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12578042099?profile=originalI know what I'm sedning to you is not BSG related and I did get permission to share the information as well as the attached picture. This has been posted on Facebook too by the Star Wars Fan club group 501st Legion. One of their members, Chris Bartlett (who some of you may know as one of the nicest guys in #StarWars fandom and a close friend of C-3PO) had his static R2-D2 replica stolen from his garage in Round Rock, Texas, and we areasking help from the fan community to keep an eye out for anyone claiming ownership of a new Artoo or selling Artoo parts that match this image. Note that the droid body will be two-legged and his dome is fiberglass---not aluminum. The main body is a single cast, hollow piece and the wood legs will be missing the feet (left behind at the crime scene). Please do not make accusations, but instead report any information to You're our only hope!


James Cecil 


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