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The BG Online game (greed and maneuverability killed it for me)

Ok family, here's my feedback on the BG-Online beta and it's not a good one, be warned:

I've been playing the BG-online game for a few days now and the more I play it the more I like it (I didn't really liked it at first... not very user friendly at first)... or used to like it is a more true way to explain teh situation. The issues I have is the difficulty of the starting missions in contrast to the level of the player and the ship's maneuverability (or lack of it to be honest). 

As and example of this one mission in particular get's you into the task of defending a raptor on your own with a Mark II viper (ship of choice) and the Viper's armaments are NOTHING in comparison to the Cylon Raider's in terms of targeting. I can shoot 2000 bullets per minute and not leaving the Cylon raider's six for a second and still I miss 80% of the shots AND IN THIS GAME YOU CAN'T TURN YOUR SIX AND SHOOT THEM INTO OBLIVION LIKE IN THE SERIES, as a matter of fact there are NO, silch, nada evasive maneuvers in this game and once some get's on your ass you're done for unless you can shoot out your butt. SO... While i'm trying to concentrate into shooting the Cylon Raider in my front 2 more raiders are locked on my six and the ARE hitting 80% of their shots dropping my hull to 0. Sure I can destroy the first and get to half of the second raider but still I am so full of holes by that time that I just can't finish the damned mission.

I've done that mission 5 times now to no avail and I'm getting frustrated because it's not a thing of ability, I can keep myself glued to that Cylon Raider's Six like there's not tomorrow so it's not ability, it's the way the game is made.
The game is either demanding me to invest time in mining asteroids (the most BORING part of the game) to be able to upgrade AND then have a ship that can fight 3 raiders and win the fight or to PAY REAL CASH (in a free game? C'mon!) to buy for the materials needed to upgrade and then have a ship fit to fight 1 vs 3...
Told you it wasn't an ability thing...  this is just like a Facebook game, you pay the dime you get the best upgrades to smash your opponents. I stopped playing FB games because of that issue, the guys winning are the guys willing to pay REAL money to win.

Games are supposed to be fun... you play to have fun! and when a game becomes a hassle it stops being fun. BG-Online is becoming a hassle in the very first stages of it and that is NOT a good thing. Shame really as I was starting to like it.

What's that? Don't like it then don't play you say?

oh absolutely! I'm just giving my feedback on it, thank you very much!

you have to see it my way: I have a job and a life and very little free time to pursue hours of online gameplay. I've been a World of Warcraft (the mother of all MMOs) gamer for years and never in the most hard quests did I ever felt frustrated to the point of not playing anymore but the lack of realism in the flight simulation feeling, the lack of balance (yes, again I mean the "you pay it, you get it" thing) in it and the absolute lack of maneuverability makes this game a slow and painful experience to beat. I'll keep visiting it to check new changes that will hopefully make this experience a fun one but until then, bye bye online fleet i wish I could say it was fun but it was sadly not.

I'll stick to WoW for the time being.

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