that many of, I came across web site that had various wall paper images  realted to BSG. One of these images cought my eye simplely because it had the Coloinal Goverment seal on it.

That's right I did what every does clicked on the image to get a bigger picture of the thumb nail then right clicked and copied the bigger image. After that I started up and pasted the copied image as a new image and began to crop the one part of the image that I really wanted from the oiginal image. This too me a while to do til I got what you have see here in my photoes section of my page. I'm quite pleased with what I found. And who knows, you might see it on some offical Alliance papers one day.

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Trivia website and The Imperious Leader

Hello.all! There is an interesting website with original BSG trivia and little known facts: Cool stuff..struck me odd when The cost of The Imperious Leader's costume was $50,000..but Glen Larson hated there were no close ups of his face in the series..what a waste. I did learn that the "afro"on his head was not hair was an 'iron woven' headpiece/cowl/crown combination.the sculted retilian head was actually bald. The little bugger resting on his left arm was a "pet" winged lizard..perhaps if the figure had been more animated..head moving more, mouth moving as he spoke..eyes blinking..or motions with his hands, may have been more it was he seemed no more than a puppet.The Imperious Leader has always been one of my favorite characters in the series..too bad the character wasn't developed more.Later, Ray
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Our bear show on BBC 2 March 8th!

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you in on some excitement - our show 'Grizzlies of Alaska' will be airing on BBC 2 on Thursday March 8th, at 8pm (The Natural World)! So for those of you who are in the UK, tune in, and let us know what you think! It tells the beautiful story of our experiences among Alaska's giant coastal brown bears over the course of a summer. It is very exciting to see our show airing on Sir David Attenborough's long-running Natural World slot, and it thrusts our little non-profit organization (Wildlife Media) into the limelight alongside wonderful partners like PBS and the BBC. Sir David is a big part of the reason I got involved with wildlife in the first place - I've been watching his shows since I was about 7! Kudos to my good friend and creative genius Joe Pontecorvo - an amazing director, cameraman, and producer.

More excitement this year - we'll be filming the final location of our movie BEARTREK, an epic around the world bear adventure: polar bears in the Arctic. We've already filmed amazing bear stories in Peru, Borneo, and Alaska for BEARTREK - a film that will break the mold in several ways. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we are well on the way to completion. This non profit film and campaign pumps all profits back into conservation, and we've already accomplished a lot for bears and wild places around the world along the way. We still need  support to finish BEARTREK, so please tell your friends (donate, follow us on Facebook etc). Once complete we'll be ready for the film festival circuit and the big screen next year, and an audience of millions to influence good things for our planet. We're all in this together! Watch the 90 second trailer here:

As we speak I am tracking tigers in Siberia for a show that will air on PBS Nature later this year. There are only around 400 of these incredible animals left in the wild. Even a track will make my heart pound with excitement. Send me your warm vibes - it's around minus 30!

Best wishes,


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Colonel William “Wolf” Acosta stepped out onto the flight deck.

“Attention!” The Crew Chief yelled out causing all activity to stop and take notice of who just arrived.

Colonel Acosta looked down at the row of bodies then slowly began to walk past each one. Never has he ever witnessed the amount of human life lost in a single battle than the one that he and the rest of Yatleau crew have just witnessed more than a few hours ago.

He turned and looked at the Yatleau's flight deck crew, viper pilots, raptor pilots, and civilians that had been rescued from the planet below the Colonial docking port.

“Five Years ago we embarked on a quest to find new worlds for humanity. Today we came home and found our way of life obliterated. Some want to retaliate, others want to seek out the thirteenth tribe of mankind, and some believe that the Yatleau all ready has the way to the mythical colonial colony called EARTH!

So. We're not going to muster a counter attack against the Cylons. We're not just gonna be slaughtered together like bovine. We're going to take to the heavens and find a new home for humanity even if it takes us 5, 10, or 25 years to do so!”


The Yatleau is a Coloinal Cruiser Class warship that part of the Coloinal Battle Group 41. She has just returned from a long five year exploartion mission to find her Colonial brothers and sisters being attacked by the Cylons. During the course of battle the Yatleau provides fire cover for the Battlestar Pegasus as it disembarck from its berth to the Colonial shipping yards.


Once the Pegagus cleared the shipping yard and got out further away from the planet the ship yard orbited it jumped leaving the Yatleau and her crew to slugg it out with the Cylons. Battlestar Cruiser Yatleau Galactica is a play by e-mail game using Yahoo groups to post the story line. At this present time I'm looking for an Executive Officer (XO), Communication Officer, Tactical Officer, Science Officer, Chief Medical Officer, CAG, Chief Engineer, Damage Control Officer, and a Flight Deck Officer.  There is plenty of room to add more I'm sure I haven't covered everything and if you want to play a Cylon.


To join simply go to and click on the "Character Application" button then either select the "Colonial Computer Network" button that is right above the PDF File file button. If you click on the PDF file button you will down load the character Application form to your computer where you can then fill out and send it to me at


I look forward to recieving you on board the Yatleau.


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Colonials -

I'm a relatively new member of the Fanclub.  But - I have some very cool news to share, and I could use everyone's help.

- I've made it into the Video Finals for the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race 2012 Contest.

- It's down to 20 people (from thousands), and voting via FaceBook has commenced.

- The "Final 5" contestants - those with the most votes between now and 18 March - will go to Seattle and compete for the ultimate prize - a suborbital flight into space.

- It's important to vote daily.  Please vote for me here:

- Please let me know if you might be able to help spread the word to Colonials and Cylons alike - I really need votes!

- The grand prize consists of a suborbital spaceflight, up to an altitude of about 62 miles (100 kilometers), the internationally accepted boundary of outer space. The flight, aboard a vehicle provided by Space Adventures and Armadillo Aerospace, will last about 30 minutes from takeoff to landing, with about 6 minutes of zero gravity. Training for the flight will take about two days.

- Other notable suborbital spaceflights in history include: US astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom's flights during the Mercury program in 1961; flights of the USAF/NASA X-15 in 1963; and the first commercial manned spaceflights of SpaceShip One in 2004.

- Like many of us, going into space has been a dream of mine since I was in grade school.... Watching the original Battlestar series on TV way back then made me want to journey where Galactica and the Viper pilots did.  I really want to win this contest to continue to inspire my two sons (ages 6 and 8) and their  friends, and help keep the dream of human spaceflight alive for their generation.

- Additional background on the Contest:

- More on Space Adventures' Suborbital Spaceflights:

Please let me know if you think the club can help push me into the "Final 5"!  I would really appreciate their support in achieving this lifelong ambition.

"So Say We All...!"

- Savan Becker

Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1988
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/USAF ROTC - Class of 1992
UND Space Studies - Class of 2004

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