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Monday, May 2 is Keith "Leonidas" Ranson's Birthday. The name synonymous with Toaster recycling. The man that invented Saturday night BFC chat-room Fleet Missions. Trireme Actual is top notch pilot and leader and former CAG, and earned his command at the first Commissioned Gunstar Escort in the Battlestar Raven Battle Group.  Always ready to administer encouragement or a swift kick to motivate and get things done. Now if we could just get him to come out of his shy shell and open up a little it would be great.

The cake was delivered by Marines, but don't know if it came from his pilots or the Cylons. Either way, I'd have it checked by an EOD Tech.

So here's to one of the few pointy-nosed Viper jocks I'd follow on a walk-in-the-woods patrol. OOHRAH!!! SO SAY WE ALL!


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12578081460?profile=original12578081680?profile=originalHad a great time at EmCon where we all met the Chief Aaron Douglas...what an awesome guy, so friendly and looked like he enjoyed his time in Nottingham too.  Loads of club members came along in costume so good pics.  Lots to see in Nottingham too and some great pubs including the Pitcher and Piano - as recommended by the Chief - and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem a pub that has been there since 1189....

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