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We just wanted to share some news with you.  Battlestar Raven was the All-Con Facebook feature today and added on their website.  The Raven is also on their news blog:  http://www.all-con.net/blog.html

Todd Carlton( Promoter of All Con) has known me and the crew that will be with me, through attending All Con and representing Battlestar Aries of the CDF.  

We will have a table there located at the main gallery.  For those that have been at All Con Convention before, then you know what the convention is like.  I will have some people with me to help man the table including my three children.  They have been asking me when we are going back to that convention.  And now they are all happy and excited when I told them about the news.  The last time we were there, my youngest child was only three months old.  And now, he will be four in just about a month.  He was the lucky out of the three boys to be held and carried by the Chief himself of the Galactica, Aaron Douglas.My middle son was the lucky one that was nearly squeeze to death by the OLD MAN himself, back in 2007 when he gave a speech at the San Antonio College.  As far as my oldest son, well he is the shy one. :-)

So, all Raven members that can make it to the the All Con Convention, hopefully you guys can make it to the convention. It will be so nice to meet face to face.  Don't forget to stop by and say hello at the table.  And everyone is more than welcome to come and join us there.  Our very own DVP here at BFC will be there as well.  Mr. Paul. Nix!

All Con Convention Website:  http://www.all-con.net/blog.html#017

All Con Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/allcon?fref=ts

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Comment by Paul Nix on December 3, 2012 at 6:30pm

Looking foreward to meeting everyone.




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