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Members of the BFC Fleet,

              First i want to say thank you for your service and continued support means a great deal to me.  I also wanted to say have a great and wonderful holiday season which is quickly approaching us all.  As of late i have been hiding behind the scenes.  Monitoring how the Fleet and its members are doing as well as they conduct themselves throughout their service aboard BFC Chapters.  For the most part everyone is doing very well and going good.  However with good also goes a little bad.  Which i have been tracking thinking the problem would ultimately correct itself, but has not.  I am here to correct the problems and make the corrections needed to keep us on course as we grow steadily and firmly.

             I will start with the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs which are posted on the forum section.  The link is provided below so no one has issues finding it.  This is a growing library of instruction and guidelines i am releasing so everyone serving Officers, Enlisted as well as Civilians assigned to chapters can read and be up to speed.  The goal is to make sure everyone is properly informed and know what is going on.  This will help keep everyone honest and on the same page in order to avoid issues, headaches, morale and above all else uniformity within the BFC Fleet.


           It has become apparent BFC Members military or civilian have not either been reading or, directed to read the SOPs.  As such i have seen several issues come to light which should not be happening if folks took some time to read over the SOPs i have provided and many more to come covering different areas / topics. Problems which i will list below which i intend to correct in the next 96 hours no exceptions. I have duties to perform and have been granted full authority to do in the best interest of BFC Fleet.


1- Members going from one ship to another without serving a full 6 months onboard.  Once the 6 months is up a member can in fact request to transfer to a different command whether a ship here in the BFC or the CDF.  However a person can not just jump ship on their own accord there is proper procedure and protocol to follow. Also bribing members with promise of promotions to lure them to a ship or ship not commission is pouching. Which is not allowed nor tolerated here in the BFC or CDF you can lose your title as Commanding Officer and ship for that violation.

2- Members can not serve on two ships at the same time. It is impossible and i will NOT allow it. You must serve on one ship only regardless if it is a BFC or CDF ship regardless of its classification.  Let be real folks we all serve as real life assets on the chapters we are assigned too.  There is no way you can be on two ships at the same time.  Also remember we are one large Fleet with in the Colonial Alliance.  Crash lesson for those not aware.  The Colonial Defense Forces is the Primary and designated head of all Military Colonial Assets.  Even though BFC has a Fleet which i am developing as per agreement BFC also falls under the prevue of the CDF as again stated Military Assets.

3- Rank.  Folks getting promoted is a privilege and NOT a right.  You only get out of it what you put into your chapter.  It is about promoting Battlestar Galactica out to fellow fans.  While also helping to promote your chapter at conventions and other venues.  You wanted to get promote then get out there and do it right.  I am all about promoting people who deserve to get promoted.  I just don’t go and through rank around like it really doesn't mean anything.  There is a sense of pride in there unless you are hear for just RANK ONLY and don’t give a hoot about Battlestar Galactica and the ETHOS it truly represents.

4- Launching and commissioning a new ship. There are guidelines to follow and I like to talk to new perspective COs to brief them properly so they know what the expectations are as well as the Do’s and Don’ts in order to avoid problems and serious infractions.  Any new ships all crew start out as Ensigns the only exception being the CO and XO. Which I will discuss in an upcoming to be released soon SOP.  Although I have a complete database of personnel some ranks will stay in place if they have earned it and carried it over from the CDF or a BFC Chapter.  Again these items will be discussed in the SOPS as well with the perspective new CO with me personally.  I can not overemphasize the importance of launching a chapter correctly. I am personally involved with a Perspective CO until the commissioning process is complete.

           There are a few members out there i noted with given ranks they are calling themselves by which I DID NOT AUTHORIZE.  You know who you are i am not going to get into naming names.  If you are carrying the rank b/c you are following some role playing story and its part of that persona fine i am good with it.  However,  I will not acknowledge a rank nor promotion which i did not know about nor approve.  The only RANK i will recognize is that of those members who are and have been serving on the BFC and CDF Ships ONLY.  People appointing their own ranks/promotions is UNACCEPTABLE.  It’s like a free for all, however as i stated your rank will not be acknowledged unless you earned as i stated.  If anyone feelings are hurt or they feel unjust about it. I am not going to apologize for carrying out my duties b/c i also have folks i have to answer too as well.  I am keeping it fair for everyone else doing it right and performing their duties.

            For the record i am not angry nor upset however i can not let this go on either.  I need to correct this.  I do not want it getting worst.  If you have any questions you can contact me at here via BFC email or you can call me directly at 360-929-9427.  Be advised i am not going to argue with you via email or over the phone.  I am here to serve everyone and the Fleet i have been charged with i am fair and impartial i have too be.  Many here and CDF have worked with me and they know what i am all about my name and creditability in the BSG community is solid.

