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Austin Convention/Raven Ship Patches/Convention Banner

Good Morning Crew of the Raven,

I hope everybody had a great weekend! Also, Raven ship patches are in the works and I am looking around for the best place to get it made. So if anyone of you know a good place to get it made, kindly let me know. I am also having a convention banner made for the Raven much like what we had on the Aries.

Another thing, if anyone of you will be in the Austin, Texas Convention coming up this weekend, I might pop in there and do a little recruiting for Battlestar Galactica Fan Club  / Battlestar Raven. I will have my tablet with me.

The rest of the logos will be presented here soon. Let us crank up the recruiting effort so we can man all the departments with enough people. We are doing well with in regards to that more than what I expected in such a short period of time since I took over. For that, I thank you all for all your efforts. Keep up the great job!!!!! Each and everyone of you that contributes to the ship success makes my job as the commander easy. Something I have learned in my real life responsibilities that one is only good of a leader as the people that is underneath him or her.   It is a testament to the quality of the people we have on the Raven!!

Major Bartraw, kindly see which crew members have not been assigned to a department yet.


So Say We All!!!!!!!!!

Raven Actual

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