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Happy New Year

Well I'm about to head out in to the snowy Derbyshire countryside to a local public house for a jar or three of Ambrosea with my commander to welcome in the new year.

So thanks to all you colonial fleet members who have made me feel welcome.

Happy New Year friends.

So say we all..

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all new members


 I'm Ernie Miller and as the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Adminstrator of Colonial Affairs,
 I welcome you on behalf of the leadership of the BFC.

 Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on the site"

So Say We All !!!!!!

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A Pack of Heroes!

Hello Everyone,

That time again...and as a matter of fact overdue!

These are the Heroes!

We have a few of 'em let's get right to it...

Probably best known for his role on Emergency! this actor portrayed Michael in the TOS episode "Greetings From Earth"...Randolph Mantooth...

12578066287?profile=originalAlso from the original series, an actor who was a familiar face on the bridge of the Battlestar Galactica, portraying Omega...David Greenan...

12578066498?profile=originalMoving to the reimagined Battlestar Galactica we salute an actress who played the role of the President's sister...Cheryl Roslin...the actress? Sarah Deakins...

12578066677?profile=originalAgain from the reimagined series, another actor that you saw on the flight deck of the Galactica...Specialist Socinus...otherwise known as Alonso Oyarzun....

12578066879?profile=originalFinally (and as they say, last but not least) and rounding out our list, the actor who portrayed (again in the reimagined BSG) Viper pilot James "Jammer" Lyman....Dominic Zamprogna

12578067071?profile=originalThere you have them folks...our Heroes of Battlestar Galactica!

So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club


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I just wanted to quickly take my time to wish all my Ravens and members of the Ravens Friends and Family Circle, a very HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!  As the year 2014 comes to an end in just a couple of days, I look back at what we have accomplished as a group this year on the Raven.  And I have to say, we keep outdoing and raising the bar each year for ourselves and surpassing it.  And 2015 I can guarantee you, will be another "YEAR OF THE RAVEN"!!!!  

So to all the new members we have aboard the Raven and Battlestar Galactica Fan Club as whole, welcome and a Merry Christmas to all of you and your family!  Thank you for joining us and our tight knit family of friends!!!!  And to ALL my Ravens out there, THANK YOU for all your hard work and another good year.  But most importantly, THANK YOU for your friendship!!!!!!!

2015, WATCH OUT!!!!!!!! THIS WILL BE ANOTHER YEAR OF THE RAVEN!!!!! GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Service,


Vice President of Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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Loadout: Going In Hot Starring Richard Hatch!

12578062289?profile=original"Loadout: Going In Hot" is a sci-fi short inspired by the popular, hyper-violent, third-person shooter "Loadout" from Edge of Reality. Introducing viewers to Gaz, Captain of the HMS Loadout, and his loyal crew, the film delivers to viewers the same excitement, absurdity, and key gameplay elements that fans of the game have come to know and love.
Headlined by Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica, All My Children) who brilliantly portrays Captain Gaz, the film features a strong ensemble cast which serves to create a character-driven drama that doesn't ignore the fast-paced, high stakes action that are mainstays of the gaming experience.
Directed by Vincent Talenti (Red Star, Fallout: Nuka Break), the short film also stars Mattew Mercer (Resident
Evil 6, Iron Man: Rise of Technovore), Bonnie Bower (Fallout: Nuka Break, Escape), Jon Enge (Mars Rising
Films), Becca Hardy (Off-Season), and Circus-Szalewski (Fallout: Nuka Break, Conan O'Brien)
12578063468?profile=originalIn a novel twist on the well-traveled sci-fi genre, "Loadout: Going In Hot" follows a group of "merchant marines in space" who compete with other local haulers in the highly profitable (and extremely dangerous) antiquities and curios shipping business. Gaz and his crew scramble to avert a ship-wide disaster; while racing against the clock and Gaz's arch nemesis, Mick, in their quest to retrieve a high value cargo payload. Like other critically acclaimed sci-fi properties (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica), "Loadout: Going In Hot" is peppered with genre action and violence while focusing on character development and interactions.

Tuesday, December 16
8am  The live-action short film "Loadout: Going In Hot" will be released on Machinima Prime's Youtube. 12-2 pm Live Stream Gameplay of the video game on Twitch tv. Richard will be playing Loadout, the video game, live! (more details on this later)
6-7pm  Twitter Party where we'll live chat with Richard Hatch and Loadout cast and crew. Follow @hmsloadout and @thumbfighter and #loadout to join the conversation.

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Photo shoot at Studio 1444

A behind the scenes image from the photo shoot yesterday by Chris Loomis with actress Gigi Edgley (Chiana on Farscape, Rescue: Special Ops & The Host of Jim Henson's Creature Ship Challenge) at Studio 1444

in Hollywood.

Formerly a recording studio, Studio 1444 has a rich musical history.

Among the artists that recorded there were Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Velvet Underground, The Monkees, The Ventures, Eric Burdon, Nico, Mothers of Invention, House of Pain, Everlast, Barbara Streisand, and Limp Bizkit.

Studio history aside, I usually give Chris a hand at these photo shoots, so I was happy to help out...joining us was Maira Gomez, who is a professional makeup artist & who made sure that Gigi was ready for each take!

Be sure and meet Gigi at next weeks upcoming Geekonomicon in Biloxi, Mississippi  along with Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch & Jack Stauffer Dec 12th-14th!

12578074300?profile=originalFrom left to right: Chris Loomis, Shawn O'Donnell, Gigi Edgely & Maira Gomez

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 Katee “Starbuck” Sackhoff stars as the wife of the lead actor Milo Ventimiglia, Ethan Tell.  Tell is an Action, Crime Drama to be released today December 12th.

Ethan Tell is a small time crook that makes a big-time score when he steals 1 million dollars. Ironically, his life radically changes for the worst when he discovers that stealing the money was the easy part and he now must keep his partner, his wife, his parole officer, and two corrupt detectives from stealing it from him.


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Ascension Sy-Fy Mini Series


“Ascension” an Original Sy-Fy (TV mini-series)

In just 11 days, our favorite Cylon, Tricia “6” Helfer embarks on the USS Ascension the original Sy-Fy Mini Series. It’s almost as if Tricia’s part was custom tailored for #6. Her part is the beautiful, manipulative and dangerous wife of the Ascensions, Captain Denninger.

Ascension is inspired by the real-life Project Orion that existed under the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The show sets up an alternate version of reality which in 1963, President Kennedy and the U.S. government, fearing the Cold War will become hot and lead to the destruction of the Earth. President Kennedy decides to launch a covert space mission.  600 men, women and children are sent into space on a century-long voyage aboard the USS Ascension, a massive, self-sustaining generation ship. Their mission is to colonize Proxima Centauri assuring the survival of the human race. Nearly 50 years into the journey (i.e. in the present), as they approach the point of no return, the mysterious murder of a young woman — the first homicide since their departure — causes the ship's crew to question the true nature of their mission. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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