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       It is with a heavy heart i share the news with you today.  Beloved Marvel Super Hero creator and Iconic Legend Stan Lee passed away at age 95.  My heart is broken and i am left with little words.  To me he was a genius a creator of Heroes that we can all enjoy through the comic book world adventures as well as the silver screen.

       He was truly a VISIONARY him along with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko just to name a few.  He will be missed by many Fans Marvel, DC, Image Comics and many other Independents Comic venues.  Wow i am completely emotional the only other time i felt like this is when Gene Roddenberry passed away.  Please dim all ships lighting in the Fleet for observance of this great man and the legacy he leaves behind.  Who gave us heroes and dreams to help expand into our very own adventures in real life and bring our heroes to life at Comic Conventions.  SO SAY WE ALL!  ~Salutes~ 

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