"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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Hi all, I am new to here, but this looks like a great site.  I wanted to mention that i am not only a HUGE Battlestar fan of  all BSG  including  Classic BS, G1980, NUBS, Caprica, B&C, all of it.   One thing though i noticed though was there are not to many battlestar type models out there. I have 3 diffferent model kits available , and they are in the 1/4105 scale so they match up nicely with the Moebius, Timeslip Creations, and Bad-Azz models.   they are made of resin. this is what I got 

Battlestar Talos- this kit is 6 inches long, has 2 landing bays, 14 guns, 4 engines. The cost for this one is 50 dollars

Battlestar Pacifica- this kit is 8 inches long, has 2 landing bays, 17 guns, 3 engines. the landing bays are hollow, the guns are loose so you can put them on either designated points or where you want to . The cost of this one is 60 dollars

Battlestar Odyseuss- this kit is 11 inches long, has 2 landing bays which both the top and bottom landing bays are hollow, 21 guns which again are loose to put on designated points or where you want to. the cost of this one is 100 dollars. 

I offer free shipping for USA collectors. International collectors I wish I could cover it, but the shipping is higher there, BUT I only charge actual shipping costs  I WILL NEVER charge so-called "handling" fees. My goal is to expand the available types of kits for collectors that are Battlestar types.  

Now if you wish to buy all three kits I do have a "fleet" special which is 150 dollars. That saves you 60 dollars compared to buying them one at a time. If you are interested in these you can message me here or at my email  ashlynnburgin@yahoo.com 

the pics I have attached are as follows,  the Talos is the completed one that was painted up and all by a collector.  The Pacifica is just the pattern that is a dark blue color, keep in mind it is just the pattern and not a complete kit.  The Odyseuss again is a pattern that is white colored, and agian is not complete but you can see the style of the parts of them.  ALL kits will be a white cream colored resin.  I also have a facebook page called Colonial Fleet Shipyards, that anyone here is more than welcome to join to.  Thank you for welcoming me into your group, and I look forward to exploring, and expanding the BSG universe with you. 1907309_771909472833465_7689211930631494379_n.jpgbsPacifica3_zps1ef5e53b.jpg10447103_803464979677914_3019337807280495666_n.jpg

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Looks pretty cool, and there's a good selection!

Thank you for sharing!

So say we ALL!


John David (Buzzsaw) Feagin

Nice looking kits and very fair prices as well. I have both the Galactica and Pegasus kits from Moebius. I have soooo many kits waiting to be built and I have three projects going at once. I need to finish a few things so I can move onto others I really want to build. I mat acquire a few kits from you in the near future, but at the moment, I don't have the funds to purchase any kits.

The Battlestar Raven is becoming a Battle Group with the addition of the Gunstar Trireme. You can check out the Trireme at this link: http://battlestarfanclub.com/group/gunstar-trireme-gsr-0201

Do you have a Gunstar kit like the Trireme in the works or possibly in the future? If so, I would be interested in it. Keep up the great work Jack.

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Great site and cool models to choose from.  I love building model lights and effects just b/c they just make go nuts into the details ~Smiling~  Welcome to the BFC nice to have you be safe and take care.

Right now I have the 3 different kits out.  The Battlestar Odyseuss, Battlestar Pacifica, and Battlestar Talos.  They are in the 1/4105 scale so they mesh very nicely with the Moebius, Timeslip Creations, Bad-Azz models.  I am getting ready to kick off 2015 with a few new kits.  a Colonial Marines Drop Ship kit, Eastern Alliance Destroyer kit WILL be coming out very shortly.   Also following up after those two will be Battlestar Theseuss, Cylon "hybrid" Basestar from "Razor", A Escort Frigate, and the Battlestar Atlantia.   I do have a page on Facebook you are all welcome to join called Colonial Fleet Shipyards.   

Awesome!  Great job!  Keep up the great job and don't hesitate to share with everyone here on the site. :-)

Battlestar Prometheus kits will be in production soon enough -- see Colonial Fleet shipyards' FB page. 

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