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In memory of Robert Feero

My friends, it is with the greatest regret that I announce the passing of actor Robert Feero this morning, best known to Battlestar Galactica fans for his role as Bora the Borellian Nomen in the original series. Bob joined us on the Galacticruise 2008 & I know he had a wonderful time seeing the fans...and all of you who were there will remember his charm & wit. He was a helluva guy & I for one will miss him. I declare today Sunday February 27th, 2011 an official day of mourning for the Fan Club.
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Battlestar Fan Club

I want to thank Dan Allen for giving me such a warm welcome back. Thanks Dan!

I think I mentioned in my email to everyone that I've been on a ship of light for the last two years or so & while the actual reasons are a lot duller than that, I think I'll just stick to the ship of light story.

Suffice to say that I am indeed back & ready to face the challenges that we will make for ourselves together.

I also want to second Dan's welcome of Jack Stauffer (Bojay from the original series) but also to welcome Terry Carter (the original Colonel Tigh from the original series).

Both of these gentlemen are wonderfully talented & great guys.

Speaking of challenges, since the site's reconstruction our first challenge has & will remain rebuilding membership.

So here is an incentive to all of you, your mission: Create your own Battlestar!

While we will roll the program out officially on March 1, 2011 with more details, the criteria is simple: to qualify for Battlestar status you must recruit 25 people that we can verify & you get to name your Battlestar, appoint your officers, get your own forum & design your own patch.

Each Battlestar will serve as a local chapter of the Fan Club.


The various Battlestars will be empowered to go to local conventions, set up tables, recruit new members (there is no size limit to your crew), do community events & show everyone what Battlestar Galactica fans are all about.

So start revving up your engines, we have a plan!

May the Lords of Kobol bless our mission!

So say we all!


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hi does anyone know where i can find this years convention list for bsg in this country of ours in good old u.s.a.

i would really be gratful. 





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Cylon Valentine's Day Card

Hi All!


For those of you searching for a special Valentine's Day card, I designed these pretty awesome Cylon Valentine's Day cards with three different possibilities for the inside of the card (Only one version is shown). I can also create a custom inside message if you'd prefer. The purchase on the site gets you a PDF so that you can download and print on your own printer. Check them out! Just wanted to share my Battlestar Galactica love!!!


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Women of sci-fi Con

The con went very well. Tricia and Katee were nice and remembered me from when we spoke in October on the Acting Outlaws ride, and Tricia told me I was in the documetary they are releasing in March. Pretty cool !
Here are a few pics.
Tricia signing the pic

katee signing


The pic they signed


A cool BSG art print from Jason Palmer we bought as a centerpiece for the bedroom


A cool set of BSG rank pins I found at a dealer table for almost nothing
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