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Good places to look for Battlestar Galactica uniforms, props, clothes, etc.

If you or anybody you know are interested in suiting up  these are some good places to look:

 (It’s more fun to suit-up, and great for pics too) 

If you or any you know are interested in Battlestar Galactica uniforms from the re-imagined series, here are several to pick from.  I got a flight suit and Commander’s blues from these folks a few years ago.  Not bad for the price.  You can modify at will.


Main Page:



Flight Suit:



Commander’s Uniform:



Officer’s Uniform:



Number 6’s Red Dress:



If you or any you know are  interested in the Original Series uniforms these folks have some good and affordable uniforms and props:




If you or any you know are interested in higher end quality uniforms from both TOS and Re-Imagined Battlestar Galactica, these folks have lots of really good stuff:


Main Page:



Battlestar Galactica Section:


Okay, let’s suit-up and toast some toasters!


John David Feagin

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Comment by Cdr. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson on May 3, 2017 at 5:38pm

If the flight suit is made from china,I wouldn't trust it; I bought something very simular to that on E-bay;I told the person what was close to the correct color;Not only was it the WRONG shade of green,also, instead of clear pockets on the left wrist and thigh,there were silver colored patches;The vest wasn't even close;There was too much wrong with it to be worth fixing;Obviously, they don't do enough research on the actual flight suits on the show to at least produce an acceptable copy.

Long story short,I had to spend $80 to send it back;They refunded my original purchase price,but not my shipping cost.





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