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I ran into Helfer and Sackhoff at work

As most of you know Tricia helfer and Katee sackhoff are on a cross-country motorcyle ride to raise awarness for the gulf coast disaster. I was lucky enough to meet them on the 26th as they came through my area.The story:The gods have smiled on me. I knew they would be passing through on the 26th so I had an eye open to maybee catch a glimpse of them passing through, but had no real expectation of seeing them. I had to go to the next county for a meeting and as I was leaving I saw the chase car parked accross from the courthouse. We had to make a stop in that block so while my partner was in a business I walked to the corner and saw the bikes parked in front of a little courtyard cafe. Now I am not so rude as to walk in and bother them while they are eating so I took a pic of the bikes and as I was leaving one of the crew was messing with some sound equipment in the courtyard. I stopped just to say high and we were talking about the horrible weather they had been in for the last few days when Tricia came out and introduced herself, followed shortly by Katee. They were very nice and very talkative. We talked about the trip for a few moments and they were nice enough to allow a pic with them. They also talked about the encounter on the livecast that night. very sweet ladies.Mark Walters over at was kind enough to cut it and post it on youtube.
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Apparently, "fracking" is also an oil industry term for fracturing rocks in a well to better extract oil. Still, these headlines from the Houston Business Journal will raise an eyebrow for BSG fans:Halliburton to reveal list of ‘fracking’ chemicals it uses in the process on a new website set to go live Nov. 15, according fracturing in natural gas production, Halliburton Co. is planning to disclose whatHBJ Morning Call 10/26/2010And . . .Five big questions on ‘fracking’ the key liability risks,” he says. “We’re going to talk to our clients about some of operators who aren’t doing it right.” • What’s different now? Recently, Arkansas10/11/2010My favorite:BP 'fracking' may have contributed to Gulf well disaster, scientist suggests actions related to BP Plc's well design could have contributed to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf disaster, a scientist investigating the incident toldHBJ Morning Call 09/27/2010
Read more… page is for Toro Magazine, which is an adult men's magazine, and her photos were shot in British Columbia.All online pictures are considered PG-13.The Official Kandyse McClure website can be found at where a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot can be located.
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Apollo Awards

Some of my friends from Brisbane launched the Apollo Awards (named actor Richard Hatch's Character on Battlestar Galactica101010 Productions have partnered with Australia’s award winning production and web entertainment companies TPD Media and Zone4 to introduce a worldwide Film and Television award ceremony unique to the internet.For the Full article see the link below.
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If someone wanted to start watching the entire Battlestar Gallactia series, from the very beginning,( NOT including the series from the 70's), and wanted to make sure they were doing so in ABSOLUTE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, where EXACTLY do special shows like "Razor," "The Plan," and others, 'fit in' chronologically, when arranging the complete saga for viewing from 'beginning to end' (up to current episodes of Caprica of course)?? In other words, not necessarily in order of production, unless it makes sense do so, but in order of how the series actually evolves/ed. Could someone please definitively arrange all the episodes and specials, of the Gallactia/Caprica series for me ,CHRONOLOGICALLY?! Thank you so much in advance for helping me with this. I really appreciate it. Thanks again, Yours, Richard in Brooklyn.
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If anyone is interested, I can recommend two good sources for BSG uniforms:For Colonial Warrior (original series) uniforms, props, etc., check out are very personable and cooperative.For the new series, I highly recommend have BSG blue uniforms, Commander and regular, as well as a VERY NICE flight suit for a Viper pilot. I have these, and the flight suit is great! My commander uniform looks good too, but has plastic insignia. Looks great for photos. Both are very well made. They also makes lots of other stuff too not BSG related.In both cases, you can send them checks, money orders, etc. by snail mail if you wish to avoid sending credit card info.Good hunting! So say we all!John David Feagin
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"What Are You Doing?" Contest

The following information is taken from the website: copyright infringement is intended.====================================="What Are You Doing?" ContestBlog - BPs Oil Drilling Disaster in the Gulf of MexicoFriday, 01 October 2010 13:49ACTING OUTLAWS KATEE SACKHOFF AND TRICIA HELFER LAUNCH “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” CONTESTActing Outlaws and the Gulf Restoration Network Ask Supporters to Submit Emails, Photos and Videos of What They’re Doing To Help The Environment.LOS ANGELES (October 1st, 2010) - Later this month Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24, Nip/Tuck) and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, Dark Blue) will begin a motorcycle ride across the United States, from Los Angeles to Louisiana, taking them over 2500 miles for what they have dubbed as “The LA La Ride” – a charity event raising money and awareness for the Gulf Coastal Region still being affected by the BP oil spill disaster.Acting Outlaws has joined forces for this event with The Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental advocacy group focused solely on the health of the Gulf of Mexico.As part of “The LA La Ride” campaign, Acting Outlaws and The Gulf Restoration Network have launched the “What Are You Doing?” Contest – a contest in which entrants are asked to submit emails, photos and videos of what they are doing in their own lives to help the environment.The “What Are You Doing?” Contest (derived from the Acting Outlaws slogan, “Do something!”), will showcase some of the best entrees throughout the month of October on the Acting Outlaws website ( before announcing a grand prize winner and runner up on November 1st, 2010.The grand prize winner of the contest will receive the opportunity to interview both Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer via Skype exclusively for the Acting Outlaws website and will also receive an Acting Outlaws t-shirt, a Gulf Restoration Network t-shirt and an autographed photo of both Sackhoff and Helfer. The runner-up will receive both t-shirts and an autographed photo as well.Both winners will have their entry featured on both the Acting Outlaws website as well as The Gulf Restoration Network website.Involving others, including their fans, has always been a consistent and integral part of both actresses involvement with charities and causes. Helfer comments, "I'm constantly inspired by the little things that people are doing out there to benefit not only themselves, but others around them and the earth as a whole. I know I need to do more myself, but I truly believe that if we all do a little something, collectively we can achieve impressive, positive changes."Sackhoff adds to that concept, “How do we make protecting the environment inexpensive and easy? In today’s world people have more pressing concerns than the ozone or the polar ice caps. Every day people just like you are creating new ways to help. So here’s your chance. Speak up, tell us what you do, and inspire more people to ‘Do Something’.”Aaron Viles, Campaign Director for the Gulf Restoration Network, says, "It's easy to look at the BP disaster in the Gulf and just be overwhelmed. But Katee and Tricia are setting a great example that everyone can do something for the Gulf, whether it's as simple as texting to donate, or cutting down on the number of car trips you make each week. It all adds up, and we're all going to need to stay committed to help the Gulf recover in the months and years ahead."For the full details regarding the “What Are You Doing?” Contest please visit for instructions on how and where to enter.To contribute to the Gulf Restoration Network simply text to donate: "FUTURE" to 85944 to donate $10 to the Gulf Future campaign for Gulf Coast recovery.
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