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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to to take a moment to let all of you know once more that the long awaited "Galacticruise" DVD will be released  this September!

Why September?...well, that's when we did the event in '08 & happily and not by coincidence happens to be when the original series premiered back in '78.

So what was "Galacticruise"? Well, I will tell you right now..it was in actuality "Galacticon II"...taken to the high sea's & Mexico!

We thought we would do something a little different...I think you all remember the first "Galacticon" here in Los Angeles, a stellar Convention that was just amazing...but we wanted to take a different trek with this one, kick up our heels & do something mobile...give it some unique qualities....hence we took it it literally in motion.

Our guests on this were of course Richard Hatch (Apollo, Tom Zarek), Terry Carter (Colonel Tigh), Sarah Rush (RIgel), Robert Feero (Bora the Borellian), George Murdock (Dr. Sellik), Stu Phillips (Composer original TOS theme), Austin Stoker (Battle for the Planet of the Apes), Terrence McDonnell (Writer on TOS) and Denny Miller (Battlestar Galactica, Wagontrain) along with Michael Swan (Galactica: 1980) & Tom DeSanto (X-Men).

Now all of you know my friend Richard Hatch...I think his work with BSG speaks volumes...so does Terry Carter's, a classic BSG alumni...Sarah Rush, who launched all Vipers!...Robert Feero, (sadly not with us & we dedicate this DVD to his memory)...was a menacing "heavy" in the original show, George Murdock, along with his role in BSG has had a stellar career ranging all the way from the original "Twilight Zone" to playing "God" in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier".

Stu Phillips, another BSG alumni, not only wrote the theme for BSG, but also for a multitude of TV programs through the 70s & 80s...do a little research, you will be astounded...does "Knightrider" come to mind?
Austin Stoker, though not a BSG player per se, is very well known for his work on the original "Assault on Precinct 13" & "Battle for the Planet of the Apes"...Terrence McDonnell, if you read the credit's, penned a good chunk of the scripts for TOS & set the stage the franchise.

Denny Miller not only appeared in BSG's "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", but also "Wagon Train" as a regular & with numerous appearances on TV, like "Gilligan's Island" & "The Brady Bunch" among many, many more....you wanna know who IS the Gorton's fisherman? That's Denny....Iconic.

Michael Swan appeared in "Galactica: 1980" but his real claim to fame has been his work in the Soap's...truly nice...truly talented...& of course, my friend Tom DeSanto (Writer & Producer for X-Men) among many, many other exciting ventures.

So as you can see, we had a really stellar group of people to work with & it was a great, informative, fun adventure.

It's something we'd like to share with you.

So coming this July (wow, next month) we are gong to begin pre-sales of the DVD...I really think it's a must have!

I can't wait to see it myself & I was there!

And don't forget everyone, we are ramping up for "Emissaries: Galatcticon III" scheduled for 2013...yup, the plans are being made!

May the Lords of Kobol bless you!

So say we all!






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Comment by Mikhaila on July 14, 2011 at 7:31pm
This sounds way too cool Shawn. I sure wish I had there.  I bet the footage is great. And I can't wait for Emissaries also!




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