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Okay, this may be a crappy topic for discussion, but I'll put it forth anyway. From The Original Series: Yes, they killed him off immediately in the theatrical version, but in the series he hounded, harried, and harassed the ragtag fugitive fleet constantly, accept when he was doing hard time in the Colonial Brig. Immediately after the attack on the Colonies, he was given three basestars and sent to finish off the human race. Okay, we know that Cylon Centurions as well as the IL units require no food or drink as sustenance, so there is no need for...facilities to deal with their waste byproducts. It would be easy enough for them to put a life time's supply of rations aboard a huge base star, so that's no problem for Baltar. Where he relieved him self, on the other hand might be a bit of a messier problem. There was no time to build restrooms, toilets, etc. for him. Okay, he was a guy, so he could whip it out and hose down the walls where ever he wished, and his shipmates probably would not care. How about felgercarb thogh? Did he do it dagget style where ever? Was that huge throne chair really a supersized toilet? How about toilet paper? Did he just use the cape of his IL unit? If so, that might explain its crappy attitude, but we simply do not know. There are those who believe that this would truly be a problem of stellar astronomical proportions over the years. Your opinions welcome. By your command.

Buzzsaw out.

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