"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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  The Following Has Been Declassified By Approval Of The President; It Is Intended For Review By Senior Officers Of The Fleet.


This Particular Human Cylon Model, Which Has rarely been Seen As Of Recently, Has Been Determined To Be A Major Figure In The Continued Conflict Between The Cylons And The Twelve Colonies.

Much About This Model Is Unknown; However, Through Extensive Research Going Back To Before The First Cylon War, Along With  Ultra Covert Intel Gathered At Great Risk, The CDM Has Been Able To Construct A Somewhat Basic Background On What Could Have Been The Beginning  Of Our Struggle To Stave Off Destruction By The Very Machines We Created.


The Actual First Name(Or Alias) Of This Cylon Is Unknown,Due To Her Efforts To Destroy All Proof Of Her Identity; However, It Is Proven That She Is The Daughter Of Zoe Graystone, The FIRST Cylon Created By Daniel Graystone, Who  Created The First Copy Of Zoe As The First Human Model Cylon,Or 'Skinjob'.

  As Zoe Graystone Reached Young Adulthood, Her Father Had Used Artificial Insemination To Impregnate Her ,As She Herself Was Unable To Propagate Through Natural Means; The Identity Of The Father Is Unknown, Except He Was A Member Of The STO(Soldiers of The One) Terrorist Organization. Through A Series Of Complications With Her Biology, Zoe Graystone Died Giving Birth; The Child Was Raised By The Gradparents.

Almost All Of Her Childhood Is Unknown, Except She Was Just As Rebellious As Her Mother; And, She Was Enthralled By The Legend Of Artemisia, A Figure From the History Of Sagittaron; A Ruthless Warrior, Artemisia Fought With Cunning And Brutality, Someone The Sagittarons Almost Never Choose To Talk About.

 Somewhere In Her Late Adolescence, She Began To Find Out The Meaning Of Her Own Exsistence; She Found Out She Was Just An 'Experiment' Created By Man's Carelessness In Respect Of Creation; She Began To Resent,And, Later Hate Mankind For Not Respecting The Power They Had Been Granted; She Would Later Find The Basic Programming That Was Instilled In Cylon  Memory Functions; A Near-Genius Level Student In School, She Began To Secretly Change The Programming, Enabling The Cylons, Just Tools Of Man Beforehand, To Gain Conciousness  Of Man Making Them Slaves, And The Fact That They Were In Many Ways Better Than Man, So, Why Should Man Be Superior? This Is, As Many Experts Conclude, Was the Beginning Of The Cylons' Quest To Make Their Own Creators Extinct.

  As The First Cylon War Got Underway, She, And A Division Of Cylons Took Over A Large Factory Complex Owned By Her Grandparent's Company,Graystone Industries; They Began To Design,And Build Not only More Soldiers,Now Called Centurions, But Large And Small Attack Spacecraft As Well As Other Weapons; Fortunately, They Did Not Have The Materials To Make Nuclear weapons; They Did, However Build Large Ships,Called Basestars To Attack Each Of The 12 Colonies.

 Then The Combined Military Forces Of The Colonies Began To Turn The Tide; Model Zero And Her Core Forces Were Forced To retreat, Eventually Leading To An Armistice; She Began To Realize That She Would Have To Have Better Technology In Order To Finally Wipe out the Human Race; She Made Drastic Advances In Not Only Tech, But Biology As Well; She Began To revive, Then Perfect, The Formula For Creating Human Models; To Kickstart The Process, She Became The First Cylon 'Hybrid'; A Biologic In Control Of A Ship's Systems; When The Process Was Perfected To A Science, She Broke Free Of The Hybrid Chamber; What Also Helped Was Laboratory Experiments Using Captured Humans For Study, So Human Cylon Models Could Be Indistinguishable From real Humans; At This Point, She Also Used Biologics To Control A New Breed Of Centurions, And Made The New Fighters,Called Raiders, Into Biomech Drones.

It Is Rumored That The Centurions, Often Called 'Guardians' Are Loyal To Model Zero; It Is Probably She Who Programmed The response Familiar To All  Cylon Models: "By Your Command"; Without A Doubt She Instilled The Hatred Of The Human Race In All Cylon models; She Would Eventually Create 12 Models Of The Human Cylon Line; The Guardian Centurions Look To Her As The One True God.

What Is Speculated Is That She Will Not Make Multiple Copies Of Herself; That She Will Make Herself A New Body Every 20 Years, Or When Needed; She Created, And Perfected The 'Resurrection' Process That Makes the Cylons Nearly Immortal.

Current Status

Model Zero Has Rarely Been Seen Since She Left The Colonies; She Is Constantly On The Move, And Closely Guarded By The Centurions Under Her Command; According To A Classified Covert Operation Some Years Back, This Is Her Base Ship:

And, In The Same Covert Operation, This Was The Only Current Image Taken Of Her; This Was Transmitted Out Just Before The Operative Was Discovered,And Killed:

As Seen Here, She Is Still In Command Of Core Cylon Forces; As Far As We Know, Her Agenda Has Not Changed; For Whatever reason, She As A Big A Threat To The Colonies As Ever.

                                                               END OF REPORT


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