"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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After Her Attempted Assassination Of Raven CAG Leonidas, It Was Found Out That Lt. 'Baroness' Of SPARTAN SQUADRON Was Indeed A Cylon Sleeper Agent; This Was Confirmed By Three Blood Screenings By Raven CMO Dr. O'Donnell.

  Additional Information Was Obtained By Two Separate Interrogations: She Was Also Tasked With Assassinating Raven Commander 'Dragonlady', And The Commander Of FLYING TIGERS SQUADRON,Capt. 'Reamer' Barstow; And, She Also Revealed Some Information About A Unknown Human Cylon Model; This Information Is Being Investigated And Is Classified By Fleet Command,Pending Verification Of The Connected Intel.

  Now, Her Fate Has Been Decided:


 (Baroness Rises To Her feet)   That's Not Necessary,Baroness.  "Sorry Sir, Old Habit;  Well, What's Going To Happen?"   I'll Tell You In A Minute; We Need To Know:Are There Any More Copies Of You?

" I Really Don't Know,Sir; Obviously, They Put Limited Knowledge In Me; They Must Have Anticipated My Capture."

"  Sir, I Would Like To Say I'm Sorry That This Is What It Is; I Had, And Still Have No Intention Of Betraying You, The Squadron. Or The Raven; I Really Didn't Know What Was So Fuzzy In My Head All These Years."

Really? When Did You Notice This?

"When I First Entered The Academy On Picon; When I First Met You, I Felt Something Buzzing Around Like Tinnitus; It Really Never Stopped; When I First Came Aboard The Raven, I Really Wanted To Die In My First Battle; You Trained Me Well Sir."

Go On.

  " All I Knew That I Had To Do Something; So, I Threw Myself Into The Squadron; I Developed An Anger Towards The Cylons; I wanted To Kill As Many Of Them As I Could; When You Made Me A Trainer, I wanted To Make Sure The Nuggets Had The Skills To Survive, So They Could Kill More Cylons,And Maybe, We Could Finally Destroy Them All, And The Buzzing Would Finally Stop."

But, It Didn't.

"No Sir; That Day, I Could Hear It Getting louder And Louder; Then, When I Tried To Kill You, It Was Like Someone Else Was Controlling My Body; And, I was just Standing Outside,As A Witness; I Felt Sick To My Stomach."

  And, You Were To Kill Reamer And Raven Actual?

" Yes, That Was What I Was Supposed To Do Next; But, Thank The Gods, You Stopped Me; Now, You Must Dispose Of Me Soon! That Is Why I Am Requesting You Throw Me Out Of The Nearest Airlock As Soon As You Can!"

  I Would Do That,Baroness; However, I Have Spoken With Both Raven Actual, And Fleet Command; They Feel, And, I Must Agree, That We Cannot Take The Risk Of You  Possibly 'Downloading' Into Another Body; So, Here's What Is Going To Happen: We Are On The Way To The Anchorage At Ragnar; The Specific Radiation There Will Block Any Signal; And, It Also Breaks Down The Silica Pathways Of The Cylon Nervous System; You Will Be Taken To The Detention Facility There, Where Will You Spend The Rest Of Your Natural Life.

" Oh;  Yes Sir, I Understand; But I Do Have Another Request."       Yes?

  " Please Tell Everybody In The Squadron I'm Sorry I Let Them Down."

  They Will Know,Baroness.

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