Trivia website and The Imperious Leader

Hello.all! There is an interesting website with original BSG trivia and little known facts: Cool stuff..struck me odd when The cost of The Imperious Leader's costume was $50,000..but Glen Larson hated there were no close ups of his face in the series..what a waste. I did learn that the "afro"on his head was not hair was an 'iron woven' headpiece/cowl/crown combination.the sculted retilian head was actually bald. The little bugger resting on his left arm was a "pet" winged lizard..perhaps if the figure had been more animated..head moving more, mouth moving as he spoke..eyes blinking..or motions with his hands, may have been more it was he seemed no more than a puppet.The Imperious Leader has always been one of my favorite characters in the series..too bad the character wasn't developed more.
Later, Ray

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