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12578017278?profile=originalMy rendention of the planet Caprica firing off a missile to intercept a Cylon nuclear ware head during the first wave of the Cylon attacks again the Twelve Colonies of man.

Basically all I did was find an image of the DRADIUS console display erased what was in the center and saved the image as a gig file. Next I looked through Yhaoo news photographs and found one of an Isreali missile being launched and right clicked on the photo and slected copy.

Next I opened up MS Publisher selected blank page and size then clicked on edit highlighted paste and the missile photo was placed on the page. Then I clicked on insert and selected picture and from that selected image from file and prceeded to look for the new DRADIUS image I just saved earlier. All I would have to after this was a bit of resizing of both the missle image and the DRADIUS imge to get the final result as you see here. My first atempt was using and the result that I was getting wasn't what you see here. I was left with alot of coloring in to do and that was what I was not wanting to do. By me just erasring what was all ready there in the center of the DRADIS and saving the converted image as a gif there by making the center part tranparant enough to allow me to place the DRADIS image over the missile photograph and end up with a great looking Dradius screen. Who knows maybe this exact image is what the crew of the Galactica saw when the reports of the Cylon Invasion started to come in from all over the colonies.


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Creative fan made clip - Classic BSG.

Apollo Launches his Vioer after Starbuck and Boomer, then something strange happens. Dig The "Turbo" Button lol

Richard I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this as well. Looks like the Outer Limits or Twilight Zone hit you and the Galactica buddy. Anyway Shawn and I thought it would be great to post it for a funny.


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