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The Passing of Terry Carter

ALL HANDS, all ships lights are to be dimmed 75 percent, in honor of Terry’s memory!
It's with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of the beloved Terry Carter. A gentle soul and a heart full of warmth, Terry's kindness touched everyone he met. I had the honor of working with him at Galacticon 3/4, where even a simple task like getting him his favorite vegetable soup became a cherished memory, thanks to his gracious smile and stories from his legendary role in the original Battlestar Galactica.
I'm so grateful for the moments we shared and the laughter he brought into our lives. Terry's journey was long and full of accomplishments, and his spirit was loved by all who knew him. Rest in peace, dear friend, your legacy will forever inspire us. ūüíĒ‚ú®
You can leave messages to Terry’s family through this link. A lot of his family may not be a part of these various BSG social media pages:
BFC President
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 All Combat Fleets,Whether they be Seafaring or Spacefaring, Rely heavily on their Supply Chains; Without Ammunition, Fuel, Food, and Other Vital Supplies, Ships are pretty much useless in War, For they can't just run back to Port whenever They run out of Something.

This is A Fact The Colonial Fleet almost found out The Hard Way in The First Cylon War; To keep Colonial Military Vessels supplied with Everything They needed to keep The Cylons at bay, Numerous Civilan Cargo Ships were pressed into Service to support the War Effort.

Sadly, Too Many of These Commercial Ships were not Designed, Much less built, to operate in or near Combat Zones; Many were lost, along with Their Civilian Crews.

The Colonial Minisrty of Defense ordered the Design and Construction of Specialist Military Cargo Freighters that would be able to Support Military Vessels with Vital Supplies and be able to operate near Combat Zones.

By Combining A Huge Cargo Carrying Capability with The Limited Armor of A Battlestar, Leonis Shipbuilding Ltd. presented the Demeter Class Replenishmentstar12578096882?profile=originalThe Demeter Class,Named for The Godess of The Harvest, Has The Capacity to supply an Entire Battlegroup for One Standard Year; It has Storgage for both Perishables and Non-Perishables, And A Vast Loading Dock with Eight  Large Cargo Doors; It also has an Expanded Topside Flight Deck,Meaning She can supply Multiple Ships at once using Multiple Modes of Transfer; At the Stern are Four Large Tanks for transferring Potable Water:12578097893?profile=originalThe Bow and Engine Sections are Modules from the Valkyrie 2/Posiedon Class Battlestars,Of which Thousands have been constructed to Build and Modify Various Military Vessels of All Types, Some for Combat, Others for Special Support Roles; These Ships have A Limited Weapons Capability strictly for Self-Defense.12578098654?profile=original12578099058?profile=originalIn Combat Situations, A Replenishmentstar,Along with The Fleet's Other Support Vessels, Would hang back out of A Combat Zone,Protected by either Corvettes or Viper Squadrons,While the Combat Ships Conduct Operations.

The Design of The Demeter Class was So Impressive, A Non Armed Freighter Version for The Civilian Market was in development.12578098500?profile=original12578099865?profile=originalSome Demeter Class Replenishmentstars were to be Assigned to Major Fleets/Battlegroups,While Others were to Operate Independently to supply Individual Military Ships Operating in Certain Sectors.12578100064?profile=originalTHE CLASS:

The Standard Compliment of The Replenishmentstar is about 3,500 Personel and an Expanded Detachment of Colonial Marines.

The Propusion Systems are One FTL Drive,  Six Sublight Engines which are Enhanced with More Powerful Components to help move that kind of Bulk,And Extra Thrusters, Including 16 Lift Thrusters on The Bottom to Help the Ships Ingress/Egress to/from Ground Based Port Facilities12578100267?profile=originalStandard Self -Defense:

28 KEW Turets

250 Point Defense Guns

2 Ship/Ship Missile Batteries

Plus Full ECM Suite

Auxilliariy Ships:

30 Standard Shuttles and 2 Raptor Detachments12578100470?profile=original20 Demeter Class Ships were Planned,With The Option for More,And the Possible Civilian Verson; Eight Wre Built and Three were Under Construction at the Time of The Second Cylon Invasion .


