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Exclusive stills from the upcoming Galacticruise: Galacticon II DVD feature

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some pics that were captured from our recent film interview with Richard Hatch.

For those who don't know (there may be some out there who don't)...in 2008 we organized Galacticruise (which was in fact Galacticon II), the 30th anniversary celebration of Battlestar Galactica.

Galacticruise was held aboard both the Queen Mary (berthed in Long Beach, CA) and aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Paradise (dubbed Battlestar Paradise for the duration!).

We featured Richard Hatch, Sarah Rush, Denny Miller, Terry Carter, Terrence McDonnell, Austin Stoker, George Murdock, Stu Phillips, Michael Swan, Tom DeSanto and of course the late Robert Feero.

We are now in the process of putting together a DVD of the experience for all of you and I think it will be enjoyed not only by those in attendance...but by those who didn't have the opportunity to be with us.

At any rate, we just finished filming some additional footage with Richard Hatch last week and we wanted to release a few production stills (note the green screen!)...

Our own Herb Brunner was in his much deserved role of hosting the talk while Cliff Gardner & I were fussing around with the camera's!

At the same time we were doing a photo shoot with Richard (or rather our own Chris Loomis was)...and hopefully we can very soon provide you a "making of video" of that experience.

For more information about the Galacticruise DVD, please go to http://www.battlestargalactica.com/ just note we are in the process of finishing up work on that page...the actual DVD release is slated for September, but we will be starting pre-sales in July....Keep the Faith!










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