             In closing i want to say thank you to all.  I look forward to working with you and getting to know you as well.  During this week please keep an eye out for postings from me. Whether its a Blog section or the BFC Fleet forum sections. Please keep an eye out i will be releasing new news as well as more SOPs to help us all along.  Again i appreciate your support throughout the Fleet! ~Salutes!~

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Happy Halloween From The Crew of Battlestar Raven


October 31, 2013 is coming upon us very fast. For those of us that celebrates Halloween, we here on Battlestar Raven-BFC 002, would just like to wish each and everyone of you and your family, HAPPY HALLOWEEN in advance. We know most of you that celebrates Halloween will be very busy on that day with the following:

-Taking your children Trick or Treating 
-You yourself will be Trick or Treatin
-Giving candies away to the children while scaring some of them off with your scary costumes 
- You yourself will be eating those candies while no one is looking, while waiting for the next Trick or Treater 

Whatever you will be doing, don’t forget to share with us those cute pictures that you will be taking for Halloween and we will be glad to show case them on our media outlets for memory keepsakes. :-)

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  The Battlestar Raven's Airwing Will Be Conducting A mission To destroy Cylon Shipyards On Saturday Night,10/26; The Mission Will take place On the Raven's Facebook Page,Or:

         Skids Up At 10 PM EST (7PM PST), Or 2200 Hrs.


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And the Hero is....

Greetings Colonials!

It's Hero time!

Our next selectee is a writer as well as producer (co-writing several BSG episodes with Ron Moore) & of course served as that shows executive producer as well.

He also worked as producer on both the Bionic Woman & Caprica along with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome & will be taking over the duties of showrunner on Falling Skies Season 4.

Our Hero this week is none other than David Eick!


So Say We All!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club


Visit Battlestar Fanclub at: http://battlestarfan

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Robots Are Already Figuring Out Your Personality:

(Know Thy Enemy)


Machines Designing Machines: 


Bionic Man Makes Debut: 


Erik Sofge (Advocate Of Robot Rights And Writer For Mechanics Illustrated) On More Autonomous Robots With Sense Of Touch: 


Erik Sofge On Robot Rights...THIS Just May Be What Starts The Cylon Revolution!!!!


More Erik Sofge Articles etc.:





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 The BSG original series inspired everyone, including 1960's jazz trumpeter Maynard Fergusen, famous for playing notes only dogs could hear. This is a youtube video of teenagers running around a room while the song plays, so don't think too deep, just listen to a unique versions of "our theme". The comments mention that the kids can't be American because they spill a trash can and then clean it up. Cut and paste the address if it doesn't work at first. WARNING: may be for older members.


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Science Fiction Double Feature

Greeting Colonials!
We are back for another presentation of the Hero's....(Hollywood has the Oscar's & the Emmy's)...albiet no walk down the red carpet or statuette.
Nevertheless, an important recognition for those that have had the most to do with making Battlestar Galactica a continued success.
First on the list is a director of film...and this is I think the first director that we have so far given a Hero to...hailing from Australia, we salute a man who's directorial debut was a film called Angel Baby & who later went on to direct the adaptation of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned all the way to the current NBC series Hannibal.
Of course most noted in BSG history as the director of the pilot miniseries that preceded the re-imagined series itself.
We honor: Michael Rymer!
Our next honoree...oh yes there is more is a noted writer/producer well known for her work in the sci-fi arena. beginning with Buffy the Vampire Slayer along with the renowned series Torchwood, you'll also see her hand at work in an episode of Game of Thrones.
As a writer/producer she worked on the re-imagined series & then went on to write and co-produce Caprica.
Of course we are referring to none other than Jane Espenson!
Last but certainly not least we are very pleased to announce that the Galacticon IV  website is now live & ready to roll...keep track of that for announcements there as well as the Galacticon IV Facebook page!
Pretty impressive huh?
So Say We All!
Shawn O'Donnell
Battlestar Galactica Fan Club
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Screen Shot of the New Raven Website



I just wanted to quickly share this with each and everyone of you.  I know I have mentioned before there is a new Raven website that is in the works that I was planning to launch it this past September.  But it didn't happen and got delayed due to real life responsibilities.  So now, I am hoping to launch it here in about a month or two.  The shutdown in our government has slowed me down in finishing the site but I am working on it the best that I can at night after I get off work. I have been pulling on long hours.   But here is a screen shot of it so all of you can see it.  I am keeping the old website as a backup.

The new site is much more well structured and has more capabilities.  All Raven Squadron Leaders, please give all the necessary updates you all need to Gambit, myself and your Interim-XO.  Once the site is ready to be launch, don't forget to sign up on the site....



BFC Vice President

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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