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Costumes for Halloween

Hi All!

With Halloween coming up I know some of us will be dressing up as our favorite ghost or ghoul. I am curious to see everyones Costumes. So I want to invite you to share your favorite costume BSG or Non BSG.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween! Dont eat too much candy!!

Here are a couple of my BSG Costumes.



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Battlestar Galactica (original and re-imagined) has been called many things over the years. Amazing, cutting edge, controversial, ETC..

But I really do think it is special. What made you fall in love with this show? Was it the characters? The writing? The Music?

What made you come back each week and watch or if you didn't watch until it was over what made you binge watch the series?


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People of the Fleet,

Suffice to say that the Second Annual Fayetteville Comic-Con was A Resounding Success! Over the Two Days the con took Place at the Crown Expo Center,Many A Creature made the rounds in the Exposition Hall and found out why they said: "If it's Geek,We got it!".


The Gunstar Trireme,First Escort of the Raven Battle Group, Had the Privilege of Representing the BFC at the Con;All Those who Visited  during the Two Days were Informed of the BFC's Mission to Provide more than the Usual Fan Experience;To that effect,Many Flyers and Business Cards were Handed out;With Good Luck, We should see some New Members in the future;People were Still asking me About it While I was waiting for My Ride Home Sunday Afternoon at the Close of the Con;It seems there Is some Interest about the Saga of A Star World here in the Sandhills.

  Most of those who Visited the Table Pretty Much Remember the Original '78 Series;There were some Who Haven't watched the Whole New Series,And,Once or Twice, the Caprica Series was mentioned;One Person Asked about any News Regarding the New Movie being Worked on;Others said they only Heard the Name Battlestar Galactica,But never watched It;Lots of People to Convert!

 In the Meantime, All Manner of Characters were present: Jedi Knights,Superheroes and Villians,Fuzzy Creatures of all kinds,Videogame ,Animae, and other Fantasy Players;Oh, Dart Vader and his Troops were present;There were Aerialists,Martial Artists,and Medieval Swordsmen giving Demonstrations;A whole Section of the Floor was Reserved for the Gamers,And, A DJ Kept the Crowd well entertained.

One of the Guest Headliners were Sam Jones,Better known as FLASH GORDON; As I approached his table for his Autograph,He asked if We had met Before;Ah, Methinks my Bald Head and Handlebars almost gave him a Ming Flashback;We did Discuss Max von Sydow,and how He was still hanging in there at 83 Years of Age.

Another Star was Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson,Star of Blaxploitation Films of the '70s; He playfully chided Me on my not having A Smartphone;It's OK, the Hammer Didn't know about the Toasters turning Tech Against us.

Other Stars included cast from the 'Walking Dead',The Voice of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon,and Artists from the well-Known Comic Book Industry,and some Power Rangers;There were Panel Discussions,Trivia Questions,and Door Prizes;Vendors were plentiful, selling wares from Classic Toys,Art Prints,Crafts,Game pieces,Jewelry,Figures of all Sizes,and yes,Comic Books.

12578087258?profile=originalSpeaking for Myself, I had a Blast! And, I'm sure those who also came did as well;I'm already Thinking of what I intend to do Next Year.

K.A. 'LEONIDAS' Ranson


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Attention Colonial Warriors!

                Ladies and Gentlemen of the Battlestar Fan Club as you know we have had a great year.  An outstanding one which crosses not just the continental United States, but overseas as well.  Many might be aware and for those who may have missed out.  2016 has been covered with blessings,  new friendships,  new launchings,  special announcements,  award recognition's and promotions conducted in person and much more.  

                On the other side of the same coin we also honored fallen comrades.   Whom have made the greatest sacrifice as well as those still serving.  We are proud of everyone who is wearing a uniform or at one time wore one.  It is because of their bravery, selfless act, random acts of kindness and more that add to our collective force and remind us constantly we COLONIAL WARRIORS!  We help one another without question and our mission has not changed.  As we help fellow fans old and new realize Battlestar Galactica has not gone or faded into that silence of deep space.   It is STRONG within us all the LEGACY and those spoken words, “There are those who believe” inspire us to go further and reach fellow Fans.  In my eyes regardless of what Battlestar Community you come from or if you have various memberships.  We are UNITED to one purpose BATTLESTAR GALACTICA LIVES!   We go to conventions in order to spread the word,  to show fellow Fans we do in fact have a PRESENCE.  To recruit new members as we embrace them whom love the Original Series and the Re-Imagined.  Or embrace new fans who have never heard of Battlestar Galactica at all.

                It is with great honor I announce the first ever joint Battlestar Chapter mission!  The Battlestar Raven BFC-002 and Battlestar Aries BSR-26 will be at Comicpalooza 2017!   Get your game face on for some Cosplay role playing,  Trivia challenge,  Prop showing and lots FUN as we celebrate our first joint mission in Houston, Texas.  Raven and Aries Actual will be on point to help answer any questions or point fellow fans in the right direction involving all kind of Sci Fi genre.  Also the key feature to the convention the Battlestar Raven studio scale model to be on display.  Come by and visit the table and feast your eyes on this beautifully detailed Pegasus Class Battlestar.  The Aries crew has her studio scale in the shipyard being built.  The Aries and the Raven are the mist active Battlestar Chapters in the Colonial Alliance Fleet.  Make no mistake we literally make things happen for our fellow members and we do damn best to help out. 

                In closing I want to if you can make to Comicpalooza and join us at the table to chat or just hang out and join the Battlestar Fan Club,  Colonial Defense Forces or the Colonial Cylon Alliance you simply can not go wrong.  Many of our members have several memberships in each of the communities and outside of these as well.   Remember it is all about having fun and leaving the drama at home.  If you can’t make to the convention.  Not to worry as a Battlestar Raven and Aries we will do all we can to bring the Convention to you.  We know sometimes budgets can be tight or members fall on hard time.  We always preach, “Real life comes first.  Sci Fi will always be there waiting for you.  Good Hunting Colonial Warriors,  SO SAY WE ALL! ~Salutes~

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