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BFC Fleet Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Guidance PG-2


            The following is a policy to give guidance to Battlestar Galactica Fan Club members on transferring from one ship to another.  Once a member joins a particular ship in the BFC Fleet he or she must serve on board for 6 months.  Regardless of the ship classification whether it is military or civilian.  Once the 6 months have elapsed a member can submit a request to transfer to another ship in the Fleet.  However there are a few key points a member needs to be aware prior to submitting a transfer request.


- Member must inform their ship Commanding Officer he or she wishes to transfer to another command via email.  The email will give the current Commanding Officer the opportunity to interview the member about the transfer.  Anything which helps COs to be come better or make their ships better is a benefit.  Perhaps a member may feel the ship really isn’t active and may wish to go else where.


- The gaining Commanding Officer will contact the current member ship CO in order for both to concur on the transfer.  It is professional courtesy making both Commanding Officers aware of the member intent to transfer.


- All transfer will be forwarded to Admiral Rivera Fleet Commander, BFC for final disposition.  Once all parties concur the transfer is finalized and the gaining command is assigned the member as part of their crew.  Any and all information concerning the member is to be forwarded via email to gaining Commanding Officer.

 - Transferring from BFC ship to CDF and back is the same procedures.  Take into account before running a transfer request the 6 months obligation aboard ship must be completed.


- All transfer will be conducted within a 4 to 5 days without any delays.  The only person who can cancel a transfer request is the member.  Denial of a transfer will reside the Fleet Commander, BFC.  If a transfer is denied a detail reason will be provided to all parties involved.


            The ultimate goal is to honor a member request as long it’s within reason.  Commanding Officer will be required to main a solid ship roster.  Once a member has completed their 6 months service aboard your ship they can choose to remain or transfer.  Please extend them every courtesy when they request a transfer.  As long as the above parameters are met they are will within their rights to request a transfer.  If different situations arise then I will revise this guidance to include said examples.

            Any questions can be forwarded to me via email at CAG_VF84@yahoo.com  please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.   Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.

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Comment by Admiral Miguel Rivera on July 2, 2019 at 11:52am
Expect more releases to come.  Any question please let me know Colonials. Have a great day!




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