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Changing of Quarters

So come this  time  next  month I  should  be  in  new  quarters with an  band  new office  set up I  hope. Will  have more  BSG  things o n the  walls. I  refuse to  add the  few (SF) Starfleet   things I  have as  BSG is  my go to  over  Star Trek.  It  always  has  been.

This  change in  quarters  brings  me,  my husband  and  our  4  dogs ( Captain Jack (Sparrow) ,  Sansa,  Rebel and  Captain Adama Lee (  Yes she  is  named after who  you  all  think) more space and  we  can  not wait  for it.  Its been  a long  8  years in  coming but  it i s finally  going to  happen and  we  are  super  excited. It  gives  us  the  bigger  more open  floor  plan  with the  bigger  kitchen and  the  bigger master  bathroom.  It is also  the house my husband  grew  up in.

SO  I  plan on  being  more active  here  once  we  are set up  at t he  big  house so  my  fellow colonials bear  with  me a  bit  longer.  I  am here and I  read  what I  can.

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