Demeter (RPLR-550) Was Originally to be Assigned to BSG-75 before the Announcement of the Decommissioning of Battlestar Galactica; The Demeter's Last Known Location was on Gemenon,Attempting to Evacuate Survivors.

STATUS: Unknown

Themiscyra (RPLR-556) Raven Battle Group. STATUS:  Unknown/PresumedActive

Nike (RPLR-592) BSG-44, Fifth Fleet  STATUS: Unknown/Presumed Active

Hera(RPLR-570) WSG-05, Fifth Fleet  STATUS: Unknown/Presumed Active

Cassiopea(RPLR-575) BSG-01, First Fleet  STATUS: Destroyed at Picon

Andromeda (RPLR-576) Third Fleet  STATUS: Unknown

Zehuti (RPLR-577) Seventh Fleet  STATUS: Unknown

Sephora (RPLR-578) BSG-200  STATUS: Reported Destroyed

12578101071?profile=originalTHE MODEL:

If The Center Secton of the Ship looks Familiar, It Should; It's Part of MPC's 1/48 Scale Eagle One Transporter from 'Space 1999'; After Looking at all other Ship Designs,Along with Models Avaliable on the Market, I figured this would be The Best Place to start.

Basically, I built the Center Section, Without the extra equipment, And Added Resin Bow and Engine Sections of the Valkyrie2/Posiedon Battlestar supplied by Mel Kraley at Starfighter Shipyards; Then, I covered The Body with Evergreen #4530 Metal Siding, Then Evergreen Strips...LOTS of Theml; Then The MPC Kit gave me the Water Tanks at the Rear, Added Plastruct 1/4 Open Truss Secrions above the Cargo Doors; The MPC Kit gave me A Few Extras here and there; Spare Pegasus Flight Deck Decals, Gun Turrets from The Spares Box;Finally, Name Decals from Downen Scale Replicas added the Final Touch; All Painting  and Weathering was done with Acrylics.

All in All, It turned out better and faster than I had anticipated; I Intend to build Two More for My 5th Fleet; And  Three of the Smaller 1/72 Scale MPC Eagle Ones will be Munitionstars.

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12578101686?profile=originalStellar con  at UNC-G  campus  was  2  days  of   slow  meet and  greets  with the  Uss serenity while I  was  there  both  days  between  10-1430 hrs. Once  again  I  was  the only  Colonial  at  the  entire  even .It  was mostly   Anime  creatures  it  seemed  . The  USS  serenity  CO J  Darnell  and  the  SFMC  DOIC MCapt.  R Presson  were  the only  two   there  both  days manning their  fan table  besides   me . While it is  a  2  day  con as  East gate was only  a  1  day  event Stellar  was run  by  the  science fiction  federation  club on  the  university's  campus after  not  being held for many years due  to  fiances  and  no interest in  any one  doing it.

I did make  contact  with the  student  organizer  who saw  the uniform I  was in and  asked if I  could try to  reach out to  any  BSG  groups  in the  area  if there were  any  that might  be interested  in  attending  next  year. I only  said I  would  see what I  can  do. Only group  I  can  reach out to  close  by is  the  Gunstar in  Fayetteville  NC. SO  GSO  might  be a  bit  far  for  Adm.  Ranson  and  the  rest of the  crew  to  get to a  con   for two  days. At least  its out  there when I  speak  to  him. The  final  call  is  his to  make. in all  it was  a fairly  run  con   with many  vendors  ,  artists  and   things going on.  I  was  told  they  did  have  a BSG  board  game  in  their  game  room. I  did not how ever  look in  to  that.

Lt.  Erika C.  Persianni

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