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New here. I am trying to get BSG enthusiasts in the northern KY/Cincinnati Ohio area together to watch a couple episodes each week starting some time in December of 2011.

I have a 160" HD screen (11.5ft wide 6.ft tall) to view the full HD Blu-ray series on, along with a very nice surround sound system to add!

It would be nice to get a group of around 8 maximum together to watch a couple episode weekly. Perhaps every Friday? (To be determined)

Maybe people could bring some snacks, beer, and or wine.

**age 21 and up please, as alcohol may be present.

Contact me, and the start date for watching this will be decided after I have enough people on board.

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BSG/Knight Rider tie-in ( a satire)

Hey,gang.Ok, here's my satire on how BSG and Knight Rider tie in. (Indulge me) In the Galactica 1980 episodes "The Night the Cylons Landed" A Cylon Centurion and a humanoid Cylon plummet from the top of a radio tower into a dumpster.The dumpster is collected and brought to a waste recycling plant owned by Wilfred Knight. After the Cylons are discovered, they are reversed engineered by Knight into the form of a car,which he names KITT.The most  recognizable features of the alien technology are the sweeping red eye and sound effect intergrated into the car's grille .The Cylons had encountered a human, Norman(William Daniels) during their earth adventure and recorded his actions and voice patterns.During the re-engineering process from Cylon to Pontiac, the voice recording quality became the basis for the computer voice of the car. Enter Michael Knight and there's a new series! Ridulous? Absoutely, but soap opera writers have been doing this for years.:)


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Trivial tidbits

Some interesting trivia tidbits:

   Felix Silla (Cousin Itt -The Addams Family) was the person under the robe of Lucifer..the voice was of course ,Jonathan Harris.

   Dennis Haysbert ..the spokesman for Allstate Insurance Company.("Are you in good hands?....That's Allstate's stand")was the voice of The Imperious Leader in episode #9 "Space Croppers"  of the Galactica 1980 seies.

 Murray Matheson, the Australian actor (recognized as "the clown" from the Twilight Zone episode #79, 1961  "Five Characters In Search of an Exit") was the voice of the IL series Cylon droid  "Specter"

Dick Durock, ex marine,actor and stuntman(best known for his 'Swamp Thing" role) was underneath the Imperious Leader's costume. It was not just a "puppet"

 Lorne Greene so loved his role as Adama, that (even though not cast)he pleaded to reprise his role in Galactica 1980, and worked unpaid in the short lived series.

 John Colicos (Count Baltar)  after BSG ended, later acted in the soap opera "General Hospital" as mad scientist Mikko

 Cassadine who tried to freeze the earth.


 Trivia is fun !!


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Regarding Lucifer

Another interesting entity in the BSG series for me was Lucifer, the IL series Cylon droid and futuristic mechanical,not-to -be trusted henchman to The Imperious Leader and Baltar.So much detail and thought was put into this "background" character. .His head(looked like a big Christmas tree bulb) was an amazing art work of electronics and lighting( even if the body was covered up in robe attire..maybe that's where the budget maxed out!) Wonderful , eloquent, conniving, fork-tounged voice over by Jonathan Harris(Lost In Space's Dr Smith).What a parody of corporate ladder climbers..the ultimate "yes man" and "suck up "to his superiors ,all the while plotting to seize more, or ultimate power.Great subplot in the series.

The "look" of Lucifer is an uncanny resemblance to a Japanese Shinto priest..pointed head(hat) and robes..hands held together, but covered by the large sleeves. Wonder if that was the inspiration?

Another thing I early episodes, his flashing mouth was in the shape of a smile..his eyes different...while later the mouth and eyes were in a relaxed state. Anybody else catch that?I wonder if the actor under the robes was pushing a button to flash the "mouth" light as he spoke, like Bob May did in the Robot costume for Lost in Space.

All in all, a great character, and besides...I think robots are cool!


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Everyone, just wanted to share a bit regards the was GREAT!!!!!

I wanted to share this link with everyone these are videos taken at the show that I wanted to share with you so you can hear/see the great performance that they gave.

Also, you can get a free download of Young Beautiful In a Hurry (Brendan McCreary's band's) version of Queen's "Don't stop me now" at:

So say we all!

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About The Imperious Leader

I must admit, the most intriguing character to me is the Imperious Leader.Such a mysterious, dark, tantilyzing character in the Battle Star Galactica anthology. From what I understand,he is a machine entity created by the Cylons in the image of the extinct Cylon race of reptilian creatures. Magnificent voice courtesy of Patrick McNee...such a melodic,hyptnotic, calming voice that commands attention, but leaves you unaware of the true evil that is it's source..used to give me goosebumps just listening...The voice of Satan?An apt parallel.I am curious as to the details of this character. His face,eyes, and hands are that of a reptile..rightfully so. The "hair" that has been called an "afro", but I think it is a ceremonial head dress or crown, much like the powdered wigs worn by 17th /18th century English royalty or present day English law makers.He sits upon his throne in kingly attire, but he holds something in his left looks to me to be a "pet'...a lizard like creature..and something that almost looks like a flower?I never could actually tell what it was.I would enjoy any discussion of the details of this character. Thanks, Ray

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Viper stick grip

here is my replica of the Viper stick grip -- i can make as many as is needed -- they sell for $149.95  each and discount for quanity of 3 or more -thanks Bill   by the way the picture makes tham look grey but they are actually flat black

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Hello NYC BSG fans!

Hi there everyone-

Just wanted to check in - been a while - working on new film! -

and mention to any NYC fans of BSG that there will be a screening TONIGHT of We Are All Cylons at the Big Mini-Dv Film Festival in Brooklyn NY at 9pm.

Please go to the film's FB page for more info. Like for updates and more screenings. The powers that be and I are working on getting the film to a larger audience so stay tuned. Thank you!

Peace, Ilana

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Official Pix autograph sale

Hello all.

   Official Pix, the company that produces the Dallas Comic-Con and Scifi Expo, is doing some house cleaning and running a sale on overstock autographs. They have Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer on sale for $14.00 as well as some Twilight and Firefly folks. An inexpensive way to add to your autograph collection.

Paul Nix

Deputy VP

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Trying to remember

Hello, all! I'm trying to remember a tv special version of Battle Star Galactica, back in the late seventies or early eighties(?).It started with a NASA astronaut doing a spacewalk and catching a book that was floating in space. As it was opened, it revealed art drawings of the reptilian Cylons and Lorne Greene's voice over telling the story of the creation of the machine Cylons and the Imperious Leader..the rebellion of the machines.....I can't remember much more than that, I believe it lead to a clip show of several BSG episodes.Anyone know what I'm talking about? I know I didn't dream was just soooo long ago!

By Your Command, Ray


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