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Once more, the Cylons have evolved. No longer content with the annihilation of the life form known as man, they now seek to feast upon the flesh of mankind. No doubt they will soon raise humans for their consumption as cattle are now raised for our own. 

By your command. BRRRAAAAAAAHP! Pardon me.

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Real world Cylons are evolving and  becoming much faster and more nimble. Also, note that they have a 360 degree continual field of vision for real time balance and maneuvering, so it's harder to get the drop on them. For any who  have been keeping up with this, they are much more capable than they were just a few years ago. Also note they are making autonomous tanks and "critters"  like squid, birds, etc. for swarming or covert surveillance, recon, etc. 

This article does not get into the exponential advances of AI, which is improving exponentially and is soon to surpass human cognitive capabilities.

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12578089288?profile=original12578090676?profile=originalHappy Birthday Wednesday to the Raven Battle Group head organizer and Leader in the monthly Chat Room Adventure scenarios. He knows as much about Vipers, Raptors and Battlestars as any BSG Fan ever will. If you cut him, he bleeds the Black & Gold of the Raven Battle Group. Working his way up in the Club from "Nugget" to Viper Jock to Squadron Leader to Raven CAG, he now has rank and title as Actual of his own Raven Group, the Gunstar "Trireme". As one who has hung out with him, I can tell you he is a solid member of any Team he joins and a valuable asset to any organization. Happy Birthday to Trireme's "Old Man", and one of my Favorite Ravens: Keith Ranson.


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