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To All Colonials Around The World:

Happy Thanksgiving is about giving, being together with your love ones and thankfulness. Although we cannot all be together the way we want too, I am just thankful enough to be home with my family and communicating with the people I care about that couldn’t be with us. And so should you! It’s the age of technology after all!  Even though these are hard times for so many people around the world, there are still good all around.  You just got to find them.  There are still so many things we can be thankful for - FAMILY, GOOD HEALTH, A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, GOOD COMPANY AND FRIENDS. In this day and age, we all need to surround ourselves with good and positive people.  All together, we can do so many things for others. For in numbers, we are much stronger than we think we are.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Got to make sure my turkey does not get served handicapped again this year because my household full of males can’t keep their hands off the food and always planking my AOR ( Area of Responsibility) while I am cooking. 😉😆.
So Say We All!
Battlestar Galactica Fan Club President